Friday, July 31, 2009


I've always wondered how it would feel to touch the clouds, specially those that look like cotton. It's a silly thought, of course, because clouds aren't dense enough to be touched, or else they would fall from the sky :-)

Still, in my dreams I insist about this, and sometimes I find pretty clouds floating so low that I can reach them. And they feel like soap foam, or foam rubber, or snow, or candyfloss...

Funny fake clouds.

G. E.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Last night I dreamed I found a sick hummingbird. It was a shiny green little thing, but it could barely move, much less fly.

I started feeding it sugary water, which it licked from my fingers. All the time I held the bird in my hand (it was so small!) to keep it warm and comfortable, petting its green head often.

After a while the treatment worked, and the bird was able to move and fly a bit. So, I hanged a hummingbird feeder in my window, and left the bird right next to it, alone. My job was done. It was up to the bird to take the final step toward its complete recovery.

I don't know what happened to the hummingbird after that. I want to think it was able to fly away, happy and free. After all, it was a nice dream :-) I hope I meet my little green friend again!

(By the way, some years ago a real hummingbird got into my house, and I had to chase it and take it out. I'll never forget how it felt to hold it in my hands, so strong and yet so fragile.)

G. E.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Last night I dreamed I was traveling in a car with other people, through snowy mountains. The landscape was awesome, and we stopped the car to get down and enjoy the view for a while.

There was a city in a valley in front of us. We headed in that direction.

The city was very nice, with pretty houses. I took a photograph of one of those houses which had a waterfall on its left side. My hands were a bit shaky and the preview looked unfocused, so I deleted the photo (it took me a while for it was a different camera than my real one) and tried to take the picture again. But... the house and the waterfall weren't there anymore! Darn.

Anyway, I wanted to take more photos, so I walked down the street... and suddenly it was dark, I was lost, and that part of the city looked abandoned and dangerous. My traveling companions were looking for me, but I was kinda scared and I woke up before they found me.

That was a clever move. It's not a good idea to stay in a dangerous place in a dream unless you have a bodyguard! :-)

G. E.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Yeah, I'm talking about the movie. If you haven't seen it, there's a shocking scene where a roller coaster goes out of its track and everybody dies. Quite entertaining! (I'm not being sarcastic, I love horror movies).

In my dream, I was in a roller coaster with an unknown guy who was supposed to be my boyfriend. The roller coaster was white and ornate, very nice. But some people wouldn't follow the instructions and they occupied the first carts, which was supposed to be dangerous because of the extra weight. An absurd thought, of course, because roller coasters MUST carry a minimum weight, and it's not a problem when all the seats are occupied.

So, the roller coaster started to move faster than normal because of the extra weight, and people started to fall from it. I had the chance to jump down when it got close to the floor, and I ended up in a restaurant (lunch time, maybe?). People turned around to look at me.

The roller coaster crashed somewhere, leaving bloody corpses everywhere, some of them with severed limbs. Niiiice (NOW I'm being sarcastic).

But my unknown boyfriend hadn't died. I found him later at the hospital, where some kind of medical miracle was taking place. His body was regenerating at an incredible speed!

So good for my boyfriend... whoever he was.

G. E.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


This was another long dream, but I don't remember the first half too well, so I'll start with the car part.

I was in a big car with maybe a dozen kids. I was in the passenger seat, holding two of those kids and complaining that it wasn't safe for them to be there with me. I had fastened my seatbelt, but it looked flimsy (it was pink, by the way). The driver and owner of the car, an unknown man, hadn't fastened his, and I complained about that too. He was also driving too fast, as well. Gee, so good we didn't crash; it would have been a disaster.

Anyway, all the time I was telling the kids to sit down and be quiet, to fasten their seatbelts, to stop pulling my hair and so on, just like a mom. It was pretty tiresome. Really, I prefer the green worm of my other dream (07/03/09).

The car finally stopped. Whew! We entered a big, old house full of interesting objects, like paintings and figurines. The house belonged to a nice old lady, but she was talking in a foreign language and I couldn't understand what she was saying.

