Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I dreamed about my dead father last night. And we were doing something quite unusual: we were counting diamonds! I don't know where did they come from, though, but some of them were pretty big. And all of them, even the smallest ones, were amazingly shiny, just like diamonds in real life.

The problem was, suddenly we noticed that our house was surrounded by... volcanoes!! Big, black, erupting volcanoes. The sky was dark, and the lava was orange and bright. The whole landscape around the house had been blackened with solified lava, and through the cracks we could see that there was magma underneath.

So, my dad and I collected the diamonds and tried to find a safe place, walking over the solified lava. I thought I had found a path through the terrifying landscape, but I was wrong: the layer of solified lava was too thin, it broke and I fell into the magma.

And I died instantly. Really, I died in my dream. I've died before. But I didn't wake up. My body was destroyed, but suddenly my mind was free, and it floated over the landscape, which was very impressive. My father was trying to recover the little bag of diamonds I had left behind me. I lost sight of him then, the landscape was just too interesting, and I wanted to explore it.

I found two tiny castles in the middle of nothing. They were filled with tiny people, who were fighting with each other for no reason. I tried to talk to them, but they threw tiny stones at me. Not a very kind thing to do, if you ask me.

After that, I found a marble sculpture. It was a fish in a Japanese style, and it was alive. It could talk and move a little, too. And it was kinda friendly, but sometimes it would hiss at me like a cat.

I don't remember the rest of the dream. Anyway, I wish you a very happy New Year's day :-)

G. E.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


There's a long list of things that you must NOT do when you're into a horror movie. Don't go upstairs, don't go downstairs, don't shoot the monster only once, don't have sex if you want to survive, don't be Paris Hilton or you'll surely die in a gruesome way (I don't mind that, though), and so on. Oh, and don't stay in weird hotels in the middle of nowhere.

I tried to follow this last advice, I swear. But it didn't work.

In my last dream, I was traveling with a group of friends in a black van. And we came indeed to a weird hotel in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't like Norman Bate's motel, but exactly the opposite: a nice, clean place, with very friendly owners.

But it was TOO perfect. Suspiciously perfect. I had a bad feeling about that place, so I suggested my friend the driver that we should leave at once. She agreed, but the rest of our friends wanted to stay. They were looking at us in a very strange way.

My friend and I ran to the van, and we escaped from the hotel and our friends. We reached the city and got out from the van, but then we saw that our zombie friends were there too, and we went for the van again. It was my turn to drive, but our zombie friends now had a remote control over the vehicle, and it moved straight to the sea. My friend and I opened the door as the van sank, and we were captured by our zombie friends (those traitors!!).

We were taken back to the hotel, and turned into some perfect freaks like the Stepford wives. If we tried to escape again, they would perform a lobotomy on us.

Sigh. At least I had a pretty dress.

G. E.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm waiting for Monarch butterflies to show up and lay eggs on my milkweed. No signs of them yet. So, last night I dreamed about them. There were a dozen Monarch caterpillars in my garden... but they were big as human arms!! Wow.

I got into the house to get my camera and photograph them, but most of them were gone when I went out, or they had become chrysalids. Darn :-D

G. E.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


My dreaming machine is working again, yay! It was a very upsetting dream though...

Let me tell you first that there's an alternate version of Montevideo in my dreams. There are places that I've visited more than once; they are different than the real places, but always the same in my dreams, specially the coast and the center of the city. Most of the time I know where I am, and where is my house.

So, I was traveling in a bus with a lot of people I supposedly knew. The bus was so full that it moved very slowly, and we were in the other side of the city, heading for the main avenue where everyone would take their respective buses to go home.

The bus got lost, though. I didn't know exactly where we were, I had never seen those streets before. There was something special about them: every house was covered with beautiful mosaics.

We stopped to ask for directions. I looked through a window and saw a very fat, bald man, eating dinner. I didn't like his looks. Some other people and me kept walking and reached a plaza, where we found a whole mob of fat, bald people... with pointy teeth.

It was a neighborhood inhabited by cannibals!!

They wanted to eat us. I told them we were infected by mad cow disease, so it wouldn't be a good idea, but it was a stupid lie, I admit it (well, at least I tried SOMETHING), and they didn't believe it. We ran back to the bus and escaped. The bus was slow, all right, but the cannibals were slower. Whew!!

After a while we stopped again in a restaurant. The food was quite good, except for the roasted meat.

Maybe my brain is telling me that I must become vegetarian :-P

Anyway, next time I visit this alternate version of Montevideo, I must remember to avoid that particular neighborhood...

G. E.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My dreaming machine is out of order again, so I'll tell you about another recurrent dream I've had in the past. My list of recurrent dreams is getting shorter, but hey, it's been a while since my last post.

Okay, whenever I want something, and I mean, REALLY want something (an object), I usually get it in my dreams. It makes me very happy, whatever it is: a CD, a book, a caterpillar, a camera, new clothes, sometimes gold coins or a winning lottery ticket. All right, a caterpillar is not an object, but I like to photograph butterflies, and some of them never stay still, so the best way to get a good photo is by raising them myself.

So, I get the thing, and I'm happy... and then I'm suspicious. I finally got what I wanted, what's the catch? Am I dreaming? I try to wake up, then, and I don't, so I start to believe that the thing is real, and I'm even happier. Yeah, it's real, I really got it!!

After a while, the thing becomes something else and I'm disappointed, or I wake up.

Darn! (specially about the gold coins or the lottery ticket).

G. E.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


After several days of not dreaming anything interesting, my mind came up with a very dark and very disturbing dream.

In my dream I was a teenager, living in a Spanish community, and the country had been invaded by the Nazis. We were all very afraid, and for some reason all the children must hide from view. The other kids and me covered ourselves with blankets. We had to hide our toys and books too, and we weren't allowed to play or write.

Then a group of Gypsies visited us, and we had a great party. They played musical instruments, and they had several kids who didn't know about the restrictions, so they asked us to come out and play with them.

Then a neighbor came, one who didn't like Gypsies. We knew he was going to betray us, so we had to say goodbye. I cried when the Gypsies left, and wished them good luck.

But the Nazis came anyway, and even though we hid again, they took away all the kids of my community (they didn't take me 'cause I was older). I cried again when they left us, yelling, "Why, why?!" My voice echoed in the empty rooms. Then the Nazis came back, to take the adults too.

I had a sister (not my real half-sister), and I ran away with her. She was older than me, but somehow she depended on me, and I said we must go and hide in the forest, but I couldn't run. I knew then that I was dreaming, and thought that if I was able to run, I'd stand up in my bed still asleep. That felt weird.

Anyway, somehow we reached the forest, but the soldiers found us anyway, and captured us. They separated me from my sister, but I had had enough, and I yelled and broke things until they took me with her. She was very afraid, and I comforted her.

Suddenly many years passed and we were free again, and I still was with my sister. We went to a museum filled with stuff about movies and comic books (a very cool place, if you ask me). Then I woke up.

I still don't know how or why my mind makes up strange dreams like this one. I can't say I enjoyed it, but at least I have something to tell.

Have a nice day :-)

G. E.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Last night I dreamed there was a female Guinea pig in my house. And she was a marsupial too (a mutant Guinea pig, perhaps?).

She gave birth to a tiny baby which climbed to her pouch. How cute.

My cat, of course, thought she was cute in another sense. You know, like dinner. I had to scare him away several times.

I gave mommy Guinea pig a cardboard box, and she got into it immediately. I had put some pieces of paper there, and the Guinea pig started to chew them, preparing a nest.

After a while, I looked into the cardboard box, and here's what I found: mommy Guinea pig had made a lot of tiny cardboard weapons, like knives, to fight my cat if she had to. She had also made a lot of carboard pieces of furniture!

She was a very, very clever Guinea pig. Pity I woke up before I could see her baby grow up.

G. E.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Instead of getting married (sigh!), in my last dream I traveled with some friends to a very beautiful city. We walked by the coast, admired a street shop where they sold jewelry made with amethysts, and met a very kind and very fat cook. One of my friends fell in love with him. In case you wonder why I didn't, well, I don't mind fat guys, but according to my previous dream, I already have a fiancé :-) I like bookworms, too, and the cook wasn't one.

So, the cook told us that, although that part of the city was very nice (heck, the musical instruments of the local orchestra were made of GOLD), the Major was so greedy that in other parts of the city people didn't even have access to water.

We decided to punish the Major. We were going to force him to live like a poor until he fixed things.

We met the Major and he looked suspiciously like James Woods (my, that actor's everywhere, like Samuel Jackson), but after a while he transformed into some kind of bug (which sounds quite logical, if you ask me).

I squashed him under my foot. Forget about teaching him a lesson. That was a more definite solution. And you can't call it murder, because he was a bug now.

Pity we can't do that with every greedy politician in real life.

G. E.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In my last dream, I was going to marry this incredibly sweet, handsome, and rich guy (yay!). We were organizing the wedding, which would be at his parents' house. It was such a big mansion that it had a ballroom, with a pretty staircase covered with a red carpet.

The problem was my future mother-in-law. She had accepted me quite well as part of the family, but she still was a very, very annoying lady. Everything had to be PERFECT. So, all the time she was around me, telling me I should hurry up and do this and that, and that I'd better get dressed RIGHT NOW or I'd be late for my wedding. I told her to calm down and locked myself in the bathroom, to escape from her for a while.

What she didn't know was that some vandals had entered the ballroom, and broken almost everything that could be broken. So, I'm glad I woke up before she found out. She would have been VERY mad.

Hope I can marry tonight ;-) (I don't mind the vandalized ballroom. And if you had met my fiancé, you wouldn't mind either.)

G. E.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


(I'm starting to think I must create a label for alien dreams...)

