Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Two nights ago I dreamed I was in Japan, with a bunch of new Japanese friends (I don't know a single Japanese in real life). That was new, but then a recurrent element came into my dream: a movie theatre.

Movie theatres are always kinda weird in my dreams. They usually have more than one screen, and if I'm sitting in a place that's too far from the screen, and I can't see anything, then the whole block of seats moves closer to the screen.

We were in Japan, though, and the Japanese are even fonder of gadgets and robots than people from other countries. So, my friends and I got into the theatre and sat down. Then the block of seats started to move. It actually left the building (!!), slid through the street (I waved my hand at the passers-by, for fun) and entered another building. It was another theatre, with several screens, and we had a nice view of one of them. Finally! The movie (whatever it was) stopped in the middle, though, 'cause something broke.

After the movie, we walked through the city. We had a guide, but he only talked about the trees. I didn't mind that. Then he showed us a little creature that fed on wood. It was a gray worm with fins on its sides, like a shark. Not pretty but still kinda cute.

I'm still wondering why there aren't normal theatres in my dreams, though...

G. E.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I haven't had a single coherent dream for a while, but since I don't want to neglect you, faithful readers, I'm going to tell you two premonitory dreams I had some years ago. I swear they really happened.

In an old computer I had a virtual fish (as a screensaver). It must be fed at least every fifteen days, or else it would die. The battery of the computer's clock had run out, so the clock only worked when the PC was turned on. That means that everytime I switched on my computer, the clock was some hours behind the real time. Please note the word "behind", okay?

All right, one night I dreamed that my virtual fish was dead. Nothing too weird about that, but when I switched on my PC the next day, and I clicked on the fish screensaver... the fish was dead indeed! I checked the date. It had misteriously jumped ten years into the future, so of course the virtual fish was dead of virtual starvation. I corrected the date and the fish came to life again (that's the good thing about virtual pets). I still don't get why the date changed that way, it had never happened before.

Now comes the second dream.

I belong to a public e-mail list about fractal art. I don't use to dream about fractals, mind you, but one night I dreamed I had made a fractal that looked like clockworks.

On the very next day I checked my e-mail, and one fractal artist had made a fractal entitled Clockworks!!!

Coincidence or...?

G. E.