Friday, July 16, 2010


I use to dream I'm coming home, either walking, flying, skating, swimming, or riding a bus. A couple of nights ago I had two dreams of this kind.

In the first dream, I jumped from a plane right into the Atlantic Ocean. The other side of the Atlantic Ocean, to be more precise. I swam the whole way to Uruguay, and either I was a very good swimmer, or the ocean had shrunk (due to global warming?), 'cause I reached the shore a few minutes later. No sharks in the water this time.

The beach wasn't a landscape from real life. I've dreamed of that shore before, with a lot of cliffs and grass instead of sand. I started to walk, and crossed a park. That park was very much like the real park located a few blocks from my house, but it was full of penguins! I don't know what they were doing there. Perhaps my bed was cold. Anyway, in the dream I was sorry I didn't get there before, for I missed the sight of baby penguins (they were almost adults by then). Aren't baby penguins amazingly CUTE?

In the second dream, I was walking back home with... Céline Dion. That was weird. I mean, I don't own any of her albums. Why her, then? Anyway, I was very pleased when I sang one of her songs (not My Heart Will Go On, in case you wonder), and my voice was better than hers. Ha! After a while I came home, and suddenly there was a zombie plague. Zombie children!

Pity I woke up right after that. Zombies are far more interesting than Céline Dion. Titanic With Zombies would be a great movie, as well :-D

G. E.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


This one was pretty weird. I was outdoors, in some kind of party, wearing a fantastic white dress. Yet sometimes it wasn't me wearing that dress, but a Barbie doll I was holding (I don't know what I was wearing then, though I don't recall being naked). Whenever I had the doll in my hands, I worried that I might lose her tiny shoes (stilettos, of course). For some reason this was very, very important: I mustn't lose the doll's shoes. And when it was me wearing the white dress, I worried about it too. Yeah, I was a terribly shallow person in that dream :-P

Anyway, there was a bull fight somewhere in the park, yet the wall was only two feet tall, and a couple of angry bulls escaped. One of them ran after me, and I climbed a tree, still wearing the long white dress. I picked up the skirt so the bull's horns wouldn't tear it. Again, I was more concerned about the dress than, let's say, my legs, which of course was terribly stupid (heck, what was I thinking? aren't legs important?). I took a nap right there on the tree. It was surprisingly comfortable.

After a while, though, the bull went away, and I jumped down and walked for a while. I still worried about the doll's shoes and my dress (I know, it sounds confusing, but things tend to change quite often in my dreams). I sat behind some yellow rocks, but I don't remember why; I just know that I met some nice people and I talked to them. And I got a date!

When I came back to the party, my dress was all dirty, but I didn't care anymore about it. I felt happy. I had a date! I met some women who wore white dresses just like me, but theirs still looked perfect. They looked at me and mocked me because of my dirty dress, but I didn't care about that either. I mean, I had a date! So I just smiled and walked away from that party. 'Cause, you know, I had a date :-D

My dream didn't include the date, though. Darn! Maybe next time? (I want a black dress, though. White gets dirty WAY too easily.)

G. E.