Thursday, January 22, 2009


This was one of the most beautiful dreams I've ever had. In it I had to go to a public office to get some documents. But this office was in the middle of the country, surrounded by nature and wild but friendly animals. There were some buildings, but all in ruins; still, they were covered with vines of a bright green, making them look great.

I had taken a bus to get there, and some friends were with me. We crossed the field in a group, some of us riding brown bears (which later became elephants, maybe because you can't ride a bear in real life). We saw many white hares and birds on the way.

Finally we got close to the office. The younger elephants just shook their passengers off their backs, but the one I was riding was older and wiser, and so it sat gently so I could jump down. The office was in the basement of an old building, though there was some kind of simple maze at the entrance (tall grey walls forming a twisted path). Anyway, the employee I met was a very friendly woman, and after I got the documents I needed, I noticed that the building was also some kind of bakery, for there were cakes and rolls of bread freshly made in an old stone oven.

On the way back, I also noticed many families eating here and there, enjoying the afternoon. I said to myself, "I must come here again, and spend the whole day so I can see everything."

Sure, I must go there again. I really felt like home.

G. E.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Two nights ago I dreamt I had a small aquarium. It was full of goldfishes and miniature sharks, living together without bothering each other. But the aquarium was leaking, and eventually all the fishes died.

I believe this dream is a message. In my country we have an unusual drought, probably caused by the global warming or some other human activity. In the meantime, people are killing each other in Middle East and many other places, in a most stupid way.

Shouldn't we forget our differences, whether we are "sharks" or "goldfishes", and care a little more about our planet, since we all live in it??

G. E.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


A few weeks ago I dreamt I was outdoors and there was a fire somewhere. Some ashes fell over my The Time Machine soundtrack CD (one of my favorite soundtracks ever!), and I was so worried that I immediately wanted to play the CD to see if it was okay.

But... when I was closing the tray of my CD player, my CD had turned into a bunch of grapes which of course didn't fit into the player!

So, I took out the grapes and removed those which were rotten, to make the bunch smaller. The idea behind this was quite reasonable: rotten grapes just couldn't produce nice music, right?

I never got to hear the remaining musical grapes, though. Something woke me up. Still I'm curious about what kind of music would have come out of my CD player. The music from the movie The Time Machine or some other wonderful music written by Mother Nature??

G. E.