Thursday, December 16, 2010


This was a totally crazy dream! I don't remember how it started, but for some reason our atmosphere had run out of air, and we were sucked into a vortex like a black hole. I thought I was going to die instantly (I'd probably explode, or freeze, or something equally spectacular), but what really happened is that I found myself floating in outer space. I was able to fly, I mean, I could change direction, against the laws of physics (even in dreams, I don't forget my knowledge about science). There were a lot of stars and planets around me. It was great!

Anyway, after a while I landed in a futuristic city. There were a lot of tall buildings, and since it was dark, everything was illuminated by artificial lights. And... that city was full of green frogs! And there was a big party! All the frogs were jumping and dancing happily. In the meantime, somehow I got a flying motorbike! Wow! This dream kept getting better and better!

I flew with my motorbike around the city (wheeeeee!!!!), and I don't know why, but I started to vandalize a few objects. Some friend of mine was doing the same, and a cop, in his own flying motorbike, started to follow us, and we had to escape. It was quite exciting and funny!

I don't remember the rest of the dream, but hey, this was one of the coolest dreams I've ever had. Dancing frogs in a futuristic city, can you imagine?

I want a flying motorbike!

G. E.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Last night I dreamed I had just bought a beautiful, long red dress. I tried it, and I looked AWESOME, like a model (a pretty model, not those awfully thin models whom you look at and think, "Oh somebody please feed those poor ladies!!").

I had a party that night. My mom gave me a pair of elegant red shoes which matched my dress perfectly, and I chose the jewelry I was going to wear. I headed for the shower, thinking that everybody at the party would look at me and think I was a sexy bomb, and that all guys would be around me, and that it was going to be a great night for me.

And then I woke up! DANGDANGDANGDANGDANG!!!!

G. E.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Do you remember the TV series Sliders? Well, last night I dreamed something like that. I was traveling with a group of friends through parallel worlds. Each of these worlds had a different theme, and that's how we knew they weren't our world. One of them was full of plush toys (cute), another was about food (there was a lot of fruit for sale, that was nice too), and another one was about the seventies culture (we got out of there ASAP).

Then we got stuck in another parallel world. I suppose we had some kind of vehicle, because something was broken and we needed a couple of pieces from Wonder Woman's invisible plane (!!!!). The problem was, we had left Wonder Woman to die in another world with high levels of radioactivity (????). But we still needed those pieces for our vehicle, so we went back to that world through a door. Wonder Woman was still there. She wasn't very much like herself, though, but rather like a frivolous teenager. Maybe radiation had affected her brain or something. Anyway, we got those pieces from her plane, and we took them back to the world where we were stuck. We brought poor, silly Wonder Woman with us.

After that, we all had to get a bath in three pools full of swamp water (no, really, it was all green), to remove radiation from our bodies. I suppose it worked for the rest of us, but Wonder Woman was still glowing in the dark, in a fluorescent green, so we thought there was nothing we could do to save her. Sorry, Wonder Woman!

G. E.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


This is just a part of a dream 'cause I don't remember all of it (probably it wasn't very interesting anyway).

So, I was in my house and I had these pretty red roses in a vase. They were alive, and I mean they could move. And they were evil!

Perhaps they were mutant or transgenic roses (who knows what scientists are doing nowadays?). Or perhaps they were possessed by a demon or something like that. The thing is, when I got close to those roses, they tried to attack me using their thorns. Weird, huh? They also attacked my cat, who ran away quite scared. Cat claws can't beat rose thorns, it seems.

Geesh. You can't even trust plants these days.

G. E.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I don't remember how this dream started, but somewhere in the middle of it I was in my house and tying my sneakers. I was wearing a pretty white dress. It didn't match my sneakers, but I refuse to wear heels even in dreams!

Then I knew something evil was coming. Something terrible! And that terrible something was... a zombie plague! They were inside my house, so I got out and started to run.

See? That's why sneakers are always better than heels, even with elegant dresses. It's easier to run away in case you meet an unexpected zombie plague.

But the zombies were quite fast, and a zombie woman got me and bit my arm, taking a chunk of flesh. Ouch! Then I became a zombie too, still wearing the pretty dress.

I was angry at the woman for turning me into a zombie without my permission (it's just not polite), so I bit her finger. Ha!

Interestingly, it was Halloween and the street was decorated with orange and black balloons. Since now I was a part of the zombie horde, we all started to vandalize those Halloween decorations.

Then I noticed something: although I was a zombie, my mind was still intact. I was a clever zombie!

Now that's why I was wearing that elegant white dress!! I was destined to be THE QUEEN OF ZOMBIES!!

