Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In this dream, I was coming home (again!). For some reason I had two of my stuffed animals with me: a panda bear, and a Shamu whale I bought at Sea World (those stay on my bed when I'm not sleeping there).

My house was close, yet I decided to take a nap right there on the street, using my stuffed animals as pillows. A very stupid idea, if you ask me; I don't pay such a lot of home taxes to sleep like a homeless.

Anyway, after a while I stood up and kept walking toward my house. But I forgot my stuffed animals, so I went back and... they weren't there!! I got very angry then. "Who stole my stuffed animals?" I cried.

Someone pointed to the drain. "Oh, rats," I said. "How am I going to get them back? And they'll be DIRTY!"

I looked inside the drain and... I saw some kind of museum. There was a long corridor with shelves on both sides, all of them filled up with bones. My stuffed animals were on the floor.

A skeleton walked toward me (really, I'm not kidding!).

It thought I was someone else (it never spoke, but I knew it had mistaken me for someone else), and offered me some strange bones. They looked like they belonged to prehistoric animals.

I thought they were interesting, yet they were not what I was looking for. "No, thanks," I said. "I just want my stuffed animals, see them there?" The walking skeleton gave them to me.

Again, it didn't say a word, yet I thought it was polite for a walking skeleton (not that walking skeletons should be rude, of course, but I would have expected them to act in some scary way; or perhaps I'm just prejudiced toward monsters, shame on me).

I took my stuffed animals and walked home. End of the dream.

Now that I think about it, though, I should have accepted the bones. Stuffed animals are everywhere, but those bones... my, they were something special!!

G. E.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


This dream started with... a zombie party!! The zombies were in a room, dancing to the song Monster Mash (one of my favorites).

As if that wasn't cool enough, I was a zombie too! And since I'm a happy person, I was a happy, dancing zombie as well.

See that piece of meat in my hand? Well, I was chewing it as I danced. Then I wondered if it was a human body part, but no, it was just a roasted chicken leg. It seems that not even as a zombie I have cannibalistic tendencies. Besides, roasted chicken legs are delicious :-D

On the other side of the window there was a flooded landscape. There were dead fish in the dirty water. Suddenly those fish came back to life, and so did the zombies. It was a mass resurrection! And I said, "It must be a sign of the Apocalypse!" I was right. I went out and walked by the coast. My mom had resurrected as well, and walked toward me (funny, 'cause my mom is alive and well; wonder what Freud would have said about that). I was happy to see her, so I hugged her. There were some people praying nearby, and God saved them from Judgement Day. I thought it was kinda unfair, since I thought those were last minute prayers. Plus, I'm not SO bad!

Anyway, we sat on a row of seats to watch the end of the world, still at the beach. An ex President of Uruguay (Jorge Batlle) was there beside me, and I told him I was glad to see him there, since I had read on the newspaper that he had been taken to the hospital (that really happened in real life). (Now please notice little fact: politician not spared from Judgement Day either. Coincidence? I don't think so! :-D Actually, if I had looked better, I bet I would have seen the rest of our politicians there.)

The end of the world started. The sun was setting, then it exploded. It did it slowly, so the flames were coming closer and closer, and I, somewhat impatient, yelled, "Oh, come on, let's be done with this!" By the way, the sun had a face.

Then everything went dark.

My mom was still with me, and I told her, "If death is going to be like this, thinking souls in the dark, we're going to get REALLY BORED!" But I was wrong. You see, someone turned on the lights, and we were in a theatre! The end of the world had only been a movie!!

I got quite angry. I mean, I was prepared to die in that darn Judgement Day, and it turned out to be a movie with cheap visual effects. I would have thought God had better resources. Like the movie 2012, at least!!

I grabbed my mom by her arm and left the theatre, still angry.

That's how the world dream ended.

G. E.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


My dreaming machine hasn't been working properly for a while. I'm still dreaming, of course, but those dreams don't really make a lot of sense.

And yet I had two small dreams about babies.

In the first dream, I had three very clever babies. The problem was... they were white rabbits! Rabbits, really? Why? And who was the father? Roger Rabbit? (oh no, don't tell me he's been cheating on Jessica!!!). That my babies were rabbits seemed natural in the dream, though. And, as I said, the babies were clever. I like clever babies/pets/monsters/whatever. I rather have problems with stupid creatures. You know, like politicians.

In the second dream, the babies were three again, but they weren't mine. They were Shrek's babies. I was their nanny. And it was a nightmare!!! You see, I was changing their diapers. But as soon as I finished changing the diaper of the last baby, the first baby needed another diaper change, and so on. Those darn babies just wouldn't stop pooping!! Oh, the horror!

Now I remember why I'm not really prepared to have kids. My brain doesn't agree with the idea. I think I'll just get another cat. Litter boxes are better than diapers. And yeah, I've changed diapers. It was a terrible experience, I'm still trying to get over it.

G. E.