Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I don't remember how this dream started, but somewhere in the middle of it I was in my house and tying my sneakers. I was wearing a pretty white dress. It didn't match my sneakers, but I refuse to wear heels even in dreams!

Then I knew something evil was coming. Something terrible! And that terrible something was... a zombie plague! They were inside my house, so I got out and started to run.

See? That's why sneakers are always better than heels, even with elegant dresses. It's easier to run away in case you meet an unexpected zombie plague.

But the zombies were quite fast, and a zombie woman got me and bit my arm, taking a chunk of flesh. Ouch! Then I became a zombie too, still wearing the pretty dress.

I was angry at the woman for turning me into a zombie without my permission (it's just not polite), so I bit her finger. Ha!

Interestingly, it was Halloween and the street was decorated with orange and black balloons. Since now I was a part of the zombie horde, we all started to vandalize those Halloween decorations.

Then I noticed something: although I was a zombie, my mind was still intact. I was a clever zombie!

Now that's why I was wearing that elegant white dress!! I was destined to be THE QUEEN OF ZOMBIES!!

I ruled happily over the zombie horde until the clock rang :-P

G. E.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Somewhere in the middle of this dream I found a ball of pulsing light, no bigger than a marble. It was amazingly beautiful. I held it in my hand, and it started to grow, then it turned into a planet. I was able to guide the transformation, deciding how this planet would be. Whenever I touched something green, trees would grow, making a forest. So, I filled this new planet with trees, and it looked great.

After a while, the planet was finished and suddenly we were living in it, though nobody else but me and a friend knew what had happened. And yet people were happy, because the new planet was all green and perfect (hey, I'm a good planet maker and I didn't know it!). A man came to visit me and I tried to show him the process. I found another ball of pulsing light, and it became a small galaxy in my hand, but the man still didn't believe what I had done, and the galaxy vanished :-( Anyway, I was still happy because I had created a better world.

I wanted to create another planet, so I went to my garden. I saw another ball of pulsing light half buried in the dirt, and I tried to pick it up but I couldn't find it. Instead, a white spider appeared (I didn't mind that, I like spiders). The ball had disappeared.

I loved this dream!

G. E.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


In this dream, I was visiting a friend, and I found a female dog who had just gave birth to her two puppies. They were brown and very small. I dried and cuddled them.

After that, the dream went a bit crazy. The puppies first turned into kittens. They clinged to me with their little, sharp claws, and I petted them. Their mom was a human woman now (!!), lying down in a hospital bed, and she wouldn't take care of her sons because she still couldn't breastfeed them. Okay. I took care of the babies while she recovered.

The babies were hungry at first, but eventually they forgot about food, though I had some pieces of cheese. Plus, the babies weren't kittens anymore. Now they had human faces (!!!), and they were growing up, though not in size. I mean, they were still the size of kittens, but their eyes were open, they could talk and understand what was going on around them. Oh, and they had multiplied. Now there were six or seven furry babies around me, still clinging to me with their little claws.

Their mother went away with another woman. She didn't care for her babies anymore, if she had ever cared for them at all, but that didn't matter anyway. Her babies loved ME, and I grew pretty fond of them. They were weird, but still cute and interesting, and they liked action movies.

I guess I'm their mom now!

G. E.