Friday, April 30, 2010


Last night I dreamed we humans had done something wrong and all the trees were dying. I was in a forest. The trees were becoming leafless and gray, then they fell down, leaving just an empty land. I felt so sad and cried so hard that I woke myself up (that had never happened before).

Then I fell asleep again. It was the same dream. The trees were still dying, and I met some important politicians, to tell them we had to save the trees or else we would die too. It was a very passionate and elocuent speech, I'm so proud of myself :-) (in real life I have stage fright).

And surprise!!! the politicians ACTUALLY LISTENED to me. They created some giant greenhouses to plant new trees and restore the rainforests.

I wish this happened in real life more often...

G. E.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In this dream, I was with a group of students and we visited a big stable. There were like fifty horses in there, adults and colts, all of them very friendly, like dogs. We petted them for a while. Then we went out and there was a circus. I found a cage with several lions. I wanted to pet them too, so I touched a cub's paw that was sticking out of the bars, trying to stay away from the bigger lions. But the adults were tame, too, and one of the males also wanted to be petted. That was great, and I told one of my friends that I was eager to come home and tell my family that I had touched a lion!

But it was getting dark, and we all walked down the street, chatting. I was in front of the group, and after a while I turned around and noticed that all the students had disappeared. There was only one man behind me... and he carried a huge knife. Oops. I ran. He followed and reached me. He tried to cut my arm, but he failed, then I took the knife and cut HIS arm, then his head. Don't worry: things like these happen often in my dreams, but it doesn't mean that I do them in real life.

I was alone again, and I got into a room. There were a few gray corpses inside. I wanted to get out, but someone shut the door and the door vanished. I didn't panic, though; I knew it was a dream, so I closed my eyes and imagined a meadow. I walked. I thought I would bump my nose against the wall, but that didn't happen, and when I opened my eyes I was in the meadow I had imagined, and the sun was shining bright in the sky. There were yellow and pink flowers everywhere, and I walked trying not to step on them, because they were so beautiful. I walked down a street and I came to a neighborhood. The houses were all alike, but painted in different colors. The whole place was very clean and tidy.

Those houses freaked me out a bit. They reminded me of the neighborhood in the movie Edward Scissorhands, and don't you agree that said neighborhood was rather creppy?

Then the phone rang, and I woke up.

G. E.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Read my previous entry. Done? Okay, yesterday I had a dream about plants again. But this little plant was growing... in my left foot, between my toes!

I had company (my mom and one of her friends), so I showed them the plant and told them that I used to put seeds in my shoes until they started to grow. That's not true (it would be crazy, wouldn't it?), but in my dream I said it quite naturally. Perhaps I have such a weird habit in my dreams indeed.

Then I said, "But this plant is too big, and it cannot be healthy to have a plant growing in your foot; and besides, how am I going to put on my shoes?" So, I gently removed the plant (I could see the roots through the skin), and put it in my garden. Then I watered it.

I even know the species of the plant: Asclepias curassavica. It's a milkweed with yellow and red flowers.

Any clue about the meaning of this dream??? 'Cause I'm puzzled.

G. E.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Well, not that dreaming about plants and caterpillars is so weird anyway. But this dream was kinda special, though, 'cause the plants were growing between the floor and the bottom shelf of a bookcase in my bedroom. It's not the first time I dream about plants growing inside the house. Sometimes there are even trees sprouting from a crack on the floor. I never cut them.

Anyway, the plants were full of caterpillars, all of them happily eating the leaves. There were Monarch caterpillars, some others were green or brown, and hairy.

I didn't mind the plants, neither the catepillars. They're better than roaches, aren't they?

It's funny that I dreamed this on Earth Day. Perhaps the planet was trying to tell me something :-D

G. E.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I don't remember how this dream started. But then I was outside my house, where some guy was showing us his new invention: a set of fluorescent Christmas lights, with shiny stones instead of light bulbs. Very cool indeed.

After that I saw a big, gray, and slightly hairy creature up the street. It was some kind of pig, like a fangless babirusa with a manatee's muzzle. It wasn't pretty, and I wondered if it was dangerous ('cause pigs may actually be dangerous when angered). But then I called it, and the pig came to me like a happy dog. It first laid its huge muzzle over my foot, then it laid down on its back asking for a belly rub. And hey, you must not fear any creature who asks you for a belly rub! So, I petted the pig, and then it followed me everywhere, asking for more belly rubs, and with some sort of big smile upon its face.

Oh, I LOVED that weird pig! Where can I get one??

G. E.