I dreamed this last night. I was talking to my dad, and he reminded me of something I had forgotten: that when I was a little girl I met an alien from outer space. Wha-a-a-a-t? But then I had a flashback, and I remembered...

I was like 7 or 8-years-old, and I was sleeping in my parents' bed. When I woke up, there was an alien behind me, holding my body so I couldn't escape. I turned my head to look at him, and saw part of his face: grey and ugly... very much like an orc from The Lord of the Rings. He wasn't much bigger than I. His skin was dry, full of wrinkles, and yet flexible. It was quite repulsive when it brushed against my face.

The alien started to make some weird questions about me and my family. After that, still with the alien beside me, I fell asleep again.

When I woke up, the alien dragged me out of the house. It was dark, but there were some people on the streets. The alien wanted to vaporize them with a weapon he had, and I begged him not to. Curiously, one of those passers-by was... Donald Duck! (?).

The alien also threatened to vaporize a couple of cats. Again I told him not to, but this time I thought he had said that just to annoy me.

We came to an old house. There were some poor kids living there (an older sister taking care of her two little brothers). They thought the alien was another (yet very ugly) kid, since he was so short. We started to play. The poor kids were hungry, but all of their food was rotten, and I felt very sorry for them.

After a while, some cops found us. The alien was suddenly gone. The cops took the poor kids away, to take care of them, and they brought me back home.

I still can't decide if the alien was a good guy or not. What do you think?

G. E.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


This is another old dream, 'cause I haven't been dreaming anything interesting lately (gotta fix that... any idea?).

In my dream, I was looking at the sky and suddenly I spotted huge spheres coming down. They came from outer space, they were evil and pretended to destroy the Earth. They could also talk, and though I couldn't understand what they were saying, their tone was quite nasty.

They started to crush everything under their weight, and I ran away from them. I got into a dark building and managed to find an exit on the other side of it. Everything was quiet there, except for some kids playing soccer (darn, I hate soccer). I walked past them and found an artificial lake surrounded by tall, modern buildings. In the middle of the lake there was a small island, with something that looked like a white church on it (I'm not a religious person, yet I suppose that the church-looking building meant something). There was nobody else around me, and everything was so nice and peaceful that I no longer feared for myself, even if I knew I was going to die.

There was a street in front of me, with more tall buildings on both sides of it, and at the end of the street there were some beautiful trees. I started to walk in that direction (I wanted to see the trees), but I woke up then.

Now I'll never know what happened to those creepy evil spheres. Oh, well, they weren't friendly anyway.

G. E.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I often dream there's a gang of thieves trying to break into my house, through a door or a window. They're usually a group of adult men, but I can't see their faces very well because, although they aren't wearing masks, they're kinda shadowy.

I fight them back, usually with a big knife. It's a very violent situation. Usually the dream stops there, during the fight, so I've never dreamed they actually break into my house.

I still think I'd like to have a shotgun in those dreams. Would make the fight much easier!

Happy Halloween!

G. E.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I love photos of outer space. Planets, nebulae, galaxies, whatever.

In my dreams, whenever it's dark and I have a chance to look at the sky, sometimes I see those things impossibly close. I see Saturn on the horizon, for example, huge and beautiful, and it looks as if I could stretch out my hand and touch it. Sometimes there are more than one planet, and a zillion stars as well.

It's very much like those occasions when I see amazingly detailed buildings. I'm puzzled, and delighted. And again I wish I could take some pictures!!

G. E.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Last night I dreamed I was in my garden, and I found this lovely parrot hiding in my orange tree. It was green, with yellow and orange feathers on its wings. And it was quite friendly, too: I extended my hand, and it jumped to my open palm.

I petted it for a while. Then I got into the house to show it to my mom. After that, I told the parrot, "Okay, you must go now. Are you going to miss me?" The parrot said, "No." I laughed. "You're not going to miss me?" I asked, and the parrot, clearly joking, repeated, "No." I laughed again.

So, I went out and let it go. I hope it comes back some other day.

G. E.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


In the first part of my dream, I was watching a theatre play with some other people. It was an open stage, all surrounded by water. I don't remember much about the play, but it was quite weird. A scene got stuck in my mind: there were a man and a woman in a boat, but the boat was sinking and only their heads were above the surface. They didn't seem worried about it, though.

In the second part of my dream, the city was kind of exploding from inside, sending big rocks into the sky which would fall down again like burning meteorites. There were fires everywhere, so we had to escape from there at once, though it seemed impossible. I joined a group led by a young bearded man, and we walked through the city avoiding the fires and falling rocks. Finally we reached the coast. It was a high place, and from there we could see that the rest of the city was mostly intact (there were only a couple of fires). The plan was to walk through the coast until we found a totally safe place.

I don't know if we succeeded. I woke up after that.

One thing that bothers me about this kind of dreams: I never hear the sound of the explosions! Should I call a technician?

G. E.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is a recurrent dream, but it's been a while since the last time I dreamed it.

In the dream I'm lying in my bed, and the bed is full of ants. They don't bite me, but it's still a bothersome situation.

In real life I often have to fight some pesky ants in my garden, so maybe this dream has something to do with that. When I was a little girl, though, I was with a friend in the woods and we both sat over an ant nest. When we noticed, we were already covered with ants! Ugh! It took us a while to get rid of them (we even had to brush our hair), but at least they weren't red ants, 'cause those ones are really nasty.

So, perhaps my subconscious still likes to remind me of that day. A fond memory of my childhood... (well, sort of).

G. E.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Last night I dreamed I was in some sort of fantasy land, opressed by two supervillains who lived in a tower. One of them was a young, black-haired woman, dressed like a queen, the other one was a giant guy made of grey sand, with a very evil expression in his hollow eyes (creeeepy).

Those supervillains must be defeated, so I traveled with some unknown guy to the other side of a river, where we met a council of wise magicians. They turned me into a powerful superheroine, with a golden armor and blue wings. I looked quite awesome!

We returned to our land, then I had to fight a lot of enemy soldiers. It was a very violent and bloody fight, but I was so powerful that I knocked them all down, beating them with my fists and wings. Yay!

Then I flew to the tower, and pushed it until it fell down.

Really, it was a great dream. And it was MUCH better to be a superheroine than an unlucky Cinderella! :-P

G. E.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


In this dream, I was Cinderella. Or very much like her. I had two stepsisters, and we were going to a ball.

But I was an UNLUCKY Cinderella. My (stupid) stepsisters had (stupid) partners, but I didn't (not even a stupid one, darn). They were wearing pretty dresses, but mine wasn't very pretty. There was a disguise contest, and my stepsisters wore nice disguises, but I had to wear... old plastic bags!

By the way, Kevin Costner was also there, but he wasn't doing anything important, probably because I don't like most of his movies. If you wonder why he was there, well, I wouldn't have invited him, but I wasn't the host at that ball.

Anyway, at the contest, my stepsisters and I had to climb some steps to reach a platform. I had a problem with that, though: my feet were inside the same plastic bag! So, I had to half-jump, half-walk in a very funny way, like a clumsy penguin, as I wondered what should I tell the jury about my disguise. That I was planet Earth, perhaps, all polluted with plastic?

I started to laugh so hard that I woke myself up, still laughing :-D

G. E.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last night I dreamed I was home, and I found a dismantled clock in my bedroom. It was an electronic clock, so the pieces looked like those from a computer. I tried to assemble it, though I didn't really have a clue, but there was this incredibly annoying little boy stealing the pieces and hiding them under the bed. Several times I had to go after him, to recover those missing pieces. The boy wasn't playing, he really wanted to make me mad.

So, the dream ended before I could assemble the dismantled clock. Stupid little kid.

G. E.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


In my dream, I met a guy who was wearing roller skates, and he invited me to play hockey. I've never played hockey in real life, mind you, but I said okay, and suddely I was also wearing roller skates, and we started to play.

And my, that was fun! We were playing amazingly fast, too, and I was suprised that I was so good at a game I had never played before.

Then I hit the puck very hard (it was a disc, not a ball, though we weren't playing ice hockey), and it got lost in the distance.

Perhaps I forgot that we were playing hockey, not golf. Okay, maybe I'll try golf next time. And maybe I will be good at it too, since EVERYTHING's possible in my dreams.

I was sorry that the dream ended there, though. That guy was really cool :-)

G. E.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I had two dreams last night. In the first one, the world had been invaded by destructive aliens from outer space. They bombed the whole city, and we humans were forced to escape and hide from them. Yet some people and I carefully spied the aliens, to find out why they had come to Earth.

Well, it seems their planet had run out of some elements (like metals and minerals), so now they were filling up their spaceships with random objects, to take them back home.

Stupid aliens. They could have ASKED before bombing us. I mean, we have a lot of garbage they could have taken with them for free!

By the way, at the beginning of my dream they were wearing some kind of armor. Then some aliens took them off and revealed their true appearance: they looked very much like dead trees, with creepy white eyes.

In my second dream, some warriors and I attacked a temple to be admitted there as students of martial arts. The fight was very much like those from Asian movies, and actually, one of the warriors of my group was an Asian woman dressed in red.

We won the fight and were admitted as students. One of our first tasks was to walk and walk around the temple (a beautiful building, as usual), as some kind of exercise. It was a tiresome walk, but for some reason it wasn't hard for me. I could climb stairs very easily, as if I was an astronaut on the Moon. Later I found out that I could float in the air and fly as well.

Unfortunately, my dream ended there. Darn. I never had the chance to face some enemies and try my awesome powers in a real battle!

G. E.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I like spiders. I don't mind to have them in my house: either I leave them alone or take them to my garden.

I have a recurrent dream, though, where I find spiders in my house, specially under the bed. But they're amazingly big and hairy, with a lot of shiny eyes. Most of the time I'm searching for something (that's why I'm looking under the bed or other pieces of furniture), and the spiders are so huge and so numerous that I feel kinda scared. And I usually think: "Wow, I should have cleaned more often here, if they multiply like this when I'm not looking."

