Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Another recurrent figure in my dreams is a male black horse. It has appeared in my dreams since I was a little girl, and I still don't know what it means. Usually it comes to me as some kind of friend. I always want to ride it. Sometimes I do, but some other times it moves away from me and I can't reach it. Maybe it's some kind of spiritual guide. Maybe it just comes to me because I like black horses so much :-) My Chinese Zodiac sign is the horse, by the way.

My cousin has dreamt about a horse too, but in her dreams it's clearly a transportation medium, moving her through life. The horse comes to her dreams whenever she's trying to change something about herself. But in her last dream of that kind, she didn't see a horse. She upgraded. She traveled by plane!

I still prefer the horse. Call me old-fashioned :-)

G. E.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last night I dreamt I was in my house, and there was some sort of sun eclipse so everything was dark outside. During the middle of the eclipse, though, the sky lit up again. This is what I saw: the sun was low in the horizon, and all the way up there was a row of golden spheres which were reflections of the sun below. The clouds at both sides of the row were all colored in pink and orange. On the opposite direction the sky was still black, and the stars formed spirals which were perfect fractal images. I said to someone beside me, "Hey, I could make an image just like that with my Ultra Fractal program!"

Then everything went dark again.

G. E.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I wish I could take a camera and take pictures of my dreams. Because, very often, I dream about beautiful buildings and palaces, even whole cities. Some of them are old, some of them look recently built. But most of them are great. Really, if I could photograph them and take the pictures to an architect, both of us would become rich.

The most amazing fact about these dreams is, I can see every detail, even things I wouldn't be able to imagine while awake. If you've ever been to a Baroque palace, then you must know how difficult it would be to remember every single element of it. But then, in my dreams I see all that. Sometimes I get close to a sculpture, or a vase, or whatever, and the closer I get, the more detailed it gets. I really enjoy these "visits". It's like going to Europe all the time, or even better!

It's strange, though, that in the past I used to dream a lot about old, ruined houses. They were quite dangerous, either because things would break around me, or because there was some evil presence there, you know, like a haunted house from a horror movie. But it's been a long while since I had this kind of dreams.

I think something must have changed in my life, for good, I suppose, and that has reflected in my dreams. Anyway, it's a welcome change!

G. E.