I ruled happily over the zombie horde until the clock rang :-P

G. E.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Somewhere in the middle of this dream I found a ball of pulsing light, no bigger than a marble. It was amazingly beautiful. I held it in my hand, and it started to grow, then it turned into a planet. I was able to guide the transformation, deciding how this planet would be. Whenever I touched something green, trees would grow, making a forest. So, I filled this new planet with trees, and it looked great.

After a while, the planet was finished and suddenly we were living in it, though nobody else but me and a friend knew what had happened. And yet people were happy, because the new planet was all green and perfect (hey, I'm a good planet maker and I didn't know it!). A man came to visit me and I tried to show him the process. I found another ball of pulsing light, and it became a small galaxy in my hand, but the man still didn't believe what I had done, and the galaxy vanished :-( Anyway, I was still happy because I had created a better world.

I wanted to create another planet, so I went to my garden. I saw another ball of pulsing light half buried in the dirt, and I tried to pick it up but I couldn't find it. Instead, a white spider appeared (I didn't mind that, I like spiders). The ball had disappeared.

I loved this dream!

G. E.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


In this dream, I was visiting a friend, and I found a female dog who had just gave birth to her two puppies. They were brown and very small. I dried and cuddled them.

After that, the dream went a bit crazy. The puppies first turned into kittens. They clinged to me with their little, sharp claws, and I petted them. Their mom was a human woman now (!!), lying down in a hospital bed, and she wouldn't take care of her sons because she still couldn't breastfeed them. Okay. I took care of the babies while she recovered.

The babies were hungry at first, but eventually they forgot about food, though I had some pieces of cheese. Plus, the babies weren't kittens anymore. Now they had human faces (!!!), and they were growing up, though not in size. I mean, they were still the size of kittens, but their eyes were open, they could talk and understand what was going on around them. Oh, and they had multiplied. Now there were six or seven furry babies around me, still clinging to me with their little claws.

Their mother went away with another woman. She didn't care for her babies anymore, if she had ever cared for them at all, but that didn't matter anyway. Her babies loved ME, and I grew pretty fond of them. They were weird, but still cute and interesting, and they liked action movies.

I guess I'm their mom now!

G. E.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I met a monster in my last dream. It was an awful humanoid creature, very much like Gollum or Grendel. Creepy and somewhat evil. His skin looked quite normal, yet his body was all deformed and hairless. His behavior was pretty disturbing, and I thought he was mad.

The monster wanted me to follow him through a ruined house, and so I did, though I was afraid of him. We crossed a hole in the wall, and in the other room we met some men with guns. The monster yelled at them, and they shot him down. Then the men were gone, and really, I was relieved that they had killed the monster. He was starting to get on my nerves.

I looked around and saw a couple of little robots. They were only a few inches tall, pear-shaped, and they looked rather cute, with big eyes and long eyelashes, but I knew they were as evil as the dead monster. Suddenly I also knew that the monster had been their creature, and they had sent him to his death.

I left the house before the robots noticed me.

Happy Halloween!

G. E.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


In this dream I was a little girl, and there were two other little girls who didn't like me for some reason, so they started bullying me. The floor was made of jelly (I have no idea why), and the girls jumped and jumped until the floor trembled like an earthquake. I begged them to stop, but they wouldn't listen. After a while, they got tired and left me alone.

After that, I got my revenge. Somehow I became a small rubber ball (!!), and I started bullying those two little girls, who couldn't see me. It was my turn to make the floor tremble, and the girls were quite nervous about it.

Then I stole something from one of the girls, a piece of bread. I ran away with it and tried to hide myself in an empty room (I still was a small rubber ball, so I don't know how I managed to hold that piece of bread), but the little girl chased me until she found me. I started to cry (now I was a little girl again), but the other girl wasn't mad at me anymore, 'cause she had repented of her previous bad behavior. We hugged and became friends.

Another happy ending! Yay!

I still can't explain that stupid jelly floor.

G. E.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I have many aunts in real life. More than I like, actually (if you need an aunt, please take one of mine).

Remember my floating aunt? She was one of the aunts I liked, but she died some weeks ago :-( It was very sad, and I'm very sorry I couldn't do anything to relieve her pain. During her last days, she was feeling really bad and she could barely move.

In my dream, I was in a party with several relatives, and this aunt was there. I felt happy for her, since she was young now, and healthy as well. That dream was the closure I needed so much.

But... well, something else happened before I woke up. As I told you, I have many aunts, and I'm sorry to say that a couple of them are awful people. Even crazy. Not that they need medication or special care, but very often they act in a very irrational manner.

So, one of these aunts went really wild in the middle of the party. She started to scream and run across the room. Then I suddenly knew I was dreaming, and I said, "I must fall asleep in this dream, maybe I can find out what's wrong with her." Yeah, I know, that's the movie Inception, but if you've been following this blog, by now you must know that I frequently borrow elements from movies. I hope movie producers won't sue me for that.