I've never been attacked by those spiders, though, as I've never been stung by spiders in real life. Those monster-spiders in my dreams, though, still make me feel uneasy...

G. E.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Yesterday I dreamed I was at the beach, with an unknown family. I was holding my cat, who was terribly scared and wanted to run away. So, I said goodbye to the family and walked home, still holding my cat in any possible way (it isn't easy to hold a cat when it wants to run away, they're SO flexible!).

Finally I came home and let my cat jump down, and he immediately ran to his litter box. That was kinda stupid. I mean, we had been at the BEACH, for goodness' sake, all surrounded by SAND!

Then I looked through the window and noticed there were a lot of wild felines on the other side. They were all friendly. The smallest of them was a bobcat, who got into my house through the bars and let me pet it.

But there was also a big lion on the other side. I didn't dare to touch it, not even through the bars. Still, the lion wanted to get into my house. A monkey (?) helped him to unlock the door, and then the lion was right there in front of me.

I was pretty scared, but the lion was tame and friendly. He came close to me, and I finally hugged him. I love big felines, and believe me, it feels great to hug a lion!

I think I know what this dream means. But I won't tell :-)

G. E.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


My latest dream must be connected somehow to the dream I posted yesterday, because of their similarities.

I was with a friend, somewhere in the city, and we both hid under a rock (?) because it was starting to rain. It was a light rain, but then I saw some very dark, menacing clouds that promised a real storm, and I thought it was time to seek a better refuge. So, I walked toward a house and stood under a balcony. There I met some ladies whom I know in real life, but don't really like (such an uncomfortable situation!).

Anyway, the balcony wasn't the best refuge either, and we all decided to go home. First we jumped into some kind of wagon, but later we were just walking under the heavy rain. Again, I wasn't wearing shoes. My feet weren't cold, but they were quite muddy. Yuk.

There was so much water running on the streets that it was kinda dangerous, and I thought it hadn't been the best idea to walk home in the middle of the storm, specially because we were also exposed to be struck by lightning.

But the rain finally stopped, yet I still was far away from home. I kept walking and walking (alone), I got into a building, I had to escape some unknown enemies, I kept walking, I reached the coast, I was still far away from home.

And so I woke up, because I was tired of walking and it was a boring, stupid dream :-D

G. E.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I often dream I'm walking through my city. That's because I usually do that, since it's good for health. Yet sometimes I dream I'm too far away from home, and I want to take a bus but it doesn't come, and I know I have to walk a really long distance. That's a bit annoying, specially when it's dark and I know I'll be home quite late. Sometimes I can fly, though, or I'm wearing my roller skates.

Last night I dreamed precisely that. I had to get some document from a public office, in the oldest part of Montevideo. So, I got into this old, big black building. After I finished my business there, though, I stayed a bit longer, to take a look at the building itself, for it was very beautiful. There was a wide room all painted in white, with thick columns. Both the columns and the walls were sculpted in bas-relief with human figures, and somewhere there was a statue of a naked man fighting a dragon. The man was white, the dragon was black.

I left the building and started to walk. The strange thing was, though, that I wasn't wearing shoes! It was raining, as well. And I didn't have an umbrella. In these conditions it wasn't a good idea to walk home, so I decided to take a bus. As I waited, though, I discovered a pair of sneakers in my backpack, so I put them on. They were violet, though, which is kinda weird, for I'd NEVER buy violet sneakers (sorry, it's just not my color).

And I was left there, still waiting for a bus that wasn't coming. I wonder if this means something...

Next time, though, I'll make sure I'm taking my roller skates with me. Just in case.

G. E.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last night I dreamed I was walking by the coast with a friend. There was a short wall, and the ocean was on the other side. Suddenly I saw black fins cutting the water surface: they were false killer whales. Then I saw black and white shapes: killer whales! I got close, looked over the wall, and I saw that there were many other creatures in the water, which was crystal clear. There were dolphins, swordfish, sharks, and some small fish. The dolphins got close to us, and started jumping out of the water in a playful way.

But there were some rocks on the other side of the wall, too, and suddenly a dog climbed them and jumped to our side of the wall. And, of course! he was a rabid dog and attacked me (I'm getting tired of this, really). I held its jaws open, and my friend dropped some object down the dog's throat, which calmed instantly. It didn't seem like it was chocking; it just stopped moving, and there was a puzzled expression on its eyes.

I need some kind of therapy. Pronto.

G. E.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I had two different dreams last night. They were kinda confusing (I haven't been sleeping too well lately), but there are two "scenes" that stood up from the whole mess.

In my first dream, there was a flood and the streets of the city turned into rivers. It was an unknown city, and I was with an unknown girl. We were trying to find a way to cross to the other side, and we managed to do so, but after a while the other girl got too close to the water again and she was carried away by a whale. Bye-bye, my unknown friend!

In my second dream, my house was somehow in London (?), and a fire started somewhere. I was with a group of unknown people, and one of the rooms of my house was starting to catch fire, which we put out with a garden hose. We closed the windows, then went out. It was dark, and the trees and buildings were burning. The fire wasn't very close to us, though, and when the morning came it had all been put out. The city was burnt here and there, except for the fountains. They were beautiful fountains, by the way, made of marble and with some pretty sculptures.

It still bothers me that I cannot take pictures of my dreams...

G. E.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


This dream kind of started when I and some other people moved to a small, old town. There was an amusement park around it, but it looked rusty and abandoned. We met some people, who were all very friendly.

There was a woman among my group who had just had a baby (a girl). The baby was put in a cradle, but we felt there was some threat to her in the room. We didn't know a thing about the house where we had moved to, yet soon we found out that it was haunted. There were bunches of short animal hair floating menancingly in the air (yeah, floating hair is so frightening...), and after a while I discovered that there was an evil dog ghost living in the house. The evil dog materialized and I had to kill it (as usual... sigh!). As I was trying to strangle it, the dog turned into a cat, MY cat, but he was also evil and so I didn't stop.

(I have to do something about this. I mean, I work at a veterinary clinic, for heaven's sake! I can't go on dreaming that I kill pets. Doesn't speak well of me as a professional...)

Later we found out that we were in a ghost TOWN, and then all its inhabitants disappeared, even Stephen King, whom I saw for a brief moment. I don't know why was he there, but it seemed kinda appropriate (maybe the ghost town was in Maine). Anyway, thanks for the visit, Mr. King! I love your books!

It didn't make sense to stay in the empty town, so we left it. I don't remember the rest of the dream.

G. E.

Monday, September 14, 2009


There was a girl who used to be my friend when I was a child. We stopped seeing each other when we were in high-school, but sometimes I still dream I visit her house. I did so last night.

The strange thing is, that house is usually a frightening place in my dreams. The main staircase is narrow and dangerous, the rooms are dark or old-looking, and the people inside the house aren't very friendly (except for my ex friend's father, who was always a quiet and polite man).

I know why my dreams are like that: my ex friend's mother was a bit crazy, and always made me feel uneasy. She was some kind of religious fanatic (not as bad as Carrie's mother, though!), and rather unpredictable. She could be funny and friendly... but she could also act (and look!) like a witch. She had an ugly voice, too, specially when she yelled.

Last night I dreamed she was holding me captive, and I had to listen to her religious speech. I sat quietly... waiting for the chance to escape from her and leave the house.

Hum, maybe that woman WAS some kind of witch indeed. She and her house still haunt me!

Do you think she may be the witch at the top of the staircase? (10/13/08).

G. E.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I use to have clumsy days. Last night, though, I had a clumsy dream.

I was making myself some tea. So far, so good. But then I poured the boiling water into a glass, which is generally a bad idea. So, I immediately wanted to empty the glass to save it from breaking, and I did it... by pouring the water right into the sugar pot instead of my tea cup. I cursed myself for being so stupid as I washed the sugar pot in the sink, throwing away a lot of soaked sugar.

So good it was just a dream. If I was this clumsy in real life, I'd worry about my mental health!

G. E.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Yeah, I dreamed about that the very day it happened. I was so shocked. I had to see the place with my own eyes, so I flew all the way to New York and landed right in front of the wreckage. I still couldn't believe it.

There was nobody around, except one cop, who asked me to show an ID. I did so, and he frowned, 'cause he couldn't recognize the foreign document. I had to explain that I came from Uruguay, and then, as usual, I had to explain that Uruguay is that country squeezed between Argentina and Brazil. I don't blame the cop for now knowing where Uruguay is. It's so small.

I don't remember the rest of the dream. I wish it had been just a nightmare :-(

G. E.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Last night I dreamed I traveled by plane from Montevideo (Uruguay) to Buenos Aires (Argentina). It was a small plane, and it was flying quite low over the water.

There were two kids sitting beside me. I looked through the window, and I saw shadows moving under the surface of the river. "Look!" I said to the kids. "There are whales there."

But they weren't whales. They were giant sharks!! They were cool anyway. The river was also full of swordfish and a few creatures that looked kinda primitive, like those from the age of dinosaurs.

You know, I was a bit afraid then, 'cause the sharks started to jump out of the water, and I thought they might try to catch the plane...

G. E.


This is a recurrent nightmare, and last night I dreamed it again. Darn.

I was back in high-school. In a Math class! (my most hated subject). The teacher wrote a formula in the black board, and I groaned. The teacher asked me if there was something wrong with me, and I complained, as I used to do in real life, that I wanted to be a V-E-T, and that that meant B-I-O-L-O-G-Y, and that I would never need all those stupid formulas. (By the way, I was right: it's been a lot of years since I finished high-school, and I've NEVER needed them.) The teacher didn't get mad at me, though, and the class finished. But I looked at mi schedule, and it was FULL! I groaned again.

