Some people I know have asked me a few things about my dreams and this blog. Here are the answers. I hope they're useful!

Q: Do you really have such weird dreams?

A: Sure, I do. Sometimes my dreams are even weirder than this, but they aren't coherent enough to be told here. Without the images, they simply wouldn't be interesting. Anyway, everything I've written here is true.

Q: How do you manage to dream all that?

A: Really, I don't have a clue. I've had weird and detailed dreams since I was a little girl.

Q: How can I have weird dreams like yours?

A: I'm not sure. Read a lot. Look at the world around you. Be imaginative and creative. Watch some interesting movies. Visit some art galleries. I suppose the brain needs some kind of database to work with. Oh, and of course, sleep well! I have my best dreams in the last couple of hours before I wake up, after a long, quiet rest.

Q: Do you interpret your own dreams?

A: Only sometimes, when the meaning is evident. Most of the time, I simply enjoy them. They're rather like weird movies, anyway, something my brain does to keep itself entertained, I guess :-P

Q: Are you afraid of your nightmares?

A: I'm afraid in the dream, but it vanishes right after I wake up, except when the nightmare is really, really scary. Then it takes me a couple of minutes to feel okay again. That's all. I don't really mind nightmares, since I'm a fan or horror movies and books.

Q: Have you written stories based on your dreams?

A: Sure! At least a dozen. Some other times I only take a single element from a dream and include it in a story that is not based on said dream. It's fun.

Okay, that's all for now. If you have any other question, just ask and I'll answer it here. Hugs,

G. E.