Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Again, I must remind my dear readers that this blog isn't dead. I haven't been sleeping too well lately, and so I haven't been dreaming a lot as well. I miss that, actually. My dreams are so amusing.

Anyway, I recently had two weird dreams. In the first one, I was in a giant spaceship lost in another planet all covered with trees. The spaceship was broken and we all were going to die in a few hours. That's another recurrent element in my dreams about the outer space: we use to get trapped somewhere, knowing that we will die soon. I wish I knew what that means. In this case, though, we found out that the mountain nearby the spaceship was actually ALIVE. It had eyes. Then it turned into some kind of human-like creature, and it wanted to help us find some energy source to repair the broken ship. I woke up after that. (Dang!)

In the second dream, I was walking by an old neighborhood. The street was dark because of the thick trees. I had my cat in my arms, and as I walked, I noticed that many of those old trees had animal faces on them. Then I found myself in an avenue with less trees, and after some more walking I saw two giant animals: an elk and a bear (when I mean giant, I mean bigger than normal, and since those animals are already big in their normal sizes, imagine how huge they were). Both of them looked quite frightening, and they started to fight. I ran a way from them to avoid being harmed, and my stupid cat decided to escape from me right there. Then the bear turned into an African water buffalo (animals tend to do that in my dreams). I didn't mind waking up after that, I had had enough animals for one night.

G. E.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is a part of a longer dream I had some nights ago. It was dark, I was with some other people walking down a street, and then we felt an earthquake. Some guy guided us inside an ancient yet sturdy building to be safe. There were many things inside that building, like relics, weird clothes, and other objects of every kind. Then there was another earthquake. Something strange was happening to our world, and suddenly we found some monsters inside the building. They were... GIANT EVIL CHOCOLATE BALLS! They came after us, and we ran. It was kinda amusing, though. I mean, when do you have the chance to be chased by giant chocolate balls?

Anyway, the earth cracked and lava came out of it like a river. The giant chocolate balls started to melt, even though they were still after us. That was not a problem for me, since my dragon came to rescue me and he's fire-proof. (Yes, I have a dragon. His name is Donald. It's another long story that belongs to another of my blogs written in Spanish.) I jumped over his back and we escaped.

Now I feel a bit sorry for those giant chocolate monsters we left behind.

G. E.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The first thing I remember about this dream are the kittens. There were two of them, all black, then I saw many more, smaller and in different colors (mostly white, though). And they were so cute!! I wanted to adopt them all, even though I already have a cat and there's no room in my house for more pets.

Then I saw this giant monster, like the Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas except that he was almost black and had chicken legs. He was wreacking havoc in a poor neighborhood, and I ran away and tried to hide from it like everybody else. Then I thought we might be able to defeat it, if we tied his legs and made him fall down. I just needed some yards of rope, which I found somewhere.

The dream changed AGAIN. Now I was in a bus, and Spiderman was in it! The poor guy was wounded (probably that's why he was traveling by bus), yet we saw there was another monster in the city and he had to face it. The city was half-destroyed, and the monster was... a giant brown Dobermann with a tiny head. By the way, I saw some cool buildings with animal faces engraved on two sides. The animals were mostly horses, yet they had long giraffe necks.

Anyway, we all got out of the bus and searched for the giant dog, which had already been captured by some other people. They were carrying it in some kind of wagon, all tied up and lying on its back, shacking its legs.

Then the dream changed for a third time. Now we were in some kind of chicken farm, trying to find out the origin of the giant dog. You see, it was a mutant dog and it had escaped from a wooden cage on the ground. Hmm, should we blame genetically modified grains for that?

We were going to do something else, but the alarm clock woke me up. Dang. Things were getting more and more interesting... and weird.

G. E.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


A couple of nights ago I dreamed about a girl with no arms and legs who was waiting for someone in the middle of the street. The person she was waiting for never came, and so she felt quite abandoned. Besides, she could barely move.

Then she became some kind of pink worm, bigger than a human, yet keeping her human head. She still had no arms, but at least she could crawl, which was an improvement over her previous condition.

Nobody liked her as a giant pink worm either. Some guys mocked her, and the worm-girl, tired of being bullied... well, she ate their heads.

Hey, a dream with a moral!

G. E.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Last night I dreamed I was in India. Hmm, first time I go there in dreams, I think :-D Anyway, there was a zoo there, and in order to go inside you didn't have to pay a ticket. Instead, you had to bring an animal and give it to the guy sitting at the door. Okay, that was pretty weird, but I wanted to find out what was inside the zoo. So, I picked up a little rat that came toward me. I'm not afraid of rats in real life, and this one was actually pretty cute. I was kinda sorry when the guy at the door dropped it inside a cage with other rats.

My first impression of the zoo was that it was very CROWDED. There were many animals inside small cages, and there was even an underground corridor full of African buffaloes. People had to jump over it, since there was no bridge. It was pretty difficult not to step on the animals :-P

After that I saw a pen with more African buffaloes inside. They were HUGE, and I mean like elephants. There was also a moose with only one antler among them, which came close to the bars and looked at me with a bad-humored expression on its eyes. Again, it was also as big as an elephant, and quite scary.

I see you, human, and I don't like you.

In some other cage there was the skeleton of an ancient giant beetle. It was as big as a sea turtle. (I could use a bug like that to get rid of some plagues in my garden, since it looked pretty much like a ladybug. I'd just worry it might eat my cat as well.)

Then I noticed I wasn't wearing shoes, only white socks. It was annoying, since the floor was dirty. Besides, some of the mud looked like animal poop... (so good I can't smell things in dreams).

As I kept walking, I noticed how horrible the place was. Most of the animals looked dirty, sick, and sad, and I thought it would be a good idea to call PETA, even though I don't actually support that organization (I love animals, but I don't like PETA's radical campaigns). I left the zoo (stepping again on those poor buffaloes), and I looked at the building again. It looked beautiful on the outside, white and pretty like the Taj Mahal, yet I thought it contained so much misery.

My shoes were still missing, by the way. I'm not interested in going back to that zoo, but in case I do, I'll make sure I have a PETA army with me to free those caged animals... and I'll also get a good pair of boots!

G. E.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


My father died suddenly 10 years ago. I still dream about him sometimes. Last night I dreamed he was alive again, and I hugged him and said I was sorry we never had a very good relationship. He said it was okay, and that he would stay with us for a while, which I was happy to hear. I asked him a few questions about "the other side," and although he answered some of them (like he was okay there), he refused to answer if God actually existed. Anyway, I was glad to see that he looked much happier than he used to when he was alive.

Then I had another dream. I was in an old city full of pretty buildings. I don't remember how it happened, but I went into a house and met this old man who gave me an ancient and deadly weapon. It was... a yo-yo. It had a very long twine that never seemed to get tangled. And it had a mind of its own!!

So, how did the yo-yo work as a weapon? you may be wondering now. Well, that's what I tried to figure out within the dream. I supposed I could use the yo-yo to knock people out, though that seemed pretty slow and inefficient, but after a while I met some evil dudes, and then the yo-yo jumped from my hand (I was still holding the twine) and hit all my enemies right in the forehead, leaving them unconscious.

Who would have thought a yo-yo would be so cool??

G. E.