The dream switched there to another character, like in a movie. And this new character was... a serial killer, like Jack the Ripper!! He was in a long corridor full of wooden doors. Each door led to a different time and place. He chose the door that led to the old house I was in. There he saw a young maid and he killed her, leaving the bloody corpse there for us to find it.

An old house, a dead body, a serial killer... This was turning into an Agatha Christie's novel :-) But I didn't stay there to solve the mystery, though. I used the same door than the killer to find the magic corridor, and there I found a big, creepy guy with a mask and a swastika in his arm (why do I keep dreaming about things that have something to do with the Nazi regime?). I asked him which was the best door to choose. He pointed to a door at the end of the corridor. I asked him where did that door lead to, but, just like the Cheshire cat, he didn't want to give me a straight answer, and after a while he got mad and left me standing there.

I went for the door he had pointed to, though, and I opened it. And...

I stepped into a colorful fairy tale world, where I had to pass through a cloud of butterflies before I could see anything else. And what I first saw was a castle. Suddenly I was in a fairy tale indeed, and there was another girl by my side, who was supposed to be my friend. We went to the castle and asked for a job there, and we were sent to the kitchen, to help the cook to make bread.

That's where I woke up. Pity. I didn't have a chance to meet the handsome Prince!

G. E.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Remember the witch at the top of the staircase? (10/13/08). I think I've finally met her! But not at the top of the staircase, though.

Yesterday I dreamed I was in Germany. I was visiting a palace, full of beautiful paintings, sculptures, and other masterpieces. When I was heading for the exit, I passed by what looked like a dining room.

There was something like a female mummy there, sitting in front of the table. A horrible thing with grayish, wrinkled skin, and a few white hairs.

Except that she wasn't a mummy. She moved her head to look at me, and when I noticed that, she moved her head back to its original position. I bet she was watching me, and I'm SURE she was the witch of my recurrent dream.

I left the palace in a hurry. She didn't follow.

Apart from the witch, there was something strange about the palace. It was all beautiful inside, but on the outside it was very simple, like one of those buildings of the Nazi regime (no eagles on it, though). All the classical ornaments of a palace were missing, replaced by massive gray walls and straight, perpendicular lines. Usually the palaces I visit in my dreams are quite detailed on the outside too.

Maybe the sight of the witch screwed up my imagination...

G. E.

Friday, July 17, 2009


This was a long dream, and yet it wasn't finished because my alarm clock woke me up (darn).

I was coming back from some place, sometimes walking, sometimes dragging myself with my arms (that's kinda usual in my dreams, so don't find it surprising). I came to a square, where a lot of people were playing a game. I don't know what game it was, it was something totally new, and some of the players were blond and had wings (angels?). One of this winged guys took off his wings and blew them toward me, so I could join the game, but I wasn't in the mood to play, so I ducked and the wings just stayed in the air like floating feathers.

Then I saw a tiny unicorn and a tiny winged horse flying over a garden like butterflies. They were white and shiny, like fairies. I wanted to touch the unicorn, which didn't trust me at first, but I stayed still and the pretty little thing came close to me so I could pet it a bit. That was nice.

And then I got into the tunnel. First I had to avoid a train which was coming out, and then, just in case another train might be coming the same way, I remained on the right side of the tunnel. Well, I should say "we". I was alone at first, but after a while there was a whole crowd behind me. I wasn't exactly their guide; I just happened to be in front of the queue.

The tunnel was dark, narrow, and dirty. There were metallic gates here and there, all rusty. They were closed, but not locked.

There were dangerous creatures in the tunnel as well. First we were attacked by some angry, furry creatures that looked like cats (they had sharp spines hidden in their fur, though). We were able to defeat them. More, bigger monsters came our way, and we had to avoid those. It was like a video game.

Then we found an old, ugly wooden door, and behind it we found... Christmasland!! Really!! We crossed the door and we stepped into a huge square, where a lot of people were gathered to celebrate. There was a big tree, with reddish leaves (we had come a bit early, it was still autumn). The leaves were falling softly, beautifully, as the sky went dark. I turned around for a moment, and when I looked at the tree again, it was all white (even its leaves), and it was snowing.

