Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The first thing I remember about this dream are the kittens. There were two of them, all black, then I saw many more, smaller and in different colors (mostly white, though). And they were so cute!! I wanted to adopt them all, even though I already have a cat and there's no room in my house for more pets.

Then I saw this giant monster, like the Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas except that he was almost black and had chicken legs. He was wreacking havoc in a poor neighborhood, and I ran away and tried to hide from it like everybody else. Then I thought we might be able to defeat it, if we tied his legs and made him fall down. I just needed some yards of rope, which I found somewhere.

The dream changed AGAIN. Now I was in a bus, and Spiderman was in it! The poor guy was wounded (probably that's why he was traveling by bus), yet we saw there was another monster in the city and he had to face it. The city was half-destroyed, and the monster was... a giant brown Dobermann with a tiny head. By the way, I saw some cool buildings with animal faces engraved on two sides. The animals were mostly horses, yet they had long giraffe necks.

Anyway, we all got out of the bus and searched for the giant dog, which had already been captured by some other people. They were carrying it in some kind of wagon, all tied up and lying on its back, shacking its legs.

Then the dream changed for a third time. Now we were in some kind of chicken farm, trying to find out the origin of the giant dog. You see, it was a mutant dog and it had escaped from a wooden cage on the ground. Hmm, should we blame genetically modified grains for that?

We were going to do something else, but the alarm clock woke me up. Dang. Things were getting more and more interesting... and weird.

G. E.