Anyway, in spite of my aunt's screams, I managed to fall asleep right there on the sofa. In the dream within the dream, I was inside a giant clock, and my aunt was in another. Very proper, don't you think? My aunt was a clock cuckoo! Ha! Well, she still looked like a human being, though she kept yelling and jumping inside the clock. I got out of my clock and opened a little door in hers, to let her out. And she was cured of her craziness! Yay!

Don't you like happy endings? :-D

G. E.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


That's what I dreamed some days ago. I was happily levitating inside my house.

Look at me! I'm not touching the floor!

I didn't know I was dreaming. I thought I was levitating for real, so, as usual, I started to consider the possibilities of my fantastic condition. I'd save a lot of money in bus tickets! and shoes! And people would think I'm super cool!

Then I woke up.

Dang, it was just a dream!!

Yeah. My awesome powers of levitation were only my recurrent dream about levitation. Sigh. I was already getting used to it, but it was a dream. Not fair!

It seems I'm condemned to walk from here to there, like the rest of human beings.

Stupid law of gravity. I hate you.

I'm going to sue Isaac Newton for spoiling my fun.

G. E.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Last night I had three versions of the same dream.

In the first version, I was in a building, something exploded outside, and the building collapsed. My friends and I were trapped inside the building and I started to think what we should do.

In the second version, I was in the same building, something exploded outside, but this time I managed to escape the building as it collapsed. It wasn't easy, but fortunately I was super fast, and I avoided the falling debris as if I was in an action movie (yay!). Then I approached the ruins looking for survivors. There was a hole, and I heard people yelling down there, so I took a shovel and started to dig.

In the third version, we all knew something was going to explode, so a bunch of people and I got into a bus. The bus started moving. I looked through the back window, and noticed that the explosion had occurred, and that we were about to get hit. "It's coming! Get ready!" I said. I covered my head. When things were quiet again, the bus was a mess. I searched for my mom, who was slightly wounded in the chest, but otherwise fine. Outside, the world was covered with ashes, and more ashes were falling like snow.

Now I wonder, WHAT caused those darn explosions???

G. E.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In this dream, I was coming home (again!). For some reason I had two of my stuffed animals with me: a panda bear, and a Shamu whale I bought at Sea World (those stay on my bed when I'm not sleeping there).

My house was close, yet I decided to take a nap right there on the street, using my stuffed animals as pillows. A very stupid idea, if you ask me; I don't pay such a lot of home taxes to sleep like a homeless.

Anyway, after a while I stood up and kept walking toward my house. But I forgot my stuffed animals, so I went back and... they weren't there!! I got very angry then. "Who stole my stuffed animals?" I cried.

Someone pointed to the drain. "Oh, rats," I said. "How am I going to get them back? And they'll be DIRTY!"

I looked inside the drain and... I saw some kind of museum. There was a long corridor with shelves on both sides, all of them filled up with bones. My stuffed animals were on the floor.

A skeleton walked toward me (really, I'm not kidding!).

It thought I was someone else (it never spoke, but I knew it had mistaken me for someone else), and offered me some strange bones. They looked like they belonged to prehistoric animals.

I thought they were interesting, yet they were not what I was looking for. "No, thanks," I said. "I just want my stuffed animals, see them there?" The walking skeleton gave them to me.

Again, it didn't say a word, yet I thought it was polite for a walking skeleton (not that walking skeletons should be rude, of course, but I would have expected them to act in some scary way; or perhaps I'm just prejudiced toward monsters, shame on me).

I took my stuffed animals and walked home. End of the dream.

Now that I think about it, though, I should have accepted the bones. Stuffed animals are everywhere, but those bones... my, they were something special!!

G. E.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


This dream started with... a zombie party!! The zombies were in a room, dancing to the song Monster Mash (one of my favorites).

As if that wasn't cool enough, I was a zombie too! And since I'm a happy person, I was a happy, dancing zombie as well.

See that piece of meat in my hand? Well, I was chewing it as I danced. Then I wondered if it was a human body part, but no, it was just a roasted chicken leg. It seems that not even as a zombie I have cannibalistic tendencies. Besides, roasted chicken legs are delicious :-D

On the other side of the window there was a flooded landscape. There were dead fish in the dirty water. Suddenly those fish came back to life, and so did the zombies. It was a mass resurrection! And I said, "It must be a sign of the Apocalypse!" I was right. I went out and walked by the coast. My mom had resurrected as well, and walked toward me (funny, 'cause my mom is alive and well; wonder what Freud would have said about that). I was happy to see her, so I hugged her. There were some people praying nearby, and God saved them from Judgement Day. I thought it was kinda unfair, since I thought those were last minute prayers. Plus, I'm not SO bad!