Before my next class I had to talk with a friend of mine, who was somewhere else, maybe in a theatre. When I found her, she was sewing a tutu for the ballet The Swan Lake. (Why is it always The Swan Lake? C'mon, there are so many others!) There were some dancers rehearsing, and in order to talk with my friend, I had to wear one of the tutus. I don't remember what we talked about, but when we finished, I put on my own clothes again, complaining that I had lost a lot of time there, and that I would be late for my next class. My friend asked me, "Why are you so upset about being late? Claudia will share her notes with you." I answered, "Yeah, right, but it's tiresome to read them 'cause she misspells a lot of words" (which is true in real life, and Claudia admits it).

So, I went back to the classroom... but first I had to go down a wide slide. There were maybe a hundred people there, all of them sliding at the same time: children, men, even old ladies. I wonder what the old ladies were doing there; I mean, going down a slide at a certain age sounds like a good way to break your hip bones...

After the slide, I couldn't find my classroom again. The place had changed, and the high-school buildings weren't there anymore.

I didn't mind that. The vanishing high-school was the perfect excuse to miss the rest of my boring classes!! :-D

G. E.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This dream ocurred during a nap, and my nap dreams often don't make any sense, so you'll have to excuse me if you can't understand this one. I couldn't.

Okay, the dream started like a movie. The main character wasn't me, but a young man, and he was the captain of a spaceship. Some sort of cheap Captain Kirk, 'cause his spaceship and crew were small. But he was hot, anyway :-D

There were aliens in that planet, who were fighting some other alien race. They asked help from my captain, and he agreed. So he called his crew, and they flew to the alien base in their little spaceship, though first they had to escape from a giant Dobermann dog. Don't ask me to explain that, I wouldn't be able to.

They were going to start a war with the enemy alien race, who lived underground. But first, there was some kind of festival where they had to feed sugar-coated candy to a colony of ants. Suddenly I was there, and I helped with the candy (I saved a few sugar-coated eggs for myself). There was a lot of candy, but there were a lot of ants as well, and they ate the candy in a few minutes.

(Believe it or not, I can explain the part about the ants: yesterday I had to spray some poison on my rose trees, for the ants were rapidly cutting their leaves. Stupid ants.)

Well, after feeding the ants, the aliens made the first move to start their war. They had an Egyptian coffin (?), which they put into another Egyptian coffin, and into yet another Egyptian coffin. So, it was a Russian doll made of Egyptian coffins. I can't explain this either. I haven't got any Egyptian coffins or Russian dolls in my house.

The coffin was thrown into a black pit. I think the coffin was supposed to cause some damage once it hit the bottom of the pit, where the other aliens lived. That makes sense, somehow: throw something down, hit your neighbors in the head, and they'll surely get mad at you.

I don't know what should happen after that. The war would start soon, all right, but my captain's plans where such a secret that not even I knew a thing about them.

But it didn't matter, anyway, for the dream changed then. I was walking by the coast, to meet a friend, and all around me there was some other festival (no ants on it). It was a sunny and beautiful day. And I woke up.

I told you, this dream doesn't make any sense. Please don't blame me for that, it's my mind who comes up with all this weird stuff...

G. E.

Monday, September 7, 2009


In my last dream, a friend had invited me to a trip. They were going to spend some time in the wild, enjoying nature. I rejected the invitation, for I had some other things to do.

Well, when my friend came back, she told me to go with her and see something that she and the others had found during their trip. She led me to a room. There was a table there, and the table was full of semi-precious stones. I picked up some to look at them. They were rough, and yet they shone with brilliant colors: red, blue, green, violet, yellow. It was a small treasure. Or maybe not so small, since they had collected so many stones (the pile was quite big).

Next time I won't miss that trip!!

G. E.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


The first part of this dream was a nightmare. I was back in high-school, and we had a Math class.


So good it was over soon.

In the second part of my dream, I was traveling by plane with my cat. Then the plane turned into a bus. My cat was afraid and I didn't have a tranquilizer for him, so he jumped down from my lap, escaped from the bus, and I had to get down to chase him.

Somewhere in my dream I totally forgot about my cat, and as I walked down a street I came to an open space with a lot of big, beautiful buildings. They weren't of the Baroque style, for a change. Instead, they were solid, without a lot of details, yet they had some great lines (not like modern buildings, which are rather boring). Some yards away from the buildings, standing alone, there was a huge tree. It was amazingly beautiful too, and I was glad it wasn't near the buildings, for I could appreciate it in all its splendor.

I walked toward the biggest building, painted in a creamy orange. It was a museum. The rooms were small, a bit dark, and had a lot of interesting objects in them (old pieces of furniture, pictures, dolls). They were family rooms, but there was no guide to tell me about their former owners.

Anyway, there were many other people visiting the museum, and I followed some of them. We went outside, and crossed a bridge made of trunks. On our right side there were three old, rustic, huge towers made of more trunks and stones. And when I mean huge, I mean HUGE. They were really impressive, and made me feel quite small.

After that we were surrounded by buildings again, but they were of the ancient Greek style. They weren't ruins, though, for each building was in excellent condition. But they were incredibly big, too big for human beings (we literally had to climb the steps, for they were five feet tall), and their doors were closed. Soon we found out that it was some kind of forbidden city that belonged to giants or Titans (more Greek mythology), and that we were trapped and would be killed there!

Oh, oh.

I don't remember what attacked us first. There was a bunch of dinosaurs, all of them T-Rexes in different, dark colors (dark blue, dark red, dark grey, and so on). There were giant leeches too. They were bigger than elephants, and wanted to suck us entirely, not just our blood. There were armed guardians, who shot us arrows. I shot them back, for suddenly I had a bow and arrows too, but none of my arrows hit the target. (If you wonder why I had a bow and arrows, it's because lately I've been watching the BBC series Robin Hood.)

There was a single open building, and I hid there. But the reason it wasn't forbidden to enter that building, was because it was full of demons, and the building had a direct gateway to Hell (a dark pit where people was being pushed in). I escaped from there through the bars that suddenly blocked the entrance. So good I'm not fat, or else I would have gotten stuck in them :-)

The night came, and we looked at the moon. It was a fake moon, and then the city turned around itself, and we were able to continue our journey. The buildings around us were still Greek, but some of them had advertisements and neon lights, and there were gift shops (???). The souvenirs were too expensive, though.

One street was paved with ice, and suddenly I had ice skates on my feet, so I was able to skate until the ice disappeared.

Finally the dream changed. It was some story that was being told to me, and it had a moral (I never heard it), but by then the dream was fading away, and I woke up a little before my alarm clock rang.

I don't know if this dream has some sort of meaning. But my, it left me exhausted!!

G. E.

Friday, September 4, 2009


In the first part of my dream, Hannah Montana came to be my guest for a few days. I don't understand why, 'cause I couldn't care less about her. But she was a nice girl in my dream, though, and a good guest. Okay, this part of the dream is kinda irrelevant, but I thought one of my friends might find it amusing, since she's sick of Hannah Montana ;-)

In the second part of my dream, it was the night of my prom. Which is kinda weird, too, 'cause it's not a custom in my country. We had some sort of party that day, but not a prom. All right, maybe that's why I dreamed about it, because I would have liked to have one, yet in my dream I didn't really want to go to the prom. Why? Well, because I didn't have a proper dress, and I didn't have a partner (where's my Russian Prince when I need him???). I was with two friends who didn't have a dress or a partner either, so I didn't feel TOO bad about it, knowing I wasn't the only pathetic one.

But the aliens from outer space (?) had a different idea. They were DETERMINED to make us go to the prom. So, they used their levitation technology (??) and picked up my two friends, who floated gracefully toward a dressing room. I floated too, but not so gracefully: I tried to escape and they grabbed my leg, so I floated upside down all the way to the dressing room, yelling and struggling. Oh, well...

The aliens gave us pretty dresses. No partners, though (dang). I don't remember the color of my dress, but it was tight and made of satin. I looked great (but what was the point of looking great, since I didn't have partner??). I don't remember if I was wearing heels, but considering I could walk normally, I suppose not (I can't walk in heels, I'm not used to them). The aliens also gave us books to give as presents. My book was entitled Guide to Become a Good Principal, or something like that.

At the prom, they started playing some Brazilian music. I still didn't have a partner, and I still didn't really want to be there, but I love Brazilian music, so I decided to dance and have fun.

After a while they told us that our high-school was going to have a new principal, who was... Matthew McConaughey! Gee, WHY HIM???? Hum, maybe he got tired of making stupid chick flicks...

Ah, but now I could see the reason for my book! I walked directly toward our new principal and gave him the book.

Now I just hope Matthew McConaughey makes a better principal than an actor.

I'm still wondering, though, why the aliens thought it was so important for me to attend that prom. I mean, not even Matthew McConaughey as a high-school principal is so important in the grand scheme of things...

G. E.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I had a very long dream last night, but most of it was just too twisted to share it here.

But there's a cool part around the middle of my dream that I can tell. I was in a restaurant with some friends, waiting for a children choir to start singing, and I looked through the window. There were some tall buildings in front of the restaurant, and one of them had big stone lion heads near the top. They were quite impressive.

I said to one of my friends, "You know? once I dreamed about a big city just like this one, where every building was adorned with huge sculptures like those lion heads." My friend asked, "How were they?" I answered, "I don't remember exactly, I had that dream several years ago. But this city is very much like that one. How interesting!"


G. E.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


In my dream, I was on a journey. I was traveling with someone else, both of us riding horses (mine wasn't black, for a change). We arrived at some place where we had to take a bus, so I left my brown horse in a field and checked my luggage.

I noticed I had forgotten my digital camera. It's quite expensive, so I searched for my horse to go back and retrieve it. Then I saw that my poor horse was hanging from a roof, all tied up with ropes!

