Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is a part of a longer dream I had some nights ago. It was dark, I was with some other people walking down a street, and then we felt an earthquake. Some guy guided us inside an ancient yet sturdy building to be safe. There were many things inside that building, like relics, weird clothes, and other objects of every kind. Then there was another earthquake. Something strange was happening to our world, and suddenly we found some monsters inside the building. They were... GIANT EVIL CHOCOLATE BALLS! They came after us, and we ran. It was kinda amusing, though. I mean, when do you have the chance to be chased by giant chocolate balls?

Anyway, the earth cracked and lava came out of it like a river. The giant chocolate balls started to melt, even though they were still after us. That was not a problem for me, since my dragon came to rescue me and he's fire-proof. (Yes, I have a dragon. His name is Donald. It's another long story that belongs to another of my blogs written in Spanish.) I jumped over his back and we escaped.

Now I feel a bit sorry for those giant chocolate monsters we left behind.

G. E.