Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I dreamed about my dead father last night. And we were doing something quite unusual: we were counting diamonds! I don't know where did they come from, though, but some of them were pretty big. And all of them, even the smallest ones, were amazingly shiny, just like diamonds in real life.

The problem was, suddenly we noticed that our house was surrounded by... volcanoes!! Big, black, erupting volcanoes. The sky was dark, and the lava was orange and bright. The whole landscape around the house had been blackened with solified lava, and through the cracks we could see that there was magma underneath.

So, my dad and I collected the diamonds and tried to find a safe place, walking over the solified lava. I thought I had found a path through the terrifying landscape, but I was wrong: the layer of solified lava was too thin, it broke and I fell into the magma.

And I died instantly. Really, I died in my dream. I've died before. But I didn't wake up. My body was destroyed, but suddenly my mind was free, and it floated over the landscape, which was very impressive. My father was trying to recover the little bag of diamonds I had left behind me. I lost sight of him then, the landscape was just too interesting, and I wanted to explore it.

I found two tiny castles in the middle of nothing. They were filled with tiny people, who were fighting with each other for no reason. I tried to talk to them, but they threw tiny stones at me. Not a very kind thing to do, if you ask me.

After that, I found a marble sculpture. It was a fish in a Japanese style, and it was alive. It could talk and move a little, too. And it was kinda friendly, but sometimes it would hiss at me like a cat.

I don't remember the rest of the dream. Anyway, I wish you a very happy New Year's day :-)

G. E.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


There's a long list of things that you must NOT do when you're into a horror movie. Don't go upstairs, don't go downstairs, don't shoot the monster only once, don't have sex if you want to survive, don't be Paris Hilton or you'll surely die in a gruesome way (I don't mind that, though), and so on. Oh, and don't stay in weird hotels in the middle of nowhere.

I tried to follow this last advice, I swear. But it didn't work.

In my last dream, I was traveling with a group of friends in a black van. And we came indeed to a weird hotel in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't like Norman Bate's motel, but exactly the opposite: a nice, clean place, with very friendly owners.

But it was TOO perfect. Suspiciously perfect. I had a bad feeling about that place, so I suggested my friend the driver that we should leave at once. She agreed, but the rest of our friends wanted to stay. They were looking at us in a very strange way.

My friend and I ran to the van, and we escaped from the hotel and our friends. We reached the city and got out from the van, but then we saw that our zombie friends were there too, and we went for the van again. It was my turn to drive, but our zombie friends now had a remote control over the vehicle, and it moved straight to the sea. My friend and I opened the door as the van sank, and we were captured by our zombie friends (those traitors!!).

We were taken back to the hotel, and turned into some perfect freaks like the Stepford wives. If we tried to escape again, they would perform a lobotomy on us.

Sigh. At least I had a pretty dress.

G. E.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm waiting for Monarch butterflies to show up and lay eggs on my milkweed. No signs of them yet. So, last night I dreamed about them. There were a dozen Monarch caterpillars in my garden... but they were big as human arms!! Wow.

I got into the house to get my camera and photograph them, but most of them were gone when I went out, or they had become chrysalids. Darn :-D

G. E.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


My dreaming machine is working again, yay! It was a very upsetting dream though...

Let me tell you first that there's an alternate version of Montevideo in my dreams. There are places that I've visited more than once; they are different than the real places, but always the same in my dreams, specially the coast and the center of the city. Most of the time I know where I am, and where is my house.

So, I was traveling in a bus with a lot of people I supposedly knew. The bus was so full that it moved very slowly, and we were in the other side of the city, heading for the main avenue where everyone would take their respective buses to go home.

The bus got lost, though. I didn't know exactly where we were, I had never seen those streets before. There was something special about them: every house was covered with beautiful mosaics.

We stopped to ask for directions. I looked through a window and saw a very fat, bald man, eating dinner. I didn't like his looks. Some other people and me kept walking and reached a plaza, where we found a whole mob of fat, bald people... with pointy teeth.

It was a neighborhood inhabited by cannibals!!

They wanted to eat us. I told them we were infected by mad cow disease, so it wouldn't be a good idea, but it was a stupid lie, I admit it (well, at least I tried SOMETHING), and they didn't believe it. We ran back to the bus and escaped. The bus was slow, all right, but the cannibals were slower. Whew!!

After a while we stopped again in a restaurant. The food was quite good, except for the roasted meat.

Maybe my brain is telling me that I must become vegetarian :-P

Anyway, next time I visit this alternate version of Montevideo, I must remember to avoid that particular neighborhood...

G. E.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My dreaming machine is out of order again, so I'll tell you about another recurrent dream I've had in the past. My list of recurrent dreams is getting shorter, but hey, it's been a while since my last post.

Okay, whenever I want something, and I mean, REALLY want something (an object), I usually get it in my dreams. It makes me very happy, whatever it is: a CD, a book, a caterpillar, a camera, new clothes, sometimes gold coins or a winning lottery ticket. All right, a caterpillar is not an object, but I like to photograph butterflies, and some of them never stay still, so the best way to get a good photo is by raising them myself.

So, I get the thing, and I'm happy... and then I'm suspicious. I finally got what I wanted, what's the catch? Am I dreaming? I try to wake up, then, and I don't, so I start to believe that the thing is real, and I'm even happier. Yeah, it's real, I really got it!!

After a while, the thing becomes something else and I'm disappointed, or I wake up.

Darn! (specially about the gold coins or the lottery ticket).

G. E.