Monday, August 31, 2009


In my dream I was in a log cabin, with some friends. It was dark, and it was winter, and it started to snow. I love snow. I looked through the window, and noticed that every snowflake was perfect, so I went out to look at them closely. I picked up some of them. They were small, white and amazingly beautiful, but after a while, as I kept picking up new ones, they became bigger an colorful. Finally they were the size of cookies (still shaped like snowflakes), and very colorful. And they were edible! They had no taste, though, but it's difficult to taste things in dreams.

If you ask me why I ate those snowflakes, well, it's never a bad idea to try something nice-looking that has fallen from the sky. Just remember that story in the Bible, when the Jews where in the desert :-)

G. E.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


'Cause, really, it was very, very weird.

In my dream, a woman crashed her yatch against another boat, and we had to find her dead body. But somehow the yatch wasn't a yatch anymore, but some sort of room with a lot of shelves full of clothes. And we were looking for her dead body... in the form of a green dog collar (??).

After a while the room wasn't a room either. I was in an open space, and there was a black horse taking a nap (recurrent figure in my dreams, see 05/26/09). There were also three miniature kittens. And I mean the size of my fingernails. I picked them up to keep them safe, and stopped to look at something else I found on my way. Then one of the kittens, which had shrunk to the size of an insect, got lost in my hair and I couldn't find it again.

Well, that made a little sense. I have a lot of hair :-)

G. E.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This dream started at my vet school. I was with a group of people who had a sick Rottweiler. The dog had a huge mouth tumor that was causing him a lot of pain. Apart from that, the dog was kind of psycho: he growled and tried to bite, then he was friendly and wanted to be petted, and then he wanted to bite again.

So, he needed surgery AND a therapist.

The owners of the Rottweiler had another strange dog: a small mutt covered with warts. That one looked pretty funny.

I said goodbye to the owners of the Rottweiler and my fellow students, and headed home. Somehow, though, the surroundings of my faculty were totally different, and I got lost. I didn't know the street names, neither the buildings around me. I kept walking, anyway, and I reached the coast. It was a harbor, and there were a lot of old, dirty buildings. I got into one of them, and I got lost there too (it seems like I was in disorientated mode that night).

That building was a dangerous place. It was full of Islamic terrorists!! (gee, they're everywhere nowadays). They thought I was some kind of spy, and ran after me. They also pointed their Kalashnikov rifles at me and tried to shoot me down. Of course, I ran away from them at full speed. The staircases were kinda confusing, though, like those from an Escher drawing. In some places they were made of metal, and I had to hang from them like a monkey. That was rather amusing, though, because my arms are not that strong in real life, and if I tried to do that, I'd probably fall on my butt.

So, I hid in another part of the building. There were four people in that room. From the CIA (they're everywhere too, it seems). They were on some secret mission, but it didn't have anything to do with the terrorists, for they asked me if I was an alien. And I mean, an alien from outer space, not an illegal immigrant.

(There were terrorists in the building, but the CIA agents wouldn't do a thing about them. You can get some interesting conclusions from this.)

(An another thing: Mulder and Scully belonged to the FBI, not the CIA. Maybe they moved? By the way, where were the Men in Black? Gee, what a mess.)

I told them I wasn't an alien, I was a vet and I had come there by accident. And then, I don't know why, I pointed at one of the agents and said, "But he's an alien." The guy looked around with a guilty expression and ran away. Then he transformed into an alien indeed!!! (wow, I was right!). But his new legs were too short, so he stumbled and fell face down.

I love to wake up laughing :-D

G. E.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yeah, it's about The Lord of the Rings again.

In my dream, I was with the whole Fellowship inside the mountains, escaping from the mighty balrog (quite a realistic scene, it was just like the movie, with rocks, fire, and all). It's my favorite part of the movie, and my favorite part of the soundtrack too.

But wait, I couldn't hear anything!

So, even when the balrog was getting close, and we were in a hurry, I stopped in the middle of the bridge and asked out loud, "Hey, where is the music???"

Kinda stupid question to ask when you're about to get killed by a fiery monster with a giant whip...

G. E.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I use to meet the most interesting creatures in my dreams. Today I took a nap, and dreamed about these little green monsters with dark spots and big eyes, who liked to suck people's feet. At first I was afraid of them, for I thought they were parasites (like leeches), but after a while I found out that they only liked to suck sweat from people's feet, just like butterflies. They could also talk and were actually very friendly.

They weren't appropriate for people with ticklish feet, though :-D

Perhaps they came from the same dimension than the bouncing worms (08/05/09). Who knows?

(I miss the Russian Prince!! Can I meet him again?? Please?)

G. E.


The dream didn't start with the Russian Prince, though. First I was in a beautiful museum, and there was some kind of black throne. And on the throne there was a hat that belonged to... Hitler! Gee, another Nazi element. I think I need an exorcism!! Help!!!

Anyway, after that I moved to another building full of travelers. I guess there was a train station nearby, and probably a harbor too. I sat down and borrowed a big book about the Spanish Royal Palace, full of colorful pictures of paintings and other pretty stuff. The pictures were incredibly detailed, as usual, which makes me wonder (again) how my brain can come up with such things when I'm sleeping.

The owner of the book asked me to return it, which I did thinking that I should buy one for myself.

Then I met the Russian Prince.

He was tall, rather thin, handsome and elegant, with dark blonde hair and dark eyes. A very refined man, educated and quiet, with a certain air of sadness about him (as if he needed good company). He kissed my hand (such a gentleman!!), and I, not wasting the wonderful chance before me, immediately told him that in my country we greet people in another way, and kissed his perfectly shaved cheek (ha!).