I told some people to untie him, and complained that my horse was a living creature, not a bicycle that you could hang somewhere when you're not using it. I was really, really angry.

The horse seemed dead at first, but after a while he recovered. Whew!

I rode him again and went back to get my camera. And I can tell you, my friend the horse was happy to be able to move again.

G. E.

Monday, August 31, 2009


In my dream I was in a log cabin, with some friends. It was dark, and it was winter, and it started to snow. I love snow. I looked through the window, and noticed that every snowflake was perfect, so I went out to look at them closely. I picked up some of them. They were small, white and amazingly beautiful, but after a while, as I kept picking up new ones, they became bigger an colorful. Finally they were the size of cookies (still shaped like snowflakes), and very colorful. And they were edible! They had no taste, though, but it's difficult to taste things in dreams.

If you ask me why I ate those snowflakes, well, it's never a bad idea to try something nice-looking that has fallen from the sky. Just remember that story in the Bible, when the Jews where in the desert :-)

G. E.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


'Cause, really, it was very, very weird.

In my dream, a woman crashed her yatch against another boat, and we had to find her dead body. But somehow the yatch wasn't a yatch anymore, but some sort of room with a lot of shelves full of clothes. And we were looking for her dead body... in the form of a green dog collar (??).

After a while the room wasn't a room either. I was in an open space, and there was a black horse taking a nap (recurrent figure in my dreams, see 05/26/09). There were also three miniature kittens. And I mean the size of my fingernails. I picked them up to keep them safe, and stopped to look at something else I found on my way. Then one of the kittens, which had shrunk to the size of an insect, got lost in my hair and I couldn't find it again.

Well, that made a little sense. I have a lot of hair :-)

G. E.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This dream started at my vet school. I was with a group of people who had a sick Rottweiler. The dog had a huge mouth tumor that was causing him a lot of pain. Apart from that, the dog was kind of psycho: he growled and tried to bite, then he was friendly and wanted to be petted, and then he wanted to bite again.

So, he needed surgery AND a therapist.

The owners of the Rottweiler had another strange dog: a small mutt covered with warts. That one looked pretty funny.

I said goodbye to the owners of the Rottweiler and my fellow students, and headed home. Somehow, though, the surroundings of my faculty were totally different, and I got lost. I didn't know the street names, neither the buildings around me. I kept walking, anyway, and I reached the coast. It was a harbor, and there were a lot of old, dirty buildings. I got into one of them, and I got lost there too (it seems like I was in disorientated mode that night).

That building was a dangerous place. It was full of Islamic terrorists!! (gee, they're everywhere nowadays). They thought I was some kind of spy, and ran after me. They also pointed their Kalashnikov rifles at me and tried to shoot me down. Of course, I ran away from them at full speed. The staircases were kinda confusing, though, like those from an Escher drawing. In some places they were made of metal, and I had to hang from them like a monkey. That was rather amusing, though, because my arms are not that strong in real life, and if I tried to do that, I'd probably fall on my butt.

So, I hid in another part of the building. There were four people in that room. From the CIA (they're everywhere too, it seems). They were on some secret mission, but it didn't have anything to do with the terrorists, for they asked me if I was an alien. And I mean, an alien from outer space, not an illegal immigrant.

(There were terrorists in the building, but the CIA agents wouldn't do a thing about them. You can get some interesting conclusions from this.)

(An another thing: Mulder and Scully belonged to the FBI, not the CIA. Maybe they moved? By the way, where were the Men in Black? Gee, what a mess.)

I told them I wasn't an alien, I was a vet and I had come there by accident. And then, I don't know why, I pointed at one of the agents and said, "But he's an alien." The guy looked around with a guilty expression and ran away. Then he transformed into an alien indeed!!! (wow, I was right!). But his new legs were too short, so he stumbled and fell face down.

I love to wake up laughing :-D

G. E.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yeah, it's about The Lord of the Rings again.

In my dream, I was with the whole Fellowship inside the mountains, escaping from the mighty balrog (quite a realistic scene, it was just like the movie, with rocks, fire, and all). It's my favorite part of the movie, and my favorite part of the soundtrack too.

But wait, I couldn't hear anything!

So, even when the balrog was getting close, and we were in a hurry, I stopped in the middle of the bridge and asked out loud, "Hey, where is the music???"

Kinda stupid question to ask when you're about to get killed by a fiery monster with a giant whip...

G. E.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I use to meet the most interesting creatures in my dreams. Today I took a nap, and dreamed about these little green monsters with dark spots and big eyes, who liked to suck people's feet. At first I was afraid of them, for I thought they were parasites (like leeches), but after a while I found out that they only liked to suck sweat from people's feet, just like butterflies. They could also talk and were actually very friendly.

They weren't appropriate for people with ticklish feet, though :-D

Perhaps they came from the same dimension than the bouncing worms (08/05/09). Who knows?

(I miss the Russian Prince!! Can I meet him again?? Please?)

G. E.


The dream didn't start with the Russian Prince, though. First I was in a beautiful museum, and there was some kind of black throne. And on the throne there was a hat that belonged to... Hitler! Gee, another Nazi element. I think I need an exorcism!! Help!!!

Anyway, after that I moved to another building full of travelers. I guess there was a train station nearby, and probably a harbor too. I sat down and borrowed a big book about the Spanish Royal Palace, full of colorful pictures of paintings and other pretty stuff. The pictures were incredibly detailed, as usual, which makes me wonder (again) how my brain can come up with such things when I'm sleeping.

The owner of the book asked me to return it, which I did thinking that I should buy one for myself.

Then I met the Russian Prince.

He was tall, rather thin, handsome and elegant, with dark blonde hair and dark eyes. A very refined man, educated and quiet, with a certain air of sadness about him (as if he needed good company). He kissed my hand (such a gentleman!!), and I, not wasting the wonderful chance before me, immediately told him that in my country we greet people in another way, and kissed his perfectly shaved cheek (ha!).

We started to talk about this and that and then he invited me to spend some days at his palace in Russia :-O

Of course, I didn't hesitate and accepted his invitation at once :-)

We departed on an old sailing ship (blame the Russian economy for that), and we flirted ALL the way to Russia, even during a storm that happened in the middle of our trip. I was very pleased with the situation: things were going great between us, we were about to reach the coast, and...

... and I woke up!!

Dang. Dang, dang, dang, dang, DANG!!!!!

G. E.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Last night I dreamed for several hours, and since I woke up many times, I had five or six different dreams. I will tell you two of them.

My first dream was like a movie. And it was based on Stephen King's The Mist!

I woke up in my dream and noticed the mist outside. Since I've read King's story, I knew that there were monsters hiding in the mist, and so I couldn't let it get into my house. I was alone. I closed all the doors and windows, turned off all the lights, and hoped that the monsters would skip my house.

It didn't work. They got into my house anyway. I went to the living room and lied on the sofa, thinking that if I didn't move they wouldn't see me, like the T-Rex of Jurassic Park.

I was wrong. They knew I was there, they just didn't want to kill me. They had a PLAN for me!

Most of the monsters didn't look like monsters, though. They looked like dirty middle-aged men. You know, the type of losers you meet at the bars after midnight. And they all wanted to use my toilet (a bad omen, for sure).

So, the leader of the monsters (a bald, middle-aged man) finally came to me. I was supposed to be his assistant, and to make clear that I should obey him, he cut my arm, digged the wound with his fingers and took a piece of bone from my shoulder.

It's a good thing that I cannot feel pain in my dreams, or else I would have screamed quite loudly...

My wound closed by itself, which was a good thing too, for it would have needed around 20 stitches. And I don't like needles.

After that unusual surgical procedure, the leader of the monsters told me that I'd better obey him or else he would torture me again. Of course, I said okay, no problem.

These monsters seemed to be aliens, and they had this plot to take over the world (how original...). The leader told me to pack up a few things, for we were going elsewhere. I agreed.

But first, just out of curiosity, I went to the toilet. And oh, the horror!! It was filthy!! Yeah, like a bar's toilet that hasn't been cleaned up in weeks!!!

I woke up then. I refused to clean all that mess!

My second dream started with Rory Gilmore, from the TV series Gilmore Girls. She had stolen a book from the library, and walked to her grandma's house. Before she got in, she heard her grandma (Emily) talking on the phone with Rory's mother, saying that they were looking for her, so Rory didn't get into the house and left the place instead.

Emily Gilmore left her house too, searching for Rory, and she came to a building. But instead of getting inside it through the front door, she climbed the wall! Imagine this: a high-class lady, wearing fine clothes and heeled shoes, climbing a wall. It looked as funny as it sounds.

So, Emily finally reached a long balcony. There were three people there, grandma, mother and girl, and they were so surprised when they saw Emily that they fell from the balcony. The unknown grandma managed to hold her daughter and she held her little girl as well, so the three of them were hanging dangerously and needed immediate help.

Then I saw Rory coming from the other extreme of the long balcony, and I finally appeared on the dream. I was eating chocolate mousse (funny, because I don't like mousse), and in order to help the family in distress, I dropped the bowl of chocolate mousse over the balcony's wall... hitting someone straight on the face.

I woke up laughing.

Interestingly, when I fell asleep again I dreamed I was in a room with the three Gilmore Girls, and I told them my dream about them. They found it quite funny too :-)

G. E.

Friday, August 7, 2009


In my dreams, trains seldom have proper wagons. Usually they have no roofs, no walls, and often no seats.

Two little girls were traveling on one of these unsafe trains. The oldest one was maybe 7-years-old, the youngest was a baby. They were sisters.

I don't know where were they going to, but the train stopped somewhere in the middle of an old, dark tunnel, and they had to get down. They were completely alone; both the train and the tunnel were empty.

