Saturday, November 22, 2008


I suppose every single girl has dreamed at least once about her wedding. Well, I did too.

I was wearing a beautiful wedding dress, had a bouquet in my hands, and was a bit late for my wedding. So far, so good.

But I was going to be married all of a sudden, because I didn't know who was the bridegroom, or when we had decided to get married, or anything else, for that matter!

Everybody was telling me to hurry, because I was late, and my mind was full of questions. I mean, at least I wanted to know who would be my future husband! You can't ignore that kind of stuff in a relationship, like names and so on...

And then the bridegroom appeared. He was an incredibly handsome guy, with black hair and blue eyes.

And I said, "Oh, okay, let's get married."

G. E.

Monday, November 17, 2008


This dream was one of the few which was easy to decipher. But first you must know something about my cousin's house.

She used to live with her family in a very big and beautiful house, surrounded by trees. But her family situation wasn't so good, and she detested her sister-in-law, who also lived with them.

I've never seen that house (it's in another country). But in my dream I went there, and the house was like this: it was made of gray stone, and though its shape was quite nice, it was almost in ruins. The corridors were narrow and oppressive, and from a room at the top of a very narrow staircase I could hear a horrible voice, which belonged to my cousin's sister-in-law.

Only outside the house the landscape was beautiful, with plants and butterflies.

It seems that my mind didn't want to be fooled by appearances in the dream, and so I saw the house as it really was, an awful place to live in.

G. E.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I dreamt this a few nights ago. I was in a car with some other people. It doesn't matter how we got there, but we were in the middle of a canyon. Suddenly a stony wall fell, which was holding a lake, and the whole canyon got flooded. We left the car and climbed high rocks to save ourselves from drowning. So far the dream isn't that crazy.

But then the zombies appeared...

I don't know what they were doing there. But as zombies usually do, they wanted to catch us, so we had to push them down to the water. The fight lasted for some minutes, until we got rid of them.

And then the singers appeared...

More specifically, they were the singers of Celtic Woman, dressed in nice black dresses with red flowers. There was one of them on each rock, now small islands in a river, singing beautifully. The orchestra was in another rock, all together.

And I was naked!! Why?? Okay, it's a common dream, to be naked, but why in that specific situation??

Oh, well, most of the times you can't explain everything in a dream...

G. E.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


People say that when you dream you're falling, you wake up before hitting the ground or else you would die in the dream and in real life.

Well, that's not exactly my case.

I've never fallen from a high place, so I don't know how it feels. And most of the times, if I don't know how something feels, then when I dream about it my imagination has to fill the blanks.

My imagination is quite good at guessing how it feels to fall... but I still have problems with the hitting-the-ground part. So, I usually hit the ground but I don't die, neither do I feel pain. It's not that I bounce, or anything like that, but it seems that in my dreams my body is made out of rubber. During the fall I prepare myself for the pain, but I hit the ground painlessly, and I can stand up immediately.

I don't know if I'm brave or not, but why don't I wake up before hitting the ground? Maybe because curiosity overcomes my fear of death??

Anyway, I don't plan to jump from a high place in real life. My body may be made out of rubber in my dreams, but in real life I'm sure I'd break a few bones...

G. E.

Friday, October 31, 2008


A dream for Halloween :-)

I was very young when the first movie of Chucky was released to the theatres. I saw the posters in my city, do you remember them? Chucky was there, wide-eyed, holding a knife. Quite a frightening sight!

I started having nightmares about Chucky from that day. He was running behind me with his knife, trying to kill me. Sometimes my legs were totally paralyzed, and I couldn't walk, so I had to drag myself with my arms.

I got rid of all my dolls. They seemed to be looking at me.

But I've always liked horror films, so I finally saw the movie. And I loved it! My nightmares didn't stop, but I've never refrained from horror movies because of that. Nightmares are just nightmares. But one day I got so tired of being chased that I grabbed Chucky and threw him out through a window. Ha, ha!

I've become a horror writer myself, and I still love Chucky's movies, all of them. My nightmares about him have stopped, but if I ever see him again, I'll ask him to sign me an autograph...

Happy Halloween!

