Sunday, September 19, 2010


Last night I had three versions of the same dream.

In the first version, I was in a building, something exploded outside, and the building collapsed. My friends and I were trapped inside the building and I started to think what we should do.

In the second version, I was in the same building, something exploded outside, but this time I managed to escape the building as it collapsed. It wasn't easy, but fortunately I was super fast, and I avoided the falling debris as if I was in an action movie (yay!). Then I approached the ruins looking for survivors. There was a hole, and I heard people yelling down there, so I took a shovel and started to dig.

In the third version, we all knew something was going to explode, so a bunch of people and I got into a bus. The bus started moving. I looked through the back window, and noticed that the explosion had occurred, and that we were about to get hit. "It's coming! Get ready!" I said. I covered my head. When things were quiet again, the bus was a mess. I searched for my mom, who was slightly wounded in the chest, but otherwise fine. Outside, the world was covered with ashes, and more ashes were falling like snow.

Now I wonder, WHAT caused those darn explosions???

G. E.