Anyway, we sat on a row of seats to watch the end of the world, still at the beach. An ex President of Uruguay (Jorge Batlle) was there beside me, and I told him I was glad to see him there, since I had read on the newspaper that he had been taken to the hospital (that really happened in real life). (Now please notice little fact: politician not spared from Judgement Day either. Coincidence? I don't think so! :-D Actually, if I had looked better, I bet I would have seen the rest of our politicians there.)

The end of the world started. The sun was setting, then it exploded. It did it slowly, so the flames were coming closer and closer, and I, somewhat impatient, yelled, "Oh, come on, let's be done with this!" By the way, the sun had a face.

Then everything went dark.

My mom was still with me, and I told her, "If death is going to be like this, thinking souls in the dark, we're going to get REALLY BORED!" But I was wrong. You see, someone turned on the lights, and we were in a theatre! The end of the world had only been a movie!!

I got quite angry. I mean, I was prepared to die in that darn Judgement Day, and it turned out to be a movie with cheap visual effects. I would have thought God had better resources. Like the movie 2012, at least!!

I grabbed my mom by her arm and left the theatre, still angry.

That's how the world dream ended.

G. E.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


My dreaming machine hasn't been working properly for a while. I'm still dreaming, of course, but those dreams don't really make a lot of sense.

And yet I had two small dreams about babies.

In the first dream, I had three very clever babies. The problem was... they were white rabbits! Rabbits, really? Why? And who was the father? Roger Rabbit? (oh no, don't tell me he's been cheating on Jessica!!!). That my babies were rabbits seemed natural in the dream, though. And, as I said, the babies were clever. I like clever babies/pets/monsters/whatever. I rather have problems with stupid creatures. You know, like politicians.

In the second dream, the babies were three again, but they weren't mine. They were Shrek's babies. I was their nanny. And it was a nightmare!!! You see, I was changing their diapers. But as soon as I finished changing the diaper of the last baby, the first baby needed another diaper change, and so on. Those darn babies just wouldn't stop pooping!! Oh, the horror!

Now I remember why I'm not really prepared to have kids. My brain doesn't agree with the idea. I think I'll just get another cat. Litter boxes are better than diapers. And yeah, I've changed diapers. It was a terrible experience, I'm still trying to get over it.

G. E.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I use to dream I'm coming home, either walking, flying, skating, swimming, or riding a bus. A couple of nights ago I had two dreams of this kind.

In the first dream, I jumped from a plane right into the Atlantic Ocean. The other side of the Atlantic Ocean, to be more precise. I swam the whole way to Uruguay, and either I was a very good swimmer, or the ocean had shrunk (due to global warming?), 'cause I reached the shore a few minutes later. No sharks in the water this time.

The beach wasn't a landscape from real life. I've dreamed of that shore before, with a lot of cliffs and grass instead of sand. I started to walk, and crossed a park. That park was very much like the real park located a few blocks from my house, but it was full of penguins! I don't know what they were doing there. Perhaps my bed was cold. Anyway, in the dream I was sorry I didn't get there before, for I missed the sight of baby penguins (they were almost adults by then). Aren't baby penguins amazingly CUTE?

In the second dream, I was walking back home with... Céline Dion. That was weird. I mean, I don't own any of her albums. Why her, then? Anyway, I was very pleased when I sang one of her songs (not My Heart Will Go On, in case you wonder), and my voice was better than hers. Ha! After a while I came home, and suddenly there was a zombie plague. Zombie children!

Pity I woke up right after that. Zombies are far more interesting than Céline Dion. Titanic With Zombies would be a great movie, as well :-D

G. E.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


This one was pretty weird. I was outdoors, in some kind of party, wearing a fantastic white dress. Yet sometimes it wasn't me wearing that dress, but a Barbie doll I was holding (I don't know what I was wearing then, though I don't recall being naked). Whenever I had the doll in my hands, I worried that I might lose her tiny shoes (stilettos, of course). For some reason this was very, very important: I mustn't lose the doll's shoes. And when it was me wearing the white dress, I worried about it too. Yeah, I was a terribly shallow person in that dream :-P

Anyway, there was a bull fight somewhere in the park, yet the wall was only two feet tall, and a couple of angry bulls escaped. One of them ran after me, and I climbed a tree, still wearing the long white dress. I picked up the skirt so the bull's horns wouldn't tear it. Again, I was more concerned about the dress than, let's say, my legs, which of course was terribly stupid (heck, what was I thinking? aren't legs important?). I took a nap right there on the tree. It was surprisingly comfortable.