The oldest girl, carrying her baby sister, found an asylum, where they were locked in. The train had brought them some years into the future, but no one would believe that, and so they thought the oldest girl was crazy, and that's why they locked her in a room and took her sister away from her.

The oldest girl was trying to find a way to escape and reunite with her baby sister, but my dream faded into black then, so I don't know if she succeeded or not.

I hope she did. I know she felt very lonely.

G. E.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


There were four in my kitchen: intestinal worms, big as snakes, all in bright colors. They were bouncing on their tales like springs. And they had ugly brown teeth.

I picked up a knife to chop them, and killed three of them, but the last worm was quite fast and it escaped from me. I couldn't find it anywhere, but after a while I discovered that my cat had eaten it, except for its head.

Then my father (now deceased), who had been in the kitchen all that time, watching me chase the worms (not even offered his help, thanks, dad!), left the house, and my mom and I went to her bedroom to watch an episode of Star Trek.

Weird dream.

G. E.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Yesterday I dreamed I was shot to death by some mafia (ouch!). My body was left there, on the floor, ignored by everyone around me (not a kind thing to do, by the way; the least they could do, after shooting me, was to call SOMEone to take my dead body out of sight, if they were too stingy to pay me a decent burial).

But hey, I became a ghost! And I could touch people! They couldn't see me, but I could feel them, and they could feel me. So, I tried to let them know I was there, by "writing" letters with my finger on their backs, and I also poked them for fun (ha, ha!).

A young woman wasn't afraid of me, and instead she asked who was I. I gently grabbed her hand and made her point to my corpse.

Creepy. But it could be a good scene for a horror story :-)

G. E.

Friday, July 31, 2009


I've always wondered how it would feel to touch the clouds, specially those that look like cotton. It's a silly thought, of course, because clouds aren't dense enough to be touched, or else they would fall from the sky :-)

Still, in my dreams I insist about this, and sometimes I find pretty clouds floating so low that I can reach them. And they feel like soap foam, or foam rubber, or snow, or candyfloss...

Funny fake clouds.

G. E.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Last night I dreamed I found a sick hummingbird. It was a shiny green little thing, but it could barely move, much less fly.

I started feeding it sugary water, which it licked from my fingers. All the time I held the bird in my hand (it was so small!) to keep it warm and comfortable, petting its green head often.

After a while the treatment worked, and the bird was able to move and fly a bit. So, I hanged a hummingbird feeder in my window, and left the bird right next to it, alone. My job was done. It was up to the bird to take the final step toward its complete recovery.

I don't know what happened to the hummingbird after that. I want to think it was able to fly away, happy and free. After all, it was a nice dream :-) I hope I meet my little green friend again!

(By the way, some years ago a real hummingbird got into my house, and I had to chase it and take it out. I'll never forget how it felt to hold it in my hands, so strong and yet so fragile.)

G. E.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Last night I dreamed I was traveling in a car with other people, through snowy mountains. The landscape was awesome, and we stopped the car to get down and enjoy the view for a while.

There was a city in a valley in front of us. We headed in that direction.

The city was very nice, with pretty houses. I took a photograph of one of those houses which had a waterfall on its left side. My hands were a bit shaky and the preview looked unfocused, so I deleted the photo (it took me a while for it was a different camera than my real one) and tried to take the picture again. But... the house and the waterfall weren't there anymore! Darn.

Anyway, I wanted to take more photos, so I walked down the street... and suddenly it was dark, I was lost, and that part of the city looked abandoned and dangerous. My traveling companions were looking for me, but I was kinda scared and I woke up before they found me.

That was a clever move. It's not a good idea to stay in a dangerous place in a dream unless you have a bodyguard! :-)

G. E.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Yeah, I'm talking about the movie. If you haven't seen it, there's a shocking scene where a roller coaster goes out of its track and everybody dies. Quite entertaining! (I'm not being sarcastic, I love horror movies).

In my dream, I was in a roller coaster with an unknown guy who was supposed to be my boyfriend. The roller coaster was white and ornate, very nice. But some people wouldn't follow the instructions and they occupied the first carts, which was supposed to be dangerous because of the extra weight. An absurd thought, of course, because roller coasters MUST carry a minimum weight, and it's not a problem when all the seats are occupied.

So, the roller coaster started to move faster than normal because of the extra weight, and people started to fall from it. I had the chance to jump down when it got close to the floor, and I ended up in a restaurant (lunch time, maybe?). People turned around to look at me.

The roller coaster crashed somewhere, leaving bloody corpses everywhere, some of them with severed limbs. Niiiice (NOW I'm being sarcastic).

But my unknown boyfriend hadn't died. I found him later at the hospital, where some kind of medical miracle was taking place. His body was regenerating at an incredible speed!

So good for my boyfriend... whoever he was.

G. E.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


This was another long dream, but I don't remember the first half too well, so I'll start with the car part.

I was in a big car with maybe a dozen kids. I was in the passenger seat, holding two of those kids and complaining that it wasn't safe for them to be there with me. I had fastened my seatbelt, but it looked flimsy (it was pink, by the way). The driver and owner of the car, an unknown man, hadn't fastened his, and I complained about that too. He was also driving too fast, as well. Gee, so good we didn't crash; it would have been a disaster.

Anyway, all the time I was telling the kids to sit down and be quiet, to fasten their seatbelts, to stop pulling my hair and so on, just like a mom. It was pretty tiresome. Really, I prefer the green worm of my other dream (07/03/09).

The car finally stopped. Whew! We entered a big, old house full of interesting objects, like paintings and figurines. The house belonged to a nice old lady, but she was talking in a foreign language and I couldn't understand what she was saying.

The dream switched there to another character, like in a movie. And this new character was... a serial killer, like Jack the Ripper!! He was in a long corridor full of wooden doors. Each door led to a different time and place. He chose the door that led to the old house I was in. There he saw a young maid and he killed her, leaving the bloody corpse there for us to find it.

An old house, a dead body, a serial killer... This was turning into an Agatha Christie's novel :-) But I didn't stay there to solve the mystery, though. I used the same door than the killer to find the magic corridor, and there I found a big, creepy guy with a mask and a swastika in his arm (why do I keep dreaming about things that have something to do with the Nazi regime?). I asked him which was the best door to choose. He pointed to a door at the end of the corridor. I asked him where did that door lead to, but, just like the Cheshire cat, he didn't want to give me a straight answer, and after a while he got mad and left me standing there.

I went for the door he had pointed to, though, and I opened it. And...

I stepped into a colorful fairy tale world, where I had to pass through a cloud of butterflies before I could see anything else. And what I first saw was a castle. Suddenly I was in a fairy tale indeed, and there was another girl by my side, who was supposed to be my friend. We went to the castle and asked for a job there, and we were sent to the kitchen, to help the cook to make bread.

That's where I woke up. Pity. I didn't have a chance to meet the handsome Prince!

G. E.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Remember the witch at the top of the staircase? (10/13/08). I think I've finally met her! But not at the top of the staircase, though.

Yesterday I dreamed I was in Germany. I was visiting a palace, full of beautiful paintings, sculptures, and other masterpieces. When I was heading for the exit, I passed by what looked like a dining room.

There was something like a female mummy there, sitting in front of the table. A horrible thing with grayish, wrinkled skin, and a few white hairs.

Except that she wasn't a mummy. She moved her head to look at me, and when I noticed that, she moved her head back to its original position. I bet she was watching me, and I'm SURE she was the witch of my recurrent dream.

I left the palace in a hurry. She didn't follow.

Apart from the witch, there was something strange about the palace. It was all beautiful inside, but on the outside it was very simple, like one of those buildings of the Nazi regime (no eagles on it, though). All the classical ornaments of a palace were missing, replaced by massive gray walls and straight, perpendicular lines. Usually the palaces I visit in my dreams are quite detailed on the outside too.

Maybe the sight of the witch screwed up my imagination...

G. E.

Friday, July 17, 2009


This was a long dream, and yet it wasn't finished because my alarm clock woke me up (darn).

I was coming back from some place, sometimes walking, sometimes dragging myself with my arms (that's kinda usual in my dreams, so don't find it surprising). I came to a square, where a lot of people were playing a game. I don't know what game it was, it was something totally new, and some of the players were blond and had wings (angels?). One of this winged guys took off his wings and blew them toward me, so I could join the game, but I wasn't in the mood to play, so I ducked and the wings just stayed in the air like floating feathers.

Then I saw a tiny unicorn and a tiny winged horse flying over a garden like butterflies. They were white and shiny, like fairies. I wanted to touch the unicorn, which didn't trust me at first, but I stayed still and the pretty little thing came close to me so I could pet it a bit. That was nice.

And then I got into the tunnel. First I had to avoid a train which was coming out, and then, just in case another train might be coming the same way, I remained on the right side of the tunnel. Well, I should say "we". I was alone at first, but after a while there was a whole crowd behind me. I wasn't exactly their guide; I just happened to be in front of the queue.

The tunnel was dark, narrow, and dirty. There were metallic gates here and there, all rusty. They were closed, but not locked.

There were dangerous creatures in the tunnel as well. First we were attacked by some angry, furry creatures that looked like cats (they had sharp spines hidden in their fur, though). We were able to defeat them. More, bigger monsters came our way, and we had to avoid those. It was like a video game.

Then we found an old, ugly wooden door, and behind it we found... Christmasland!! Really!! We crossed the door and we stepped into a huge square, where a lot of people were gathered to celebrate. There was a big tree, with reddish leaves (we had come a bit early, it was still autumn). The leaves were falling softly, beautifully, as the sky went dark. I turned around for a moment, and when I looked at the tree again, it was all white (even its leaves), and it was snowing.

Blue and yellow lights turned on around us. It was Christmas now!

I wanted to stay there and celebrate, but I walked down the street to see what else I could find, and suddenly I was on the tunnel again, with the crowd behind me.

