Monday, January 10, 2011


I love V, the TV series. Both versions. Last night I dreamed I was right in front of Anna, the pretty-yet-so-scary new leader of the Visitors. There was a lot of people around me, and we all were inside the hall of a big building. I stood near one of the Visitors, and he died. It wasn't my fault, but then Anna was in front of me with her all-so-evil look, blaming me for the death. I tried to explain what had happened, yet something else happened (I don't remember what), and Anna was mad at everyone. Some weird-looking machines blocked the corridor and pressed us all against the wall, then Anna said she would kill hundreds of us in revenge. The machines had lasers, and they started to disintegrate people around me! It was only a matter of time until I was the next victim.

Suddenly I noticed there was a window in front of me, next to the floor, and I jumped through it. I managed to get out of the building, and I ran away to a nearby forest. Nobody saw me. The forest was thick and dark. There I found evidence that proved the aliens were evil, like a lot of gifts we had given them and they had abandoned, and the machines they were preparing for the invasion.

Then I met some guards with flashlights. The spotted me and I escaped from them. They pursued. I got into another building, and suddenly I wasn't running alone, since there was another woman with me. The aliens said, "They're going to reach the corridor!" And that's what we found, a long corridor that spiraled down into the building. We went down and down. Suddenly the corridor was blocked. I thought we were going to get caught! Then I saw a handle and pulled it. Water started to come out from a shower. Again, I thought we were done, but when I looked again at the corridor, there was a small opening. I pulled the handle again. The corridor opened completely, and we continued running. We reached a normal-looking room. There was a black-haired woman in that room, who had a distant look, as if she was a bit crazy (she was some kind of prisoner). She wasn't dangerous, though, but friendly. Two Visitors finally reached us, and I picked up a knife, but the aliens had knives too, and they knew how to use them like swords. Fortunately, there weren't loyal to their leader, and they cut their own heads to help us (how kind! gory, but kind). The black-haired woman was gone. My friend and I got out and ran across the street (even though we had gone down, we were on the street again). We spotted the woman a few blocks away, and we ran after her. She got into a house, we followed. We jumped through a window and landed over a bed. Finally, we were safe!

I started to tell my friend how I had escaped those killer lasers, but then I woke up and refused to fall asleep again for a while. I mean, have you ever played a video game and reached a "safe spot" where you can save the game? Well, this was the same. After such a stressful escape, I wanted a rest! I bet the black-haired woman had something to tell us, though, maybe some wise words like that Oracle from the Matrix movies. Perhaps I'll find out next time.

When I fell asleep again, I was in a sailing ship with a group of sailors. The ship sank, and we swam toward an island. I walked away from my companions, and reached a house where the owners offered me something to eat. When I met my companions again, they told me they had found a treasure, and they gave me a small bag full of gold coins! Wow. I liked that!

G. E.