After a while, though, the bull went away, and I jumped down and walked for a while. I still worried about the doll's shoes and my dress (I know, it sounds confusing, but things tend to change quite often in my dreams). I sat behind some yellow rocks, but I don't remember why; I just know that I met some nice people and I talked to them. And I got a date!

When I came back to the party, my dress was all dirty, but I didn't care anymore about it. I felt happy. I had a date! I met some women who wore white dresses just like me, but theirs still looked perfect. They looked at me and mocked me because of my dirty dress, but I didn't care about that either. I mean, I had a date! So I just smiled and walked away from that party. 'Cause, you know, I had a date :-D

My dream didn't include the date, though. Darn! Maybe next time? (I want a black dress, though. White gets dirty WAY too easily.)

G. E.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Last night's dream was rather messy, but there's something I remember quite well. I was helping a nice, old lady. Well, she seemed nice, but there was something weird about her.

There was a locked green door in her house. I managed to open it, and in the room there were several beds with old and sick people. The apparently nice, old lady was helding them captive to torture them!

When the old lady found out that I knew her secret, she tried to kill me, so I had to run and escape from her.

I hope I never see her again. Brrr...

G. E.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My mind works in very strange ways when I'm dreaming, I can tell you.

Some nights ago I met this cool guy in my dreams. We were talking about this and that, then he said it was a pity that he could only meet me in his dreams. I said, "I'm sorry to tell you this, but this is MY dream, and you don't really exist." He asked me how I knew this, and I answered, "Well, 'cause you have three eyes." And suddenly he HAD three eyes, like the fish at the nuclear plant in The Simpsons. Then my dream suddenly changed, and the cool guy was gone. I bet my wannabe boyfriend just couldn't handle the truth.

Another dream was about my aunt. Her knees are very deformed because of a degenerative disease. In my dream, someone had cut her legs a little above her knees, and instead of walking, she was floating as if her legs had become invisible. That worked just fine, but then I thought it was only a temporary solution, and that her legs should be reattached to her body sooner or later. Then I realized I was no surgeon, so it would be impossible to me to do the job. And I thought that maybe it hadn't been a good idea to cut her legs in the first place, since now we couldn't fix it.

No dreams with a defined plot yet. I'll keep you informed.

G. E.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I haven't had any dream with a plot lately, but a few interesting characters appeared here and there.

A few nights ago I dreamed about a group of evil guys dressed in black armors. They wanted to kill me for some reason, and I tried to escape from them or fight them, but they were too tough. They even shot me several times, which wasn't a nice thing to do to a person they didn't even know. Anyway, these guys inspired a story which I'll write after I finish my current work in progress.

The other interesting character I met was a baby vampire. And no, the baby's name wasn't Renesmee, neither Claudia. The cool thing about the baby was that he was ELVIS PRESLEY's son!! And he looked a lot like Elvis, indeed, with a nice bunch of black hair. Tell me, isn't that incredibly weird and awesome? Elvis had a baby vampire! who would have guessed?

I decided to take care of the baby. Appart from his sharp teeth, he was quite friendly.

G. E.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'm not a Goth, but I like the Gothic look on other people. In this dream, though, I was dressed like a Goth, with several piercings as well. I was wearing a fantastic black dress and boots. There was a young guy with me, another Goth. He was my friend, and we were having a good time.

We had to take a bus, and for some reason bus drivers didn't want to pick us up. My friend and I had to walk, feeling rather discriminated (not sad, though, we were way too cool for that).

Oh well. That's the price you pay for being different. Next time, I hope my friend and I get a motorcycle. And we'll mock those stupid bus drivers as we make them eat the dust. Ha! >:-D

G. E.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Don't ask me how this dream started, but somewhere in the middle of it I was running through the city... all naked! Some cops were chasing me. I got into my old school, stole a teacher's coat and searched for a secondary exit the cops didn't know. But the cops were still after me, so I stole a vehicle and drove right into the ocean. I wanted the cops to suppose I had drowned, but although the vehicle sank, the cops saw me and sent a helicopter. I swam along the coast, searching for a good spot to get out of the water. By the way, the ocean was full of sharks, but somehow I knew that they wouldn't try to eat me. I wasn't totally sure, though, so I left the water as soon as possible and kept running. The cops still followed. I was kinda angry at that point; I mean, such a fuss because I was running naked a while ago? Didn't they have real criminals to worry about? I finally came to a house, and there I was safe at last. Whew!

G. E.

Friday, May 7, 2010


A very weird dream again. You see, I was in some kind of group formed by young women. Our mission was to solve problems, and I mean very strange problems. So, we jumped into some kind of wagon and headed to our destiny. There we found a giant black monster with many arms and tentacles. A very angry alien monster, because his son had disappeared. Our task was to find the baby monster.

