Friday, June 26, 2009


Darn. Another nightmare (and a recurrent one, too). There must be something wrong with my dreaming machine... Where's Freud when you need him? Darn. He's dead.

In my dream, one of my molars fell down. I was terribly upset about it. Then another molar fell down as well. And the tooth next to it. My mouth was all bloody, with three HUGE holes where I could see the bone exposed. I screamed in my dream, then I woke up. It took me a while to calm down (after checking with my tongue that all my teeth were in their right places).

I absolutely hate this recurrent dream. Even more than the one where my cat goes rabid and I have to kill him.

Why I'm not able to dream happy dreams anymore?


G. E.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Why do I only have nightmares lately?? C'mon, give me a break!

Okay, I dreamed this yesterday. Somehow the world had been conquered by incredibly big machines (and I mean REALLY big, like Godzilla). They were everywhere, so it was dangerous to leave the house.

This is what I saw from my window: one of the machines, which had four legs (yeah, like those in Star Wars), was removing and "eating" all the trees in the neighborhood, to get energy. The landscape looked more and more desolate as the trees disappeared, and the sun shone mercilessly over the city, which grew hotter and hotter due to lack of shade. There was nothing I could do to stop the destruction, and I just can't describe how bad I felt then, as if I were one of the trees being violently pulled from the earth.

Maybe I have to stop reading the news about deforestation and global warming...

G. E.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It serves me right, for reading a conversation about that movie...

Anyway, the clown appeared in my last dream, creppy and evil as usual. I had to fight with him. I soaked him in gasoline and set him on fire. He burned, waving his arms and screaming. But he didn't look burned at the end, and he wasn't dead either (of course, these things never die at the first attempt). So, I picked up a hammer and smashed his big head, which cracked like an eggshell.

And this is what I found inside: there was a little alien, and a small control panel.

You see, the clown from It wasn't really a giant monster from outer space, it was an alien from Men in Black!! I should have called Will Smith for the job...

G. E.

Monday, June 8, 2009


It was small, made of glass (transparent glass with a colored center), and it was evil. It could move by itself, and when I'd put it close to my ear, I'd hear creppy whispers.

I was holding it in my hand, and when I looked at the window, I saw the reflection of a man with a red shirt in the glass. There was no one behind me. The evil marble was possessed by a ghost! But it wasn't an evil ghost, though; it was just in a bad mood because it was trapped inside the marble.

So, I opened the window and dropped the marble. I was at the second, maybe third floor of a building, so the marble shattered when it touched the ground. The ghost was released and he reunited with his beloved dead wife.

I like happy endings :-) Still I admit that the plot of this dream was kinda stupid...

G. E.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, actually I don't know how to drive. I wouldn't dare to, anyway, 'cause there are too many crazy drivers in my city.

In my dreams, though, I CAN drive. Well, sort of. I'm driving, all right, but I know I don't know how to drive, and that I don't have a license. It doesn't stop me, anyway. I just keep driving, trying not to crash. I've driven cars, race cars and even buses! I like buses. My dad was a bus driver, and whenever he brought the bus to our house, the bus became my big, great toy :-)

A curious fact about the cars in my dreams: they're always big, old models. I must be old-fashioned indeed!

G. E.