In front of us there was another gate, and behind the metallic bars there was another monster, a big-eyed thing with many big, pointed teeth. But it was a friendly monster. It wanted to let us pass, but as we waited for the gate to open, we found a door at the right side of the tunnel which led to a room, where there were stuffed wolves and some living things... like Casper the ghost and his uncles. Don't ask me what were they doing there, 'cause I don't know. But they were playing music, so I danced and sang with them (don't waste a party when you find it).

The friendly monster opened the door and we continued walking along the tunnel, and that's when my alarm clock woke me up.

Stupid clock. I wanted to know what was at the end of the tunnel!!

G. E.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


They were fake, but funny nonetheless :-)

In my dream, I was visiting a Harry Potter theme park, and one of the attractions was a series of "haunted" rooms. First I got into an office, where things floated in the air, from one shelf to another, or behaved in a weird manner. Then I got into a kitchen, where there was a spell on the sugar and flour (they would do weird things as well, specially when you mixed them). And after that I got into a bedroom, sat down on the bed, and saw that my legs looked twisted (it was some kind of optical illusion), and that a pair of slippers on the floor would move by themselves.

By the way, I was with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They were my friends, which was so cool!

I liked this dream :-)

G. E.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


From nightmares to fairy tales. Who can understand my mind? Not me, for sure.

Okay, last night I dreamed I was rehearsing the ballet The Swan Lake in my living-room. I was wearing a gorgeous white dress, and trying to flap my arms in the right way.

The strange thing was, my living room was full of many other creatures, all of them also dressed in pretty clothes, but not related to the ballet. There were magical creatures like fairies and wizards, but also a group of men that looked like a ship's crew. What were they doing in my living room, I don't have a clue.

So, I was Odette, but where was Prince Siegfried? There was no sign of him among the crowd. There was a cute green frog, though, with golden glasses (only the frame), who was offering a bouquet to a 60-year-old lady.

I woke up then, thinking that maybe the frog was the Prince in disguise. And that maybe he mistook that lady for me, since his glasses had no lenses.

I should have kissed the frog!

But wait, what does an enchanted frog have to do with The Swan Lake?? Gee, what a mess!!

G. E.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I dreamed this just yesterday.

I was walking with a couple of friends through the woods, and we found a fairy who was just like me, but somewhat stupid. So, I took her magic wand, and I became the fairy. I could do real magic! It wasn't very easy to perform a trick, though, but suddenly I had this pretty dress, my hair was full of stars, and I could fly.

The only thing I didn't like about it, was that everything was colored in pink. Very Barbie-ish. Ugh.

This dream had some sort of plot. When we found the fairy, I also noticed there was an evil witch hiding in the dark, following us (she looked suspiciously like the witch from The Wizard of Oz). I was waiting for the witch to do something, but I woke up before anything happened.

It doesn't matter too much. I was sick of the pink-colored stuff anyway.

G. E.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I dreamed this several months ago.

As the title says, I was a monster. Big, ugly, evil and HAPPY! Yeah, I was evil and didn't feel guilty about it, 'cause doing bad things was such a lot of fun.

But then, not even in dreams people like happy monsters, so after a while I was chased by the cops. I jumped into a car that looked absurdly small for me, and escaped at full speed. The cops followed.

Unfortunately, since I don't drive in real life, I'm not a good driver in my dreams either, so I crashed. And the cops shot me down. Ouch!

Oh, well. It was a good monster life while it lasted. Maybe I can try it some other day.

G. E.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Not a nightmare this time. Whew!

But it was a weird dream anyway. There was this married couple, and I had to take care of their son. Which was... a small green worm. It didn't speak. It just curled up around my thumb. I knew it was a smart worm (don't ask me how I knew it, I just did), and it was kinda friendly too. All in all, a well-behaved little thing. Better than my nephews.

G. E.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Darn. Another nightmare (and a recurrent one, too). There must be something wrong with my dreaming machine... Where's Freud when you need him? Darn. He's dead.

In my dream, one of my molars fell down. I was terribly upset about it. Then another molar fell down as well. And the tooth next to it. My mouth was all bloody, with three HUGE holes where I could see the bone exposed. I screamed in my dream, then I woke up. It took me a while to calm down (after checking with my tongue that all my teeth were in their right places).

I absolutely hate this recurrent dream. Even more than the one where my cat goes rabid and I have to kill him.

Why I'm not able to dream happy dreams anymore?


G. E.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Why do I only have nightmares lately?? C'mon, give me a break!

Okay, I dreamed this yesterday. Somehow the world had been conquered by incredibly big machines (and I mean REALLY big, like Godzilla). They were everywhere, so it was dangerous to leave the house.

This is what I saw from my window: one of the machines, which had four legs (yeah, like those in Star Wars), was removing and "eating" all the trees in the neighborhood, to get energy. The landscape looked more and more desolate as the trees disappeared, and the sun shone mercilessly over the city, which grew hotter and hotter due to lack of shade. There was nothing I could do to stop the destruction, and I just can't describe how bad I felt then, as if I were one of the trees being violently pulled from the earth.

Maybe I have to stop reading the news about deforestation and global warming...

G. E.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It serves me right, for reading a conversation about that movie...

Anyway, the clown appeared in my last dream, creppy and evil as usual. I had to fight with him. I soaked him in gasoline and set him on fire. He burned, waving his arms and screaming. But he didn't look burned at the end, and he wasn't dead either (of course, these things never die at the first attempt). So, I picked up a hammer and smashed his big head, which cracked like an eggshell.

And this is what I found inside: there was a little alien, and a small control panel.

You see, the clown from It wasn't really a giant monster from outer space, it was an alien from Men in Black!! I should have called Will Smith for the job...

G. E.

Monday, June 8, 2009


It was small, made of glass (transparent glass with a colored center), and it was evil. It could move by itself, and when I'd put it close to my ear, I'd hear creppy whispers.

I was holding it in my hand, and when I looked at the window, I saw the reflection of a man with a red shirt in the glass. There was no one behind me. The evil marble was possessed by a ghost! But it wasn't an evil ghost, though; it was just in a bad mood because it was trapped inside the marble.

So, I opened the window and dropped the marble. I was at the second, maybe third floor of a building, so the marble shattered when it touched the ground. The ghost was released and he reunited with his beloved dead wife.

I like happy endings :-) Still I admit that the plot of this dream was kinda stupid...

G. E.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, actually I don't know how to drive. I wouldn't dare to, anyway, 'cause there are too many crazy drivers in my city.

In my dreams, though, I CAN drive. Well, sort of. I'm driving, all right, but I know I don't know how to drive, and that I don't have a license. It doesn't stop me, anyway. I just keep driving, trying not to crash. I've driven cars, race cars and even buses! I like buses. My dad was a bus driver, and whenever he brought the bus to our house, the bus became my big, great toy :-)

A curious fact about the cars in my dreams: they're always big, old models. I must be old-fashioned indeed!

G. E.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Another recurrent figure in my dreams is a male black horse. It has appeared in my dreams since I was a little girl, and I still don't know what it means. Usually it comes to me as some kind of friend. I always want to ride it. Sometimes I do, but some other times it moves away from me and I can't reach it. Maybe it's some kind of spiritual guide. Maybe it just comes to me because I like black horses so much :-) My Chinese Zodiac sign is the horse, by the way.

My cousin has dreamt about a horse too, but in her dreams it's clearly a transportation medium, moving her through life. The horse comes to her dreams whenever she's trying to change something about herself. But in her last dream of that kind, she didn't see a horse. She upgraded. She traveled by plane!

I still prefer the horse. Call me old-fashioned :-)

G. E.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last night I dreamt I was in my house, and there was some sort of sun eclipse so everything was dark outside. During the middle of the eclipse, though, the sky lit up again. This is what I saw: the sun was low in the horizon, and all the way up there was a row of golden spheres which were reflections of the sun below. The clouds at both sides of the row were all colored in pink and orange. On the opposite direction the sky was still black, and the stars formed spirals which were perfect fractal images. I said to someone beside me, "Hey, I could make an image just like that with my Ultra Fractal program!"

Then everything went dark again.

G. E.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I wish I could take a camera and take pictures of my dreams. Because, very often, I dream about beautiful buildings and palaces, even whole cities. Some of them are old, some of them look recently built. But most of them are great. Really, if I could photograph them and take the pictures to an architect, both of us would become rich.

The most amazing fact about these dreams is, I can see every detail, even things I wouldn't be able to imagine while awake. If you've ever been to a Baroque palace, then you must know how difficult it would be to remember every single element of it. But then, in my dreams I see all that. Sometimes I get close to a sculpture, or a vase, or whatever, and the closer I get, the more detailed it gets. I really enjoy these "visits". It's like going to Europe all the time, or even better!

It's strange, though, that in the past I used to dream a lot about old, ruined houses. They were quite dangerous, either because things would break around me, or because there was some evil presence there, you know, like a haunted house from a horror movie. But it's been a long while since I had this kind of dreams.

I think something must have changed in my life, for good, I suppose, and that has reflected in my dreams. Anyway, it's a welcome change!

G. E.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Let's forget for a minute that tigers are endangered animals, okay? Okay.

In my dream, humans had been fighting a bunch of tigers for a long time. They were unusual tigers; they could stand on two legs and speak.

The tigers were winning. The final battle was approaching, and it didn't look promising.

Before the battle, humans and tigers were supposed to have dinner together. And I came up with an interesting curse, which involved chess pawns. Black pawns meant death, white pawns meant life. So, I hid black pawns in the tigers' plates, and put white pawns in the humans' plates. We waited then for the tigers, who would come from a tunnel.

The tigers came. And they said it was too late to have dinner, so instead they would jump directly to the battle!

Oh, oh. We were in trouble.