Blue and yellow lights turned on around us. It was Christmas now!

I wanted to stay there and celebrate, but I walked down the street to see what else I could find, and suddenly I was on the tunnel again, with the crowd behind me.

In front of us there was another gate, and behind the metallic bars there was another monster, a big-eyed thing with many big, pointed teeth. But it was a friendly monster. It wanted to let us pass, but as we waited for the gate to open, we found a door at the right side of the tunnel which led to a room, where there were stuffed wolves and some living things... like Casper the ghost and his uncles. Don't ask me what were they doing there, 'cause I don't know. But they were playing music, so I danced and sang with them (don't waste a party when you find it).

The friendly monster opened the door and we continued walking along the tunnel, and that's when my alarm clock woke me up.

Stupid clock. I wanted to know what was at the end of the tunnel!!

G. E.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


They were fake, but funny nonetheless :-)

In my dream, I was visiting a Harry Potter theme park, and one of the attractions was a series of "haunted" rooms. First I got into an office, where things floated in the air, from one shelf to another, or behaved in a weird manner. Then I got into a kitchen, where there was a spell on the sugar and flour (they would do weird things as well, specially when you mixed them). And after that I got into a bedroom, sat down on the bed, and saw that my legs looked twisted (it was some kind of optical illusion), and that a pair of slippers on the floor would move by themselves.

By the way, I was with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They were my friends, which was so cool!

I liked this dream :-)

G. E.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


From nightmares to fairy tales. Who can understand my mind? Not me, for sure.

Okay, last night I dreamed I was rehearsing the ballet The Swan Lake in my living-room. I was wearing a gorgeous white dress, and trying to flap my arms in the right way.

The strange thing was, my living room was full of many other creatures, all of them also dressed in pretty clothes, but not related to the ballet. There were magical creatures like fairies and wizards, but also a group of men that looked like a ship's crew. What were they doing in my living room, I don't have a clue.

So, I was Odette, but where was Prince Siegfried? There was no sign of him among the crowd. There was a cute green frog, though, with golden glasses (only the frame), who was offering a bouquet to a 60-year-old lady.

I woke up then, thinking that maybe the frog was the Prince in disguise. And that maybe he mistook that lady for me, since his glasses had no lenses.

I should have kissed the frog!

But wait, what does an enchanted frog have to do with The Swan Lake?? Gee, what a mess!!

G. E.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I dreamed this just yesterday.

I was walking with a couple of friends through the woods, and we found a fairy who was just like me, but somewhat stupid. So, I took her magic wand, and I became the fairy. I could do real magic! It wasn't very easy to perform a trick, though, but suddenly I had this pretty dress, my hair was full of stars, and I could fly.

The only thing I didn't like about it, was that everything was colored in pink. Very Barbie-ish. Ugh.

This dream had some sort of plot. When we found the fairy, I also noticed there was an evil witch hiding in the dark, following us (she looked suspiciously like the witch from The Wizard of Oz). I was waiting for the witch to do something, but I woke up before anything happened.

It doesn't matter too much. I was sick of the pink-colored stuff anyway.

G. E.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I dreamed this several months ago.

As the title says, I was a monster. Big, ugly, evil and HAPPY! Yeah, I was evil and didn't feel guilty about it, 'cause doing bad things was such a lot of fun.

But then, not even in dreams people like happy monsters, so after a while I was chased by the cops. I jumped into a car that looked absurdly small for me, and escaped at full speed. The cops followed.

Unfortunately, since I don't drive in real life, I'm not a good driver in my dreams either, so I crashed. And the cops shot me down. Ouch!

Oh, well. It was a good monster life while it lasted. Maybe I can try it some other day.

G. E.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Not a nightmare this time. Whew!

But it was a weird dream anyway. There was this married couple, and I had to take care of their son. Which was... a small green worm. It didn't speak. It just curled up around my thumb. I knew it was a smart worm (don't ask me how I knew it, I just did), and it was kinda friendly too. All in all, a well-behaved little thing. Better than my nephews.

G. E.