Saturday, July 9, 2011


Certainly I do the wildest things in my dreams. A few nights ago I met this beautiful and amazingly friendly African elephant, who allowed me to ride on his back. We were in India (even though it was an African elephant), and we saw a few caged tigers. All of them were sad and in an awful condition (a few cubs looked even sick), and the men who had caught them were pretty evil. So, my friend the elephant and I scared away the men and released the tigers. Happy ending!

Some time later I had another dream. The world had been invaded by vampires (again), and I was a vampire slayer (again). Just like Buffy. And the vampires would turn into ashes when I killed them. Then some other monster appeared, and it attacked us with fire balls (remember the game Doom?). We were trying to figure out how to kill it, but I think I woke up after that, for I don't remember anything else.

I hope next time I ride a dinosaur and fight some evil giant robots. That would be even cooler :-P

G. E.