Friday, March 27, 2009


Some days ago I dreamt I was in a small house with many children. There was a small closet in the middle of the corridor. A simple, yet kinda misterious closet. It was open, but the children told me that there was some secret stuff there, bad stuff, and that I shouldn't look directly at it, because it was dangerous. And yeah, I had an uneasy feeling whenever I passed by that closet, trying NOT to look at it as I had been instructed. It really felt like there was... someTHING there. Something alive.

Suddenly a terrible wind started to blow. The closet was sucking air, like an open mouth. A hungry open mouth. It wanted one of the children. I tried to protect them, holding them as hard as I could to prevent them from flying and falling into the evil closet. The wind was so strong that one of the children started to cry bloody tears. The whole situation was very scary, like a horror movie, but finally the wind stopped, and I woke up. Whew! Really, I don't like this kind of creepy dreams... (Still I refuse to stop writing horror stories, or watching horror movies. They're just too entertaining!)

G. E.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Yesterday I dreamt I was escaping from someone (it doesn't matter who, it was kind of crazy), and so I took a bus. The bus arrived to some place in the middle of nowhere. On the left side there was a wasteland: big piles of brown earth as far as I could see. I thought they were going to build something there, but for now there was nothing at all. It looked quite sad. On the right side of my vision field, though, there was a fountain. The water came up through a group of stones, forming little waterfalls of pure white. The background color was a soft green, and the light was shining through the trees like rain. It was so beautiful and peaceful that it took my breath away for a moment. I walked from stone to stone, seeing little brown fishes in the clear water. And there were butterflies and moths hiding in the grass, each one unique and wonderful.

Suddenly I was so afraid that this little paradise could be destroyed like the rest of the land... But I never knew if that happened or not, because I woke up. I hope the little paradise is still there if I ever dream of that place again.

G. E.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This is the kind of dreams about my dad that I don't like to have, but this one had an interesting twist. We were both in a house that needed repairs. He was working on something, but the vibration of the machine he was using turned on a chainsaw, which moved close to his leg. I tried to warn him, but the other machine was too noisy, and the chainsaw cut my father's leg to the bone, leaving a deep wound. Ouch!

So, I went to help my dad. I guided him through the house, searching for the emergency phone number of his medical service. I have my own documents in a drawer, and I was thinking where might be his... and then I remembered. I turned around and told my dad, "Sorry, dad. Mom and I cancelled your medical service, because you see, eh, you are actually dead."

That was right. My father died six years ago. But in my dreams I keep forgetting...

G. E.