Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Again, I must remind my dear readers that this blog isn't dead. I haven't been sleeping too well lately, and so I haven't been dreaming a lot as well. I miss that, actually. My dreams are so amusing.

Anyway, I recently had two weird dreams. In the first one, I was in a giant spaceship lost in another planet all covered with trees. The spaceship was broken and we all were going to die in a few hours. That's another recurrent element in my dreams about the outer space: we use to get trapped somewhere, knowing that we will die soon. I wish I knew what that means. In this case, though, we found out that the mountain nearby the spaceship was actually ALIVE. It had eyes. Then it turned into some kind of human-like creature, and it wanted to help us find some energy source to repair the broken ship. I woke up after that. (Dang!)

In the second dream, I was walking by an old neighborhood. The street was dark because of the thick trees. I had my cat in my arms, and as I walked, I noticed that many of those old trees had animal faces on them. Then I found myself in an avenue with less trees, and after some more walking I saw two giant animals: an elk and a bear (when I mean giant, I mean bigger than normal, and since those animals are already big in their normal sizes, imagine how huge they were). Both of them looked quite frightening, and they started to fight. I ran a way from them to avoid being harmed, and my stupid cat decided to escape from me right there. Then the bear turned into an African water buffalo (animals tend to do that in my dreams). I didn't mind waking up after that, I had had enough animals for one night.

G. E.