Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Nap dream ('cause otherwise, I've been sleeping quite badly lately... darn!).

I was living in another house, and I had a different family: young mom and dad, and a brother! That was cool, having a brother. My real half-sister is a b... Nevermind.

Anyway, I went to the backyard and I saw that our neighbor had a lemon tree. But it was a HUGE lemon tree, all loaded with fruit. And I mean, there were so many lemons, all in bright yellow (beautiful color), that there wasn't any space between them.

The neighbor also came out of his house, because he thought I was stealing his lemons. I pointed to my house, where there was another, yet smaller, lemon tree, to prove him that I didn't need to steal his precious lemons. Still my neighbor was quite selfish, and wanted me to return some of his lemons that had fallen on my backyard. He wanted to sell them ALL (selfish AND greedy). I didn't mind returning the lemons, though, of course, I thought our neighbor wasn't a very nice person.

Then I saw that one of the lemons had fallen into a corridor that led to our garage... and there I saw a pig with both eyes on a side of his face. I called my brother, yelling, "Hey, look at this, it's a Picasso pig!" But Picasso Pig wasn't exactly Picasso Pig. He was a two-headed pig. The head started as one, then it divided so the pig had four eyes, very close together, and two muzzles. Kinda creepy. Well, the pig was very big too, and I was a bit afraid, for pigs may be dangerous, but this pig acted in a rather friendly way and let me pet him. He was soft. I told my brother that we should wash the pig and keep him as a pet.

I woke up after that.

While I'm not there, I hope my new pet pig eats that selfish neighbor's lemons. Ha, ha >:-D

G. E.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


It isn't easy to travel by plane anymore. Not even in dreams.

I don't know where I was going to. But I was in an airport, trying to make it to the right plane. I had my tickets, I had my luggage, everything should have been okay. But no. The airport was apparently endless. I walked and walked through corridors, the employees checked my luggage a lot of times (and I mean every single thing, even my clothes), yet I couldn't find the darn plane. I know you mustn't take liquids in your hand luggage, yet I had a bottle of lemonade. It was checked by a scientist in a white robe, in case it was some kind of explosive. That was funny. Suspicious lemonade :-D

Still on my way to the plane, I got out of that terminal and walked through the city to a different one which was part of the same airport. Yeah, that's right: both terminals were in the middle of the city. And the avenue was a runway at the same time. Some cars passed in front of me (as I waited to cross the avenue/runway), then a plane landed, then some other cars passed by. I thought it was VERY unsafe!

I woke up there. No matter if I was going to Disney World, or Hawaii, or Europe, it was just TOO much trouble to travel that way.

G. E.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It was very much like a camera, and when I looked through it, I discovered that there were two ghosts in my house.

One of them was my dead father. He was in his room, and I talked to him. I cried as I told him that I was very sorry I didn't find him sooner when he had his heart attack, in case there was any chance to save his life.

The other ghost was... Jim Carrey! His head was shaved, he was holding a knife and had a crazy, scary expression upon his face. He REALLY spooked me, and I woke up. Whew! I don't know what he planned to do with that big knife, but I'm glad I woke up before finding out. I bet it wasn't a good thing...

G. E.