Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Let's forget for a minute that tigers are endangered animals, okay? Okay.

In my dream, humans had been fighting a bunch of tigers for a long time. They were unusual tigers; they could stand on two legs and speak.

The tigers were winning. The final battle was approaching, and it didn't look promising.

Before the battle, humans and tigers were supposed to have dinner together. And I came up with an interesting curse, which involved chess pawns. Black pawns meant death, white pawns meant life. So, I hid black pawns in the tigers' plates, and put white pawns in the humans' plates. We waited then for the tigers, who would come from a tunnel.

The tigers came. And they said it was too late to have dinner, so instead they would jump directly to the battle!

Oh, oh. We were in trouble.

The battle started. But I knew that the tigers must have a secret weakness, so I went up the tunnel to their quarter. It seemed there was nobody there, that all the tigers were in the battle field. But no. Suddenly a door opened, a tiger woke up from his sleep and noticed I was there.

Oh, oh. I was in trouble.

I had to hurry up and push a certain button. When I did, disco music started to play, and it was heard through speakers in the battle field. And the tigers were forced to dance!! (on two legs, like John Travolta). And while they danced, unable to stop, they were slaughtered by the soldiers.

This is how we won the war against the tigers.

G. E.


Last night I dreamt I was walking down a sunny street. There were some butterflies chasing each other a few feet away from me. I moved slowly toward them, for I wanted to see them closely.

They were Monarchs. Big and beautiful, playing in the warm air.

I followed them, and suddenly I was flying just like them, moving my arms up and down, floating gracefully in the breeze. I felt happy and free.

Maybe I won't need that therapist after all!

G. E.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Some days ago I was in a big house, with so many rooms that it was very easy to get lost in there. On top of that, an angry dog was chasing me. I ran through the whole house, warning other people about the dog, telling them to run or hide. Finally I had to fight the dog. I ripped up its jaw, so it couldn't bite me anymore. After that, the dog calmed down instantly, so I could lead it by grabbing its neck skin.

This dream was so upsetting as the dream where I have to kill my cat (10/25/08). Actually, I dreamt that again some days ago. My cat was totally rabid, and I broke his neck, but he wouldn't die anyway.

If I keep having this kind of dreams I'll have to talk with a therapist...

G. E.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I don't know if it was a bad monster or not. It was huge, with a human shape, and made of little stones. Very much like the stone giant from the movie The Never-ending Story, though thinner. Not clever at all.

This monster had a purpose: every time he buried a stone from his body, a stone city would grow from the ground like some kind of plant. Interesting.

In my dream there was also a small elf with a unicorn, but I don't know what they were doing there, and they seemed kinda out of place. Maybe they belonged to another dream, and got lost in this one. I hope they find their way!

G. E.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last night I had another funny dream. I had been hired for the ice-skating show Holiday on Ice. I'm not that good at ice-skating, but I was going to be some kind of extra, standing at one side of the stage, waving my arms in a silly way. Okay, I put on my ice-skates and waited for the show to begin. Before that, I noticed that the stage had great acoustics, so I sang some verses of an aria... in a male's voice! Still, I got a compliment from a woman among the public. And I deserved it! Male's voice or not, I had sung beautifully :-)

Don't ask me why, but Will Ferrell was there too, dressed in a tight costume. He was the only man among us girls, which should have been a sign that this dream would be some kind of comedy.

So, the show began. Me and the other extra girls were supposed to carry a long welcome sign, made of purple silk, toward the first row of spectators. We moved on. Too fast! The girls on the right side of the long sign crashed with the public. What a mess! I apologized, "Sorry, these girls are new, they aren't good skaters" (which was half a lie, because I too was new and a mediocre skater; but well, I didn't feel the need to be so sincere).

We moved back to start all over again. For a second time we carried the purple sign... and this time I crashed with the public!

I woke up laughing again.

G. E.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yes, I'm talking about the movie The Lord of the Rings. I dreamt this before the third movie was released to the theatres. It seems my mind was so eager to watch it, that it decided to make its own version during my sleep.

I had only read the two previous books, and I didn't know exactly what was going to happen in the third movie. Keep that in mind.

So, I dreamt about the final battle between the humans and the orcs. The orcs were attacking Gondor; there was a lot of debris, and rocks and arrows where flying through the sky. Very exciting!

In the meantime, Arwen and Éowyn were fighting for the love of Aragorn, each one pulling the other's long, long hair. It wasn't clear who won the fight, but Éowyn marched to the final battle in one of those little Roman battle carts pulled by a white horse. She was dressed in white and gold, quite regal. But the background was fake, as in a theatre. That was a nice, classic touch :-)

Going back to the battle, it seems that my mind had run out of fake debris and rocks, so they were being replaced by... used plastic bottles. Let's talk about recycling here :-P

That was just TOO absurd, and I woke up myself... laughing!

G. E.