Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Last night I dreamed I was in India. Hmm, first time I go there in dreams, I think :-D Anyway, there was a zoo there, and in order to go inside you didn't have to pay a ticket. Instead, you had to bring an animal and give it to the guy sitting at the door. Okay, that was pretty weird, but I wanted to find out what was inside the zoo. So, I picked up a little rat that came toward me. I'm not afraid of rats in real life, and this one was actually pretty cute. I was kinda sorry when the guy at the door dropped it inside a cage with other rats.

My first impression of the zoo was that it was very CROWDED. There were many animals inside small cages, and there was even an underground corridor full of African buffaloes. People had to jump over it, since there was no bridge. It was pretty difficult not to step on the animals :-P

After that I saw a pen with more African buffaloes inside. They were HUGE, and I mean like elephants. There was also a moose with only one antler among them, which came close to the bars and looked at me with a bad-humored expression on its eyes. Again, it was also as big as an elephant, and quite scary.

I see you, human, and I don't like you.

In some other cage there was the skeleton of an ancient giant beetle. It was as big as a sea turtle. (I could use a bug like that to get rid of some plagues in my garden, since it looked pretty much like a ladybug. I'd just worry it might eat my cat as well.)

Then I noticed I wasn't wearing shoes, only white socks. It was annoying, since the floor was dirty. Besides, some of the mud looked like animal poop... (so good I can't smell things in dreams).

As I kept walking, I noticed how horrible the place was. Most of the animals looked dirty, sick, and sad, and I thought it would be a good idea to call PETA, even though I don't actually support that organization (I love animals, but I don't like PETA's radical campaigns). I left the zoo (stepping again on those poor buffaloes), and I looked at the building again. It looked beautiful on the outside, white and pretty like the Taj Mahal, yet I thought it contained so much misery.

My shoes were still missing, by the way. I'm not interested in going back to that zoo, but in case I do, I'll make sure I have a PETA army with me to free those caged animals... and I'll also get a good pair of boots!

G. E.


  1. Have you ever gone to India in real life?

    1. Actually, no :-P But I watch a lot of documentaries about everything. That's probably why my dreams are such a crazy combination of elements. Or a combination of crazy elements. Whatev. Thank you for the visit :-)