G. E.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've had this dream several times, and it's quite upsetting. I have a cat. He's a friendly animal, sometimes a bit treacherous but still harmless. And of course I love him. In my dream, though, he becomes an evil creature and I have to kill him. Sometimes I strangle him, sometimes I kill him with a knife or some other weapon. Usually the cat fights back, and he won't remain dead, so I have to kill him several times.

It's a horrible dream, and it makes me feel really bad. I suppose my cat means something else, for the dream doesn't make sense at all. My cat is a good pet and I'm a peaceful person. And I can't say I'm trying to release some tension from my daily life, for I don't enjoy the dream.

What a riddle...

G. E.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I dreamt this last night, and it was really fascinating to me. I was visiting an interactive museum with three different halls.

The first hall contained a lot of small pieces carved in wood. Many of them were abstract, some others represented objects of the natural world but were still examples of modern art. All of them were beautiful. But the hall wasn't meant only for showing these things. It was also a huge game. There were drawers with puzzles carved in wood; the game consisted in hiding the pieces of the puzzles (one puzzle per team) among the other objects. The winner team would be the one to collect and put together all the pieces of a puzzle.

I didn't have the chance to play this game, but since I love puzzles, it sounded like fun!

The second hall was empty, but the walls were covered with square pieces of green wax. The visitors could pick a new, smooth piece of wax, carve it, and paste it on the wall.

The third hall was covered with paintings. I remember one of them: it depicted a horse, but not in a realistic way (more modern art). I liked that one. There was another painting that worked as a door: the painting would split in half to let people pass.

There was also a gift shop with many interesting objects for the public to buy (figurines, earrings, necklaces), and I wanted to buy something, but everything was so beautiful that I couldn't choose a single thing!

Anyway, I think this dream means that I'm bored of staying home and so I need to go out more :-)

G. E.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I've had this dream several times. I'm walking through a normal street, but between two houses or in the middle of a hill there's a very tall staircase. Usually there are more people around, climbing the stairs or just sitting. At the top of the staircase there's an old, small house, and I know that there's a witch inside it, maybe more than one. I've never seen her (yet). Still I know two things about her: she's some kind of oracle, but she's dangerous at the same time. In my dream I'm afraid of her, and I have to ask her something, though I never remember what it is. At the same time I'm curious, for as I've said, I've never seen the witch. Some other people are there waiting to see her too.

Maybe some day I'll find out what is my question, and what will be the witch's answer... if she decides not to turn me into a frog instead, or whatever it is that evil witches do. Brrrrr!

G. E.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Who knows why, but almost every time I dream about the sea, it's full of sharks and other big sea creatures. Usually I see them from a safe place in the sand, or some high place... but sometimes I'm swimming, and I feel them all around me, and I have to swim fast to get out of the water. Some other times I'm flying above the sea, and then I'm afraid of falling. But it's a strange kind of fear; all right, there are sharks and monsters in the water and they could eat me, but at the same time I think they're wonderful. Just imagine, giant sharks and sea monsters, like living relics from the age of dinosaurs. Not exactly beautiful, but impressive nevertheless.

Once I dreamt there were dead whales on the beach. I felt very sad then. But some other times they're alive, playing on the water, and I stare at them and feel really happy.

Some months ago I dreamt I was swimming, but this time there were dolphins instead of sharks, and they were very friendly. The whole situation felt quite real, and so I woke up in a great mood that morning. I've never swum with dolphins, but if I ever have the chance to do so, I'm sure it will feel just like my dream.

G. E.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I don't know what crime I committed. In another dream there were a lot of teenagers sitting in a balcony, and I pushed them all down one by one (I was in the mood for doing something evil, it seems), but nothing like that happened this time. Maybe I dreamed I was in jail because that day I had read an article about the TV series Prison Break. Or maybe I just felt guilty for eating too many chocolate cookies after dinner :-)

Anyway, I was in a cell with maybe another dozen girls. I knew some of them. But it seems we had done something bad, because the guards came to us and said we were going to be punished.

We must had done something really bad, because no one protested.