We started looking for the baby monster. I was new in the group, so I wanted to impress my partners by finding the baby monster all by myself. I met some kids and asked them if they had seen the baby, and what he looked like. The kids answered that they had seen the baby indeed, and pointed to a certain direction. They also told me that the baby wasn't black, and he didn't have tentacles either. The baby was pink, they told me. I thanked the kids and kept looking for the baby monster.

There were several houses nearby, many of them with basements. I thought that maybe the baby monster was hiding in one of those basements, and I entered the house of a very creepy old lady. I didn't tell her what I was looking for, 'cause I didn't trust her at all. When she wasn't looking at me, I went down the stairs.

There were several human kids there. They had been kidnapped by the creepy old lady. And the baby monster was there as well! He was pink indeed, with a very strange, bulbous face. Actually, the baby was only a head. I picked him up, and several legs sprouted from his neck. He has harmless, though.

I saved the kids and returned the baby monster to his dad. Mission accomplished!

I love happy endings :-)

G. E.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


In this dream, I was again with a group of students. A professor took us to a building which turned out to be a prison owned by Nazis (those darned Nazis again!; why do they keep showing up in my dreams?). The professor left us alone, 'cause he had to talk with someone there. The students and I waited for a long time, and we started to worry. We were next to a cell, and there was a rotten corpse there, so thin it was obvious the poor man had starved to death. The guards looked at us in a very upsetting way, too, so we decided we couldn't wait any longer for the professor, we had to escape from there at once.

We ran. I jumped over some trucks (wow, I didn't know I could do that), and then I saw a flying pony coming my way. I jumped over him, and the pony took me to a safe place.

Believe me, that winged pony was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. It was white, quite hairy, but all fluffy and soft as cotton, with blue eyes. I petted him for a long time, since it was so soft and beautiful. I thanked him for saving me, and he said, "You're welcome." I said, "Hey, you can talk!" and the pony answered, "Yes, but it's a secret. Don't tell anyone." (Okay, I'm telling you right now, but I didn't tell anyone in my dream, and that's what really matters, right?) Then the pony went away.

Now I miss him!! Did I mention it was soft and cute? I want him baaaaack!!!!

G. E.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Last night I dreamed we humans had done something wrong and all the trees were dying. I was in a forest. The trees were becoming leafless and gray, then they fell down, leaving just an empty land. I felt so sad and cried so hard that I woke myself up (that had never happened before).

Then I fell asleep again. It was the same dream. The trees were still dying, and I met some important politicians, to tell them we had to save the trees or else we would die too. It was a very passionate and elocuent speech, I'm so proud of myself :-) (in real life I have stage fright).

And surprise!!! the politicians ACTUALLY LISTENED to me. They created some giant greenhouses to plant new trees and restore the rainforests.

I wish this happened in real life more often...

G. E.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In this dream, I was with a group of students and we visited a big stable. There were like fifty horses in there, adults and colts, all of them very friendly, like dogs. We petted them for a while. Then we went out and there was a circus. I found a cage with several lions. I wanted to pet them too, so I touched a cub's paw that was sticking out of the bars, trying to stay away from the bigger lions. But the adults were tame, too, and one of the males also wanted to be petted. That was great, and I told one of my friends that I was eager to come home and tell my family that I had touched a lion!

But it was getting dark, and we all walked down the street, chatting. I was in front of the group, and after a while I turned around and noticed that all the students had disappeared. There was only one man behind me... and he carried a huge knife. Oops. I ran. He followed and reached me. He tried to cut my arm, but he failed, then I took the knife and cut HIS arm, then his head. Don't worry: things like these happen often in my dreams, but it doesn't mean that I do them in real life.

I was alone again, and I got into a room. There were a few gray corpses inside. I wanted to get out, but someone shut the door and the door vanished. I didn't panic, though; I knew it was a dream, so I closed my eyes and imagined a meadow. I walked. I thought I would bump my nose against the wall, but that didn't happen, and when I opened my eyes I was in the meadow I had imagined, and the sun was shining bright in the sky. There were yellow and pink flowers everywhere, and I walked trying not to step on them, because they were so beautiful. I walked down a street and I came to a neighborhood. The houses were all alike, but painted in different colors. The whole place was very clean and tidy.

Those houses freaked me out a bit. They reminded me of the neighborhood in the movie Edward Scissorhands, and don't you agree that said neighborhood was rather creppy?

Then the phone rang, and I woke up.

G. E.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Read my previous entry. Done? Okay, yesterday I had a dream about plants again. But this little plant was growing... in my left foot, between my toes!