The battle started. But I knew that the tigers must have a secret weakness, so I went up the tunnel to their quarter. It seemed there was nobody there, that all the tigers were in the battle field. But no. Suddenly a door opened, a tiger woke up from his sleep and noticed I was there.

Oh, oh. I was in trouble.

I had to hurry up and push a certain button. When I did, disco music started to play, and it was heard through speakers in the battle field. And the tigers were forced to dance!! (on two legs, like John Travolta). And while they danced, unable to stop, they were slaughtered by the soldiers.

This is how we won the war against the tigers.

G. E.


Last night I dreamt I was walking down a sunny street. There were some butterflies chasing each other a few feet away from me. I moved slowly toward them, for I wanted to see them closely.

They were Monarchs. Big and beautiful, playing in the warm air.

I followed them, and suddenly I was flying just like them, moving my arms up and down, floating gracefully in the breeze. I felt happy and free.

Maybe I won't need that therapist after all!

G. E.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Some days ago I was in a big house, with so many rooms that it was very easy to get lost in there. On top of that, an angry dog was chasing me. I ran through the whole house, warning other people about the dog, telling them to run or hide. Finally I had to fight the dog. I ripped up its jaw, so it couldn't bite me anymore. After that, the dog calmed down instantly, so I could lead it by grabbing its neck skin.

This dream was so upsetting as the dream where I have to kill my cat (10/25/08). Actually, I dreamt that again some days ago. My cat was totally rabid, and I broke his neck, but he wouldn't die anyway.

If I keep having this kind of dreams I'll have to talk with a therapist...

G. E.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I don't know if it was a bad monster or not. It was huge, with a human shape, and made of little stones. Very much like the stone giant from the movie The Never-ending Story, though thinner. Not clever at all.

This monster had a purpose: every time he buried a stone from his body, a stone city would grow from the ground like some kind of plant. Interesting.

In my dream there was also a small elf with a unicorn, but I don't know what they were doing there, and they seemed kinda out of place. Maybe they belonged to another dream, and got lost in this one. I hope they find their way!

G. E.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last night I had another funny dream. I had been hired for the ice-skating show Holiday on Ice. I'm not that good at ice-skating, but I was going to be some kind of extra, standing at one side of the stage, waving my arms in a silly way. Okay, I put on my ice-skates and waited for the show to begin. Before that, I noticed that the stage had great acoustics, so I sang some verses of an aria... in a male's voice! Still, I got a compliment from a woman among the public. And I deserved it! Male's voice or not, I had sung beautifully :-)

Don't ask me why, but Will Ferrell was there too, dressed in a tight costume. He was the only man among us girls, which should have been a sign that this dream would be some kind of comedy.

So, the show began. Me and the other extra girls were supposed to carry a long welcome sign, made of purple silk, toward the first row of spectators. We moved on. Too fast! The girls on the right side of the long sign crashed with the public. What a mess! I apologized, "Sorry, these girls are new, they aren't good skaters" (which was half a lie, because I too was new and a mediocre skater; but well, I didn't feel the need to be so sincere).

We moved back to start all over again. For a second time we carried the purple sign... and this time I crashed with the public!

I woke up laughing again.

G. E.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yes, I'm talking about the movie The Lord of the Rings. I dreamt this before the third movie was released to the theatres. It seems my mind was so eager to watch it, that it decided to make its own version during my sleep.

I had only read the two previous books, and I didn't know exactly what was going to happen in the third movie. Keep that in mind.

So, I dreamt about the final battle between the humans and the orcs. The orcs were attacking Gondor; there was a lot of debris, and rocks and arrows where flying through the sky. Very exciting!

In the meantime, Arwen and Éowyn were fighting for the love of Aragorn, each one pulling the other's long, long hair. It wasn't clear who won the fight, but Éowyn marched to the final battle in one of those little Roman battle carts pulled by a white horse. She was dressed in white and gold, quite regal. But the background was fake, as in a theatre. That was a nice, classic touch :-)

Going back to the battle, it seems that my mind had run out of fake debris and rocks, so they were being replaced by... used plastic bottles. Let's talk about recycling here :-P

That was just TOO absurd, and I woke up myself... laughing!

G. E.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Some days ago I dreamt I was in a small house with many children. There was a small closet in the middle of the corridor. A simple, yet kinda misterious closet. It was open, but the children told me that there was some secret stuff there, bad stuff, and that I shouldn't look directly at it, because it was dangerous. And yeah, I had an uneasy feeling whenever I passed by that closet, trying NOT to look at it as I had been instructed. It really felt like there was... someTHING there. Something alive.

Suddenly a terrible wind started to blow. The closet was sucking air, like an open mouth. A hungry open mouth. It wanted one of the children. I tried to protect them, holding them as hard as I could to prevent them from flying and falling into the evil closet. The wind was so strong that one of the children started to cry bloody tears. The whole situation was very scary, like a horror movie, but finally the wind stopped, and I woke up. Whew! Really, I don't like this kind of creepy dreams... (Still I refuse to stop writing horror stories, or watching horror movies. They're just too entertaining!)

G. E.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Yesterday I dreamt I was escaping from someone (it doesn't matter who, it was kind of crazy), and so I took a bus. The bus arrived to some place in the middle of nowhere. On the left side there was a wasteland: big piles of brown earth as far as I could see. I thought they were going to build something there, but for now there was nothing at all. It looked quite sad. On the right side of my vision field, though, there was a fountain. The water came up through a group of stones, forming little waterfalls of pure white. The background color was a soft green, and the light was shining through the trees like rain. It was so beautiful and peaceful that it took my breath away for a moment. I walked from stone to stone, seeing little brown fishes in the clear water. And there were butterflies and moths hiding in the grass, each one unique and wonderful.

Suddenly I was so afraid that this little paradise could be destroyed like the rest of the land... But I never knew if that happened or not, because I woke up. I hope the little paradise is still there if I ever dream of that place again.

G. E.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This is the kind of dreams about my dad that I don't like to have, but this one had an interesting twist. We were both in a house that needed repairs. He was working on something, but the vibration of the machine he was using turned on a chainsaw, which moved close to his leg. I tried to warn him, but the other machine was too noisy, and the chainsaw cut my father's leg to the bone, leaving a deep wound. Ouch!

So, I went to help my dad. I guided him through the house, searching for the emergency phone number of his medical service. I have my own documents in a drawer, and I was thinking where might be his... and then I remembered. I turned around and told my dad, "Sorry, dad. Mom and I cancelled your medical service, because you see, eh, you are actually dead."

That was right. My father died six years ago. But in my dreams I keep forgetting...

G. E.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I don't know why, but babies in my dreams are NEVER like normal babies. Whether they're mine or someone else's, instead of crying they talk, and they're quite clever too! Apparently they never need a diaper change, as well.

If I ever have a baby in real life, I want him/her to be like that!

G. E.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Three nights ago I dreamt I was home, looking through the window. I saw then some colorful parrots perched on the power lines, so I picked up a piece of sliced bread and went out to feed them. The parrots came close to me, accepted the bread, and we started to talk about this and that.

They were very clever parrots, so our conversation was interesting indeed (I don't remember what we were talking about, though). Some time later my cat came toward us. He wanted some bread too (that puzzled me, since he doesn't like bread), and maybe to join the talk, but well, I chased him away.

I was talking with birds, after all, and cats aren't precisely trustworthy animals... :-)

G. E.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Have you ever wondered what you would do in some specific situation? Like, "Would I steal to feed my children, if I had no other choice?" "Would I kill someone to save someone else?" I've wondered a lot about that. And I still don't know what I would do. I'd have to be there.

Still, I had two dreams that puzzled me.

In the first one, I had been kidnapped by terrorists. One of them gave me a hand grenade, and told me to throw it to a family that was on the other side of a fence, parents playing with their children. I pulled the ring, but didn't throw the grenade. I said, "We'll blow right here, for I won't do such a thing."

In the second dream, there were some aliens who were about to destroy the Earth. Apparently they thought humankind didn't deserve to exist. I went out and yelled to the stars (for I knew the aliens were listening), "Take me with you, I can teach you some good things about us!"

Would I die in real life to save someone else? Who knows. As I said, I'd have to be there. But at least my dreams are telling me that it would be the right thing to do.

G. E.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


This was one of the most beautiful dreams I've ever had. In it I had to go to a public office to get some documents. But this office was in the middle of the country, surrounded by nature and wild but friendly animals. There were some buildings, but all in ruins; still, they were covered with vines of a bright green, making them look great.

I had taken a bus to get there, and some friends were with me. We crossed the field in a group, some of us riding brown bears (which later became elephants, maybe because you can't ride a bear in real life). We saw many white hares and birds on the way.

Finally we got close to the office. The younger elephants just shook their passengers off their backs, but the one I was riding was older and wiser, and so it sat gently so I could jump down. The office was in the basement of an old building, though there was some kind of simple maze at the entrance (tall grey walls forming a twisted path). Anyway, the employee I met was a very friendly woman, and after I got the documents I needed, I noticed that the building was also some kind of bakery, for there were cakes and rolls of bread freshly made in an old stone oven.

On the way back, I also noticed many families eating here and there, enjoying the afternoon. I said to myself, "I must come here again, and spend the whole day so I can see everything."

Sure, I must go there again. I really felt like home.

G. E.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Two nights ago I dreamt I had a small aquarium. It was full of goldfishes and miniature sharks, living together without bothering each other. But the aquarium was leaking, and eventually all the fishes died.

I believe this dream is a message. In my country we have an unusual drought, probably caused by the global warming or some other human activity. In the meantime, people are killing each other in Middle East and many other places, in a most stupid way.

Shouldn't we forget our differences, whether we are "sharks" or "goldfishes", and care a little more about our planet, since we all live in it??

G. E.