We started to talk about this and that and then he invited me to spend some days at his palace in Russia :-O

Of course, I didn't hesitate and accepted his invitation at once :-)

We departed on an old sailing ship (blame the Russian economy for that), and we flirted ALL the way to Russia, even during a storm that happened in the middle of our trip. I was very pleased with the situation: things were going great between us, we were about to reach the coast, and...

... and I woke up!!

Dang. Dang, dang, dang, dang, DANG!!!!!

G. E.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Last night I dreamed for several hours, and since I woke up many times, I had five or six different dreams. I will tell you two of them.

My first dream was like a movie. And it was based on Stephen King's The Mist!

I woke up in my dream and noticed the mist outside. Since I've read King's story, I knew that there were monsters hiding in the mist, and so I couldn't let it get into my house. I was alone. I closed all the doors and windows, turned off all the lights, and hoped that the monsters would skip my house.

It didn't work. They got into my house anyway. I went to the living room and lied on the sofa, thinking that if I didn't move they wouldn't see me, like the T-Rex of Jurassic Park.

I was wrong. They knew I was there, they just didn't want to kill me. They had a PLAN for me!

Most of the monsters didn't look like monsters, though. They looked like dirty middle-aged men. You know, the type of losers you meet at the bars after midnight. And they all wanted to use my toilet (a bad omen, for sure).

So, the leader of the monsters (a bald, middle-aged man) finally came to me. I was supposed to be his assistant, and to make clear that I should obey him, he cut my arm, digged the wound with his fingers and took a piece of bone from my shoulder.

It's a good thing that I cannot feel pain in my dreams, or else I would have screamed quite loudly...

My wound closed by itself, which was a good thing too, for it would have needed around 20 stitches. And I don't like needles.

After that unusual surgical procedure, the leader of the monsters told me that I'd better obey him or else he would torture me again. Of course, I said okay, no problem.

These monsters seemed to be aliens, and they had this plot to take over the world (how original...). The leader told me to pack up a few things, for we were going elsewhere. I agreed.

But first, just out of curiosity, I went to the toilet. And oh, the horror!! It was filthy!! Yeah, like a bar's toilet that hasn't been cleaned up in weeks!!!

I woke up then. I refused to clean all that mess!

My second dream started with Rory Gilmore, from the TV series Gilmore Girls. She had stolen a book from the library, and walked to her grandma's house. Before she got in, she heard her grandma (Emily) talking on the phone with Rory's mother, saying that they were looking for her, so Rory didn't get into the house and left the place instead.

Emily Gilmore left her house too, searching for Rory, and she came to a building. But instead of getting inside it through the front door, she climbed the wall! Imagine this: a high-class lady, wearing fine clothes and heeled shoes, climbing a wall. It looked as funny as it sounds.

So, Emily finally reached a long balcony. There were three people there, grandma, mother and girl, and they were so surprised when they saw Emily that they fell from the balcony. The unknown grandma managed to hold her daughter and she held her little girl as well, so the three of them were hanging dangerously and needed immediate help.

Then I saw Rory coming from the other extreme of the long balcony, and I finally appeared on the dream. I was eating chocolate mousse (funny, because I don't like mousse), and in order to help the family in distress, I dropped the bowl of chocolate mousse over the balcony's wall... hitting someone straight on the face.

I woke up laughing.

Interestingly, when I fell asleep again I dreamed I was in a room with the three Gilmore Girls, and I told them my dream about them. They found it quite funny too :-)

G. E.

Friday, August 7, 2009


In my dreams, trains seldom have proper wagons. Usually they have no roofs, no walls, and often no seats.

Two little girls were traveling on one of these unsafe trains. The oldest one was maybe 7-years-old, the youngest was a baby. They were sisters.

I don't know where were they going to, but the train stopped somewhere in the middle of an old, dark tunnel, and they had to get down. They were completely alone; both the train and the tunnel were empty.

The oldest girl, carrying her baby sister, found an asylum, where they were locked in. The train had brought them some years into the future, but no one would believe that, and so they thought the oldest girl was crazy, and that's why they locked her in a room and took her sister away from her.

The oldest girl was trying to find a way to escape and reunite with her baby sister, but my dream faded into black then, so I don't know if she succeeded or not.

I hope she did. I know she felt very lonely.

G. E.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


There were four in my kitchen: intestinal worms, big as snakes, all in bright colors. They were bouncing on their tales like springs. And they had ugly brown teeth.

I picked up a knife to chop them, and killed three of them, but the last worm was quite fast and it escaped from me. I couldn't find it anywhere, but after a while I discovered that my cat had eaten it, except for its head.

Then my father (now deceased), who had been in the kitchen all that time, watching me chase the worms (not even offered his help, thanks, dad!), left the house, and my mom and I went to her bedroom to watch an episode of Star Trek.

Weird dream.

G. E.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Yesterday I dreamed I was shot to death by some mafia (ouch!). My body was left there, on the floor, ignored by everyone around me (not a kind thing to do, by the way; the least they could do, after shooting me, was to call SOMEone to take my dead body out of sight, if they were too stingy to pay me a decent burial).

But hey, I became a ghost! And I could touch people! They couldn't see me, but I could feel them, and they could feel me. So, I tried to let them know I was there, by "writing" letters with my finger on their backs, and I also poked them for fun (ha, ha!).

A young woman wasn't afraid of me, and instead she asked who was I. I gently grabbed her hand and made her point to my corpse.

Creepy. But it could be a good scene for a horror story :-)

G. E.