Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Whew! Long time I don't dream anything worth writing down here. As I told you before, I just don't have any control over the process, but this blog is NOT dead in any way :-) (so stay tuned, please).

Well, last night I dreamed I was walking down some city. It was probably the city where I live, but it rarely looks as it really is. This time there were many more trees and a lot of shade, even if it was daytime. I was in the middle of a street, surrounded by houses and trees, and out of nowhere I heard some beautiful music. It changed as I thought about it, as if I created it with my own mind.

The plants around me started to grow with the music. Bright new leaves and vines and tendrils, then beautiful little flowers. I touched those delicate tendrils and they wrapped around my fingers like baby hands.

It was all amazingly beautiful. Like fairy magic. I'm curious about the music, because my room was silent and I had never heard anything like that, so I must have really created it in my mind. And I'm NOT a composer in real life, the same way I'm not an architect! Perhaps it's some kind of superpower I have only when I'm sleeping :-P

G. E.