I had company (my mom and one of her friends), so I showed them the plant and told them that I used to put seeds in my shoes until they started to grow. That's not true (it would be crazy, wouldn't it?), but in my dream I said it quite naturally. Perhaps I have such a weird habit in my dreams indeed.

Then I said, "But this plant is too big, and it cannot be healthy to have a plant growing in your foot; and besides, how am I going to put on my shoes?" So, I gently removed the plant (I could see the roots through the skin), and put it in my garden. Then I watered it.

I even know the species of the plant: Asclepias curassavica. It's a milkweed with yellow and red flowers.

Any clue about the meaning of this dream??? 'Cause I'm puzzled.

G. E.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Well, not that dreaming about plants and caterpillars is so weird anyway. But this dream was kinda special, though, 'cause the plants were growing between the floor and the bottom shelf of a bookcase in my bedroom. It's not the first time I dream about plants growing inside the house. Sometimes there are even trees sprouting from a crack on the floor. I never cut them.

Anyway, the plants were full of caterpillars, all of them happily eating the leaves. There were Monarch caterpillars, some others were green or brown, and hairy.

I didn't mind the plants, neither the catepillars. They're better than roaches, aren't they?

It's funny that I dreamed this on Earth Day. Perhaps the planet was trying to tell me something :-D

G. E.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I don't remember how this dream started. But then I was outside my house, where some guy was showing us his new invention: a set of fluorescent Christmas lights, with shiny stones instead of light bulbs. Very cool indeed.

After that I saw a big, gray, and slightly hairy creature up the street. It was some kind of pig, like a fangless babirusa with a manatee's muzzle. It wasn't pretty, and I wondered if it was dangerous ('cause pigs may actually be dangerous when angered). But then I called it, and the pig came to me like a happy dog. It first laid its huge muzzle over my foot, then it laid down on its back asking for a belly rub. And hey, you must not fear any creature who asks you for a belly rub! So, I petted the pig, and then it followed me everywhere, asking for more belly rubs, and with some sort of big smile upon its face.

Oh, I LOVED that weird pig! Where can I get one??

G. E.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Yesterday I dreamed I had twins. The delivery was painless, and the babies were kinda purple but human. A few minutes later, though, they transformed into... opossums! Male and female, small and cute. And very nervous too, they wouldn't stop running all over me, so I said they must have taken some caffeine.

I was okay with my baby opossums, anyway. But now that I'm awake, I'm VERY curious about the father's identity!

G. E.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I haven't had any coherent dream for a while :-( So, again I'm going to talk about a recurrent dream.

Perhaps the movie Titanic has something to do with this, but quite often I dream I'm traveling by ship and the ship sinks. And yeah, sometimes it's the Titanic indeed. Some other times it isn't, though, so perhaps this dream has some secret meaning. Probably about the political situation of my country (I refuse to explain that, it's way too boring).

Generally I know the ship is going to sink. When it starts to sink, I try to save myself and whomever is with me, if I'm traveling with some other person. No one comes to save me (or save us), but sometimes there's an island nearby. Whew! Fortunately, in these dreams there aren't sea monsters. Another whew!

Not all the ships sink, though. A few times I've traveled in old pirate ships and had the craziest adventures. Kraken included :-D

G. E.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In the first part of my dream, there was a Christmas parade. First I was just watching, but somewhere in the middle of the dream I joined the parade. I wasn't walking, though, but sitting on one of many carts that slid on an ice track like a sleigh.

Then we went through a tunnel formed by the most beautiful and colorful set of Christmas lights you can imagine (sorry, I don't have a picture). The sky was dark, and the lights shone like a million stars. It was wonderful.

In the second part of my dream, I found three cheetah cubs in my house, all soft and cute. Where did they come from, I don't have a clue, but they were there and I played with them for a while. Then I thought that I couldn't keep them. I mean, my house is quite small, and the cubs would grow and need a lot more space. So, when their mother came for them, I opened the front door of my house to let them all go.

Apparently, the front door of my house led to Africa. I'll keep that in mind for my next dream. It would be a fast and cheap way to travel around the world!

G. E.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Two nights ago I dreamed I was in Japan, with a bunch of new Japanese friends (I don't know a single Japanese in real life). That was new, but then a recurrent element came into my dream: a movie theatre.

Movie theatres are always kinda weird in my dreams. They usually have more than one screen, and if I'm sitting in a place that's too far from the screen, and I can't see anything, then the whole block of seats moves closer to the screen.

We were in Japan, though, and the Japanese are even fonder of gadgets and robots than people from other countries. So, my friends and I got into the theatre and sat down. Then the block of seats started to move. It actually left the building (!!), slid through the street (I waved my hand at the passers-by, for fun) and entered another building. It was another theatre, with several screens, and we had a nice view of one of them. Finally! The movie (whatever it was) stopped in the middle, though, 'cause something broke.