Now comes the funny part: our punishment was to clean a lot of public toilets!! A lot of VERY DIRTY toilets. And we were supposed to clean them with just a gray piece of cloth and water! No one gave us soap, no one gave us gloves. Imagine, trying to clean all that s*** with bare hands! YUK!

I was about to throw up in my dream. Fortunately, the dream changed very soon after that, and I was no longer in jail, neither in a public toilet. I was in a hotel, and my fellow prisoners were just friends traveling with me. We went to a store together to buy some souvenirs.

I bought a nice black porcelain dragon. It broke very soon, but the good thing was, the broken pieces were edible and tasted like candy (????). Kids, don't try that at home!

G. E.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


More recurrent dreams. I have dreamed of every possible natural catastrophe: floods, volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes.

Last time I dreamed about a flood, I was in a beautiful hotel with my boyfriend. I left the room to see the rest of the hotel, and suddenly it started to rain, and the water level increased very fast. Then a merman came to save me, and we went to look for my boyfriend, to save him as well.

When I dream about volcanoes, it's usually like in the movie Volcano, for I'm in a city and the pavement starts to break showing the lava underneath. I have to jump over streams of lava, searching for a safe place, while all around me everything keeps falling apart. One time I dreamed I was in a hotel and there was an active volcano on the horizon. It was a quite impressive view!

About the tornadoes, sometimes I see them from my window, coming slowly closer, and I prepare for their arrival, closing all the windows. Last time, though, I was traveling through the country, and I had stopped in a gas station or something like that. There were several tornadoes on the horizon, again coming closer, and I took some pictures of them with my digital camera. Pity I can't show them here, they were great! :-)

Now the tsunamis. Sometimes I'm at the beach, and I see a huge, dark wave coming very slowly, and I run away. Some other times I'm home or inside some other building, and the wave crashes against the walls. That's scary! Once I was inside a car, with some other people. The wave reached us, and the car was completely covered by the water. It started to get into the car, but after that the dream changed, so we didn't drown. Actually, I never get wet in these dreams. That's weird.

Finally, the earthquakes. Again, usually I'm in a city, and buildings collapse all around me, so I have to avoid the debris. Once, after a mild earthquake, I said, "Hey, since there can't be earthquakes in Uruguay, if we've felt this then a terrible earthquake must have happened somewhere else!" See? I try to be a logical person even in my dreams :-P

I don't know the meaning of these dreams. For many of them, the most probable explanation is that the political situation of my country is quite unstable, and I feel constantly threatened by it. As for the rest, who knows? maybe I just watch too many movies like Twister or Dante's Peak :-)

G. E.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hi! My name is Gissel Escudero; I'm a vet student and an amateur writer and artist. I currently live in Uruguay, a little country squeezed between Argentina and Brazil. English is my second language, so please excuse me if I make any mistake. Feel free to correct me if you want.

I use to have very interesting dreams. They're usually quite detailed, like movies, and I often remember them. People have asked me if my dreams are colorful. I think that's a weird question; I mean, does ANYBODY dream in black and white? Yes, my dreams are colorful. They also have sound, sometimes even music, and a few times I've gotten to taste food (now THAT's unusual).

So, I thought I might share them here, and I invite you to tell me your own dreams as well. Maybe we could even try to guess their meaning together.

Here I go, then.



As this song from Peter Pan says, I use to dream that I can fly. I do it in three different ways:

1) I run and jump, then float like a kite.

2) I fly like Superman or Peter Pan.

3) I fly like a bird, flapping my arms.

Okay, it's a very common dream. But as I've told you, my dreams are very detailed, so I usually feel the wind in my face, and see the cities from above. I can go up and down like a bird, avoiding common obstacles in a city like power lines and trees. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard. In some dreams I've tried to fly and I go up a little, but then I go down as if I were too heavy. That's so frustrating!

Sometimes I can fly when I'm escaping from an enemy. That's good. Sometimes something evil is chasing me and I can't even run. Some other times I realize that I'm dreaming, and say, "Hey, then I should be able to fly!" and there I go.

But my favorite dream about flying was like this: I was floating inside my house, and I didn't know that I was dreaming, so I told my mom: "Hey, look! I can fly! Then those comics about Superman aren't fantasy after all!"

See you in a few days :-)

G. E.