Friday, May 27, 2011


It's not often that a dream frightens me so much that I make a conscious effort to wake up myself. I like horror books and movies, so I have a high tolerance for scary situations.

This dream wasn't scary at the beginning. I visited some relatives, got some presents from an aunt, and went home. Then things changed. I was in an airport and a friend of mine had been wrongly accused of murder. Another friend and I ran away with her, to help her escape. We went to the basement, made a hole in a brick wall with our fists (yeah, that's what we did :-D), and disappeared. Then some time had happened, just like in a movie, and we had new identities and two cool cars. I jumped into one of those cars, which suddenly had turned into a van. Some other friends joined us for the trip, including a Tibetan monk (don't ask about the monk, I don't have the slightest clue).

That's when things started to become creepy. My friend the driver took us to a beautiful landscape with rocks and cliffs. He turned his head to say something (bad idea, the road was narrow), and suddenly the van was falling down a cliff. I thought we were going to die. Yet somehow the van jumped from one rock to another (which required some skill from my irresponsible friend the driver), and we were back on the road. I told the driver, "Don't take your eyes off the road ever again, you hear me??" He took his eyes off the road another couple of times, though, and again I yelled at him (stupid). Gee, that's how car accidents happen in real life.

The rocky landscape suddenly ended and we saw a forest of brown chimneys throwing black smoke into the atmosphere (which I thought was pretty disgusting). My friend kept driving and we saw a city that looked very much like New York. But it looked as if it had been abandoned for many years. There wasn't a single soul in there, not even wild animals or plants. I didn't like that. Something was terribly wrong. Yet my friend drove into the city and suddenly we were outside a factory. The van stopped. There was a huge, rusty metallic wall full of holes. And we heard a repeated noise, as if someone was hitting something. We also heard a sound of heavy breathing, echoing in the air. I thought that whomever was making that sound couldn't be human. I told my friend the driver, "Take us out from here. The sun is setting, I don't want to be here in the dark. There's something evil in there." My friend tried to follow my advice, but the van started to go down TOWARD the factory, and the sky turned darker and darker.

Have you ever yelled at a horror movie, "Don't be stupid, DON'T GO THERE!!?" Well, that's what I tried to do. I didn't want to go to that scary place, so I tried to wake up myself (yeah, I knew I was dreaming). I opened my eyes and I was in my bedroom. Yet I knew I was still dreaming, for things weren't quite right. This will sound weird, but there was a black rectangle with white stripes popping out from the covers, next to my face. I tried to wake up myself again, and again I knew it hadn't worked, for I kept seeing that black rectangle. I repeated this at least ten times. I yelled, "Mom, please wake me up!!" (it's always okay to call your mom when you're frightened), and she came to wake me up, but I was still dreaming. I woke up again inside the dream. I pulled the black rectangle to see what the darn thing was, and it was a piece of black leather that said, "Reasons why you should wear a bullet-proof vest." Oh, oh. That couldn't be a good sign. I woke up again in the dream, and now I was wearing that bullet-proof vest, and I was alone outside the factory I wanted to escape from. I lay down again, knowing that if I was wearing a bullet-proof vest, then probably somebody would soon come and shoot me.

And THEN I was able to wake up myself.

My dear readers, I'm very sorry I had to interrupt this dream like that. It would have been interesting to find out what was inside that creepy abandoned factory, but it was more than I could handle. I really hope you understand.

G. E.

Friday, May 20, 2011


This dream seemed to be happening in a not so distant future where the world had been invaded by giant (mutant?) vampire bats and people had to stay inside buildings during the night or dark days. Weird, huh?

So, I was some kind of savior. I was coming to a city, and I saw a big gray thing flying high: a giant vampire bat. Then came this lady in a flying unicorn and fought the bat, which flew away. That lady was a red-haired vampire, who apologized to me and hid inside a cave to escape from sunlight.

Anyway, I went inside a building and met some people. More giant vampire bats attacked us, and I discovered I had this cool superpower: I waved my hand at them and... their heads would be cleanly chopped off! I wasn't surprised, though.

A little girl was outside the building, unconscious and feverish. She had been bitten by a bat. I waved my hands again and made her levitate toward the door (another cool superpower!), so we could take her in. The bats were still trying to reach us through the thick glass. They were hairless and quite ugly (well, not that real bats are amazingly pretty anyway).

After that the sun shone again and the bats flew away. We all went outside to play and swim in the pool. Then a cloud hid the sun and the bats returned. Yay! More head chopping for me!

Gee, that was fun :-D

I'm still wondering if the vampire lady had something to do with all that. I never saw her again.

G. E.