After the movie, we walked through the city. We had a guide, but he only talked about the trees. I didn't mind that. Then he showed us a little creature that fed on wood. It was a gray worm with fins on its sides, like a shark. Not pretty but still kinda cute.

I'm still wondering why there aren't normal theatres in my dreams, though...

G. E.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I haven't had a single coherent dream for a while, but since I don't want to neglect you, faithful readers, I'm going to tell you two premonitory dreams I had some years ago. I swear they really happened.

In an old computer I had a virtual fish (as a screensaver). It must be fed at least every fifteen days, or else it would die. The battery of the computer's clock had run out, so the clock only worked when the PC was turned on. That means that everytime I switched on my computer, the clock was some hours behind the real time. Please note the word "behind", okay?

All right, one night I dreamed that my virtual fish was dead. Nothing too weird about that, but when I switched on my PC the next day, and I clicked on the fish screensaver... the fish was dead indeed! I checked the date. It had misteriously jumped ten years into the future, so of course the virtual fish was dead of virtual starvation. I corrected the date and the fish came to life again (that's the good thing about virtual pets). I still don't get why the date changed that way, it had never happened before.

Now comes the second dream.

I belong to a public e-mail list about fractal art. I don't use to dream about fractals, mind you, but one night I dreamed I had made a fractal that looked like clockworks.

On the very next day I checked my e-mail, and one fractal artist had made a fractal entitled Clockworks!!!

Coincidence or...?

G. E.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Nap dream ('cause otherwise, I've been sleeping quite badly lately... darn!).

I was living in another house, and I had a different family: young mom and dad, and a brother! That was cool, having a brother. My real half-sister is a b... Nevermind.

Anyway, I went to the backyard and I saw that our neighbor had a lemon tree. But it was a HUGE lemon tree, all loaded with fruit. And I mean, there were so many lemons, all in bright yellow (beautiful color), that there wasn't any space between them.

The neighbor also came out of his house, because he thought I was stealing his lemons. I pointed to my house, where there was another, yet smaller, lemon tree, to prove him that I didn't need to steal his precious lemons. Still my neighbor was quite selfish, and wanted me to return some of his lemons that had fallen on my backyard. He wanted to sell them ALL (selfish AND greedy). I didn't mind returning the lemons, though, of course, I thought our neighbor wasn't a very nice person.

Then I saw that one of the lemons had fallen into a corridor that led to our garage... and there I saw a pig with both eyes on a side of his face. I called my brother, yelling, "Hey, look at this, it's a Picasso pig!" But Picasso Pig wasn't exactly Picasso Pig. He was a two-headed pig. The head started as one, then it divided so the pig had four eyes, very close together, and two muzzles. Kinda creepy. Well, the pig was very big too, and I was a bit afraid, for pigs may be dangerous, but this pig acted in a rather friendly way and let me pet him. He was soft. I told my brother that we should wash the pig and keep him as a pet.

I woke up after that.

While I'm not there, I hope my new pet pig eats that selfish neighbor's lemons. Ha, ha >:-D

G. E.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


It isn't easy to travel by plane anymore. Not even in dreams.

I don't know where I was going to. But I was in an airport, trying to make it to the right plane. I had my tickets, I had my luggage, everything should have been okay. But no. The airport was apparently endless. I walked and walked through corridors, the employees checked my luggage a lot of times (and I mean every single thing, even my clothes), yet I couldn't find the darn plane. I know you mustn't take liquids in your hand luggage, yet I had a bottle of lemonade. It was checked by a scientist in a white robe, in case it was some kind of explosive. That was funny. Suspicious lemonade :-D

Still on my way to the plane, I got out of that terminal and walked through the city to a different one which was part of the same airport. Yeah, that's right: both terminals were in the middle of the city. And the avenue was a runway at the same time. Some cars passed in front of me (as I waited to cross the avenue/runway), then a plane landed, then some other cars passed by. I thought it was VERY unsafe!

I woke up there. No matter if I was going to Disney World, or Hawaii, or Europe, it was just TOO much trouble to travel that way.

G. E.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It was very much like a camera, and when I looked through it, I discovered that there were two ghosts in my house.

One of them was my dead father. He was in his room, and I talked to him. I cried as I told him that I was very sorry I didn't find him sooner when he had his heart attack, in case there was any chance to save his life.

The other ghost was... Jim Carrey! His head was shaved, he was holding a knife and had a crazy, scary expression upon his face. He REALLY spooked me, and I woke up. Whew! I don't know what he planned to do with that big knife, but I'm glad I woke up before finding out. I bet it wasn